November 13th, 2005


Red Badge of Courage

Tonight I scraped a patch of paint off my car door and garnered a few marks on the bumper in the course of trying to park in the Powell's garage. I got assigned to a particularly difficult spot, and a couple of those obstructively-placed (but probably structurally essential) pillars got the better of me. I feel like this was a rite of passage and I'm a real Portlander now. :D

Look around at how scraped and marked up the pillars and walls of that garage are, and wonder to yourself just how many thousands of dollars in vehicle damage Powell's has played a part in causing. I'm not saying Powell's is responsible for the damage, exactly – if I were better with spatial awareness and parking skillz, my car would not be hurt now – but Powell's certainly facilitates it by providing patrons with the single worst-designed garage I have ever seen. Sure not parking there again... $0.95 to park for two hours does not outweigh how much it would cost to fix the paint job. I think I'm just going to buy some cute magnetic stickers to cover it up. ^_^
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Not terribly on-topic

Any other utilities beside hidejournal for switching all entries to friends-only?

For that matter, are there any good backup/restore/mass update utils at all? As I understand it, this functionality is absent from the LJ system itself (which, if true, is fucking ridiculous), and most of the third-party tools I've found to do it have been a bit flaky.


My cousin and her husband are coming over for a good ole fashion family Christmas morning and they are vegetarians...

What are your FAVORITE vegetarian breakfast/brunch/lunch dishes? recipes?

Thanks in advance!


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Hello lovely community!!

I am in a play production of "the musical comedy murders of 1940" at Aloha High School and the play dates are from the 16th to the 19th. We've worked long hours and put deep effort into making a good show, and we don't want an empty house. So.... come see it!!! here the info:

The Musical Comedy Murders of 1940
November 16th, 17th, 18th and 19th
Shows are at 7pm with a special discounted matinee at 2pm on the 19th
$7 Adult / $5 Students (even college) / $5 for Honored Citizens

it isn't a musical but it is a comedy about murders in 1940. its kind of like clue... but a lot crazier.

Where is this at you ask?
Aloha High School
18550 SW Kinnaman Rd.
Beaverton, OR 97007

if you want to call and order tickets call:
and listen for the extention for the drama department

don't worry if you don't buy tickets in advance, it is highly unlikely it will sell out. and i promise we don't suck, and it actually is genuinely funny.

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What I have: A black Hermes knockoff tote. New condition. I never carry it because I don't like bags without long shoulder straps.

What I would like: A large-ish but not frumpy black bag in excellent condition, appropriate for business, with a real strap that will go over my shoulder. Large enough to carry wallet, small cosmetic bag, Treo, keys and maybe a bottle of aspirin. I'm not interested in a backpack-style bag.

Barter, anyone?

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world music retailers

Does anyone know of a cd store that has a big  selection of world music? Or even one that specializes in it? I'm specifically looking for more what might be considered obscure stuff like from Ocora Radio France & Smithsonian Folkways, as opposed to the  "Rough Guide..." series and the like.

Thanks a lot!

Can I do it??

Hey all :) I just wanted to post this..
I work at Schucks, an auto parts store, and we are selling 2006 Calendars. My boss says if I can sell 300 of them, I can make my own schedule for the month of December.
These things are only $1.50, and there are awesome coupons in them for each month, and the money goes to the Boys and Girls club. My boss is so awesome, we can accept the ones from January already, to to get them to sell :)
The thing is, I have 2 jobs, and 2 kids, so I'd love to be able to write my own schedule for a whole month :D But, I just want to prove him wrong...he doesn't think I can do it.
Since I'm a Pure Romance consultant as well, if you are able to purchase 1, or more :) I will give you a $2.00 credit for each one you buy :) I will end up buying your calendar for you :)
So, ask the guys at work! They also make great xmas gifts lol
Come on, help me prove him wrong :)

Holiday Party Servers

Support a DammPortlander! Make $20!!

Special discount for DammPortlanders!

$20 referral bonus for anyone who brings me a customer.

Here is my ad:

Any ideas for advertisements? I've got craigslist, the local newspapers (as of next week), and fliers up in libraries, grocery stores, and community centers around Portland. A great advertising idea also gets the referral bonus.
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Okay, I can't believe I'm doing this. I'm a Portland area resident; technically, I live in Johnson City, but the post office says I'm in Milwaukie. I also have taken in a dear friend, who had no place else to live, and we foster homeless cats. There are currently 9 cats and 2 adult humans trying to live on one salary of a veterinary nurse. Please help some hungry kitties! It's amazing how much food and litter 9 cats go through in a day! We'll take donations happily, or go to our webpage and order some soaps or pre-order something else!

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Cruising Through Tigard

Is it me or are the roads in the City Of Tigard a patchwork maze of concrete and asphalt that only Ho Chi Minh himself could appreciate. I mean the Ho Chi Minh trail had a more organized clearner purpose than that of the roads in Tigard. It seems as if there is not one road on that city that is uncut, un-tainted, un-patched. All the roads suck! I would go nuts if I lived in that city. Is anyone out there in the know as to why the roads suck so bad? I mean if you live in that city do you wonder why they don't pave their roads on a regular basis like all the other cities do?
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