November 14th, 2005

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im pretty sure someone climbed the bell tower of that old church near the schnitz on the south park blocks.
the church bell keeps ringing irregularly + its 12:25am.

anyone else in downtown sw hear it?


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hay guys, i has some questions.

1. Where can I get some good Yerba Matte (mate? mattttteh?) around here? I like the bag kind...and is there a way to make it not taste like burning?

2. I just got my first car. it needs unicorns painted on it. can i just use my acrylic paint or will i need some special car-paint? or is there some sort of spray on that i can put over to make it stick?

3. my car also needs things glued to it. like ribbons and toys. what's a good glue for that? epoxy? very sticky stuff? any suggestions?

4. my car is still nameless. if you think of a good one, post it :D

thank you. if you check my journal you will see a picture of the car :D

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Since the subject of atomic weapons and WWII was floating around I thought I'd suggest a film.

Barefoot Gen

You can get it at Movie Madness, I believe. Don't be taken in by the 'tragic comedy' label. It is tragic, but bound to humanity. Any comedy in the dialogue is mostly from the little boy characters behaving as little boys would, comically.

Though it is animated, Barefoot Gen is probably the most emotionally striking representation of the bomb that I have ever taken in.
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I figured I'd offer it up here as well.

I've got a Infocus DLP LP425, Great little projector, A little on the old side, but still decent.

Infocus LP425 DLP Projector

MSRP (USD) : $ 5,999
Brightness (Lumens) : 700 ANSI
Contrast: 400:1
Weight: 6.8 lbs.

I've got multiple offers from craigslist but I'm concerned I didnt ask enough, so I'm thowing it up here if anyone is intrested, I'll sell it for $280.

Comes with Carry Bag, VGA Cable, and Power Cord.

NOIR gush

Wanted to take my sister out for her last night visiting this weekend from Cali. Decided Dante's Sinferno was happening a little too late to fully enjoy and catch a bus back, settled on NOIR on MLK and Burnside. They used to have poetry readings there Sunday nights, thought we'd give it a shot...

<lj-cut text="for a short story...> There was a Closed sign on the door, but I tried the latch anyway and it swung right open. A nice young woman was carting stuff around and told us she was just opening up, come on downstairs. We did, and got a table near the bar, and she offered to pour us some beers, but the kitchen wasn't open until the cook showed up. were we hungry by the way? Why, we could eat, sure. She pours the beers, calls the cook to speed up his arrival, and tells us the usual Sunday poetry thing stopped happening a while back, and the new usual Sunday down-tempo DJ thing wasn't happening because the DJ called in sick. We felt really sketchy about staying and keeping them open, but she said no big deal and let us kick back. The cook arrived presently, talked up what food was good and tasty, took our orders and brought it out quickly. Spicy and piping hot, all of it. The staff (all two of 'em) were present and affable about helping us, chatty without being doting or motherly or in our faces, and checked in to make sure everything was just right, at just the right moments. It was awesome! I felt so special and taken care of...and not another soul entered the entire time we were there - we had NOIR to ourselves for just one night. Sweetness.
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Flush him!

Can someone recommend a place where i can get a transmission flushed for relatively cheap, and also do a pretty good job of it? I have a '93 Camry that's in dire need of this service. Preferrably on the east side of town, but i'll go to anywhere in Portland proper if they can do it for a good price.
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moving and whatnot.

I was hoping to get some imput from this community on a few things.
There is a good chance I will be moving from Rhode Island/Boston (where i am currently attending school) to Portland. I'll be going to the Art Institute there.
Does anyone in here go there? or know people who go there? What's your take on the school?

More importantly, are there any people who were east coast dwellers before moving to Portland? Do you like it? What do you find are the biggest differences good/bad?

For everyone, what are the things you like about Portland, and the things you dislike?

I'm coming to visit soon, but I'd like to hear thing from people who actually live there, not admissions people trying to sell the city to me.



In a wiser past

From this excellent Washington Post article:
[Gitmo detainee] Adel is innocent. I don't mean he claims to be. I mean the military says so. It held a secret tribunal and ruled that he is not al Qaeda, not Taliban, not a terrorist. The whole thing was a mistake: The Pentagon paid $5,000 to a bounty hunter, and it got taken.

The military people reached this conclusion, and they wrote it down on a memo, and then they classified the memo and Adel went from the hearing room back to his prison cell. He is a prisoner today, eight months later. And these facts would still be a secret but for one thing: habeas corpus.

In a wiser past, we tried Nazi war criminals in the sunlight. Summing up for the prosecution at Nuremberg, Robert Jackson said that "the future will never have to ask, with misgiving: 'What could the Nazis have said in their favor?' History will know that whatever could be said, they were allowed to say. . . . The extraordinary fairness of these hearings is an attribute of our strength."

The world has never doubted the judgment at Nuremberg. But no one will trust the work of these secret tribunals.
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Anyone know a good place in NE Portland to get windows, radio, dashboard and overhead lights fixed on cars? My car was broken into a while back but I've been slacking on taking care of it.
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Suggestions on lenders for alternative education loans? Good experiences? Bad experiences?

I'm talkin the loan you can get after a Stafford and if your parents decline the Federal Plus Loan.
Worky Work!

Hey DP! Want some computer stuff?

EDIT - - GPS is sold, as is the Router.

Alright, I'm getting rid of the following things. I'm tired of having this stuff around the house.

Everything works to the best of my knowledge. Tested and all that...I just don't need it. Ask me what you want, and I'll quote a price.



-Independence War (3 discs), Lords of the Realm (4 discs), Graphire, Star Rangers, Total Annihilation : Kingdoms, Total Annihilation : Kingdoms; The Iron Plague Expansion Set, Total Annihilation (2 discs), War of the Worlds (2 discs), Populous : The Beginning, Populous II, The Ultimate Wizardry Archives, StarTopia, Dungeon Keeper (Gold Edition), Dungeon Keeper 2, Starcraft Expansion Set, The Forgotten Realms Archives (4 discs). Collapse )


1. iPAQ 3630 w/ Stylus (does have some problems...cracked case, and is password protected with Linux. I can't break the password nor reset the thing...if you can figure it out...)Collapse )
2. 12 Channel GPS (eTREX) by Garmin. Collapse )
3. NetGear Ethernet Hub (4 ports)Collapse )
4. Linksys 2.4GHZ Wireless Access Point Router with 4 port switchCollapse )
5. Linksys Etherfast 10/100 Dual-Speed 5-port Workgroup switchCollapse )
6. The Lord of the Rings : The Fellowship of the RingCollapse )
7. Gameboy Color Collapse )
8. Mini Camera (SiPix)Collapse )

Please Note - No instruction manuals, nor startup disks are included with any of the electronics. All cords are provided for the Router, Workgroup Switch, Mini Camera, iPAQ (including cradle and three sleeves) and Ethernet Hub. All CD's are in mint condition and work perfectly. Most are built for a Windows 95 platform (or Mac equivalent), but will run just fine with MoSlo.
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Contemplating a small business venture

I have been mulling over a small business venture for quite some time and thought I might get some input from you.

If you were to hire a home organizing service (for homes and home offices) would you prefer an hourly rate or a flat fee based on your particular situation?

Would you pay for only organizing services or would you also buy organizing materials as part of your services if they were necessary?

How much would you be willing to spend?

Any other ideas/suggestions?
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I just found out, not 100% for sure, but I did call the movie theatres... that RENT will only be playing in 1 theatre!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Regal is not even carrying it! I called both Lloyd Centers, Bridgeport, Tigard, Pioneer Place, Fox Tower... NONE OF THEM ARE CARRYING IT!!! How can this happen???
It is only playing at Century 16, on ghetto 82nd Ave!!! I AM PISSED!

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Poll #612610 Food Carts And Food Trucks.

Do you visit food carts or food trucks?

Once in a while

Where do you find these food carts/trucks?

What are your favorite food carts/trucks?

What makes a good food cart/truck?

How much do you usually spend?

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little reminder

I posted about a art contest here some time ago. I just wanted to tell you all that the contest is about to end on the 25. I just thought that some of you may want to vote for the best logo.

To Vote or submit your own logo you will need to login thus you would have had to join the forum.
( Sorry but thats how it has to be. ) If you wish to submit and or vote go to
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community theater?

Hey guys. My house mate and I are both fairly new to the Portland area, and we would love to get into some community theater. I'm having a hard time finding anything online. Does anyone know of any groups, particularly with a focus on musical theater?
Thanks! :)
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