November 12th, 2005

Raven Beauty

Exotic Dance Clubs

My questions:
What are your favorite exotic dance clubs in Portland, and why?
If you are/have been a dancer, what is/was your favorite place to work and why? Are there any places that you wouldn't reccomend, from a dancer's perspective?
What makes the difference between a good dancer and a great dancer for you, from a customer's perspective?
Any other information/opinions on the clubs around here?
Thanks times 9 million. :)
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Poll ( results

A few days ago i posted a poll here about nuclear weapons.

Here are the results:

47 people, or 90.4%, said true, nuclear weapons have been used by one country against another.
5 people, or 9.6%, said false.

The answer is true. The US used nuclear weapons against Japan in WWII, bombing Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

The text answers are as follows. Usernames have been stripped, as a poll whose results are viewable to none is equivalent to a promise of privacy.

Collapse )

I wish i had worded the question better, and asked the "false" people to provide relevant details as well. Pus.


If we were suddenly banned from discussing weekend plans, living situations, broken hearts, lost things, rare things, bicycle mishaps and who the current subject of our rage is .... what would we have left talk about?

(Please don't say "ferrets.")
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heald business college

has anyone here attended and graduated from the Heald College Business Program?
or employed someone who has graduated from the school?
i am attending in january, and would like to work for a record label, magazine, or clothing company when i'm done, as well as further pursue my own art business. the school has a good reputation with many mainstream business employers, but i'm intrested in pursuing a more alternative route with my degree. and i'd like to know if anyone here has done the same.

or if you do have your dream job, working in the business field but doing something you actually enjoy, what course of action did you take to get it as far as education or no education?
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Broken Social Scene's "Encore" @ The Roseland

For those who went to the Roseland to see Broken Social Scene on Friday. It was a damn good show. They played all my favorites for the most part (at least when Feist came on they did), but what was with the encore? It seemed to go on and on and on and.... I love the band but when the encore becomes almost as long as the set itself, damn, show some restraint or at least streamline the encore. At least they finished with the dance number with the weird sound I like from the new album.

On a more personal matter concerning the show. What is up with Roseland's security? When the encore started up, I went downstairs because I knew there was a big screen that showed the concert in the bar. The woman at the entrance wouldn't let anyone in though because the bar was "closed" despite people being in there. What's that got to do if you just wanted to watch the show but didn't want the ear-piercing sound (especially after one gets rid of their earplugs) nor wanted a drink? I saw people trying to watch the show while on the stairs where they could see it, but she shooed them off despite there being no reason for her to do so other than a non-existant fire hazzard. Look, if you pay to see a show there at the Roseland, let the people watch the show be it downstairs or up all the way through until the end. There's enough staff to go around to be sure noting goes wrong. In fact, I've never seen more security at a venue than I have at the venue and it doesn't even matter what kind of show it is be it rock, rap, or something downright mellow and non-threatening like The Decemberists or Broken Social Scene. I notice that Fiona Apple is coming up. I wonder if they'll go all out so no riots break out during "Shadowboxer"?

Who was that music man?

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I'm a student at Lewis & Clark, and I live downtown, so I take the shuttle from Pioneer Square to school most every day. I usually catch the 12:30, so I find myself waiting in front of the Nordstrom's by the square for some time (the shuttle runs neither often nor regularly). I love the time it gives me to watch the passing human parade - for example:

There's a man who stands on that corner - the southwest corner of Broadway and Morrison, across from Pioneer Square - every day. He's a middle-aged Hispanic man, reasonably well groomed, dressed in casual but clean clothes - so, not an obvious hobo. He wears headphones, and carries an electric guitar, which he constantly strums while he sings or hums or mumbles incomprehensible songs. The guitar isn't hooked up to anything, so it sounds like he's strumming on a piece of plywood. He doesn't have a cap in front of him or look like he's performing for money; certainly no one ever gives him any. But every day he's out there, rain or shine, apathetically rocking out to his own beat.

Does anyone know this gentleman, or have some idea of what, perhaps, he is doing? Is he critically tone-deaf? Is he making a statement? Is he batshit insane? Or is he just enjoying making us ask these questions?

Any input would be gladly welcomed.

Where to buy computer parts?

Dear / Damn Portlanders,

My computer case is annoying me, for reasons too annoying to even go into. Suffice to say, I need a new one. Also, I fear that my current power supply fan has ingested too much cat hair, so I could use a new one of those, too. I'm quite comfortable disassembling a computer and putting it back together again, so all I need help with is buying the parts, and I'll know what to do from there. So, the question is: where do I buy the parts?

Those Of You Who Know Of These Things will undoubtedly tell me to go to Fry's, and indeed that would be my first choice. However, I live downtown, do not own a car, and strongly desire to avoid ridiculously long bus rides. So Wilsonville might as well be Tijuana, as far as I'm concerned. Is there any place relatively close to downtown and/or a MAX line that would have a decent selection of cases & power supplies? Or should I just go ahead and buy something online? Or is anyone with a vehicle planning on going to Fry's soon, who might want to give a friendly nerd a ride?

Thanks for your help!
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