November 11th, 2005

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i'm writing a novel for NaNoWriMo ( and it's set in portland. my main character needs a few live chickens, at least 3 or 4 but more like 6 would be great. a rooster would be wonderful as well even though they're illegal in the city. where would you go to get said chickens?

thank you,
the tired novelist
gir dancing

CS Lewis The chronicles of narnia

I remember seeing not too long ago I think in WW an ad sayin that there was going to be a live performance of some type in the portland area depicting the lion the witch and the wardrobe. I am hopnig I have no missed this event, but I cannot seem to find mention of it anywhwere either. So damn portlanders help out a cs lewis fan......any info appreciated.

I can't wait for the movie, it is gonna be cool from the reviews I have read.
Worky Work!

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So who did I piss off on here badly enough to warrant an entire journal dedicated to kicking me out? The journal also lists my home address (stupid because we are moving within a month) and a phone number (which is not mine, honest!). Elaborate enough to go all the way and register an email - ""

I'm amazed that someone could be that obsessed with me. I am just an LJer. Someone couldn't handle talking with me and decided to go through all this.

Troll, troll, troll.

Everyone loves drama, but this is bullshit. I don't need personal info plastered all over LJ.

Not like I expect this post to root out the dude...but did I really piss someone off here THAT much?
Me and Kermit

Here's what I don't understand....

From KATU... "A proposal spurred by Governor Kulongoski and embraced by the teachers' union has been rejected by Oregon Trail school board members. The proposal would have put teachers back in classrooms while contract details were worked out. The next round of talks is scheduled for Tuesday, November 15 at 1:00 p.m."

I'm not taking sides on this issue or anything but WTF with Tuesday the 15th? What about "tomorrow morning at 8"? These parents are supposed to keep their kids in day care for weeks at a time? This is like four weeks now. You can't negotiate more than once or twice a week? How about starting at 9AM on Tuesday?

This kind of stuff annoys me. Again, it's not one side of the other, it's the impact that these sorts of drawn-out processes will have on the students and parents. Who's reimbursing them for child-care expenses while schools are closed? Who's going to make up for weeks of lost classroom time for the kids?

It's won't be the frickin' Union. Or the School Board. Oh, that's right - it'll be nobody.
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Free music!

TractorOperator will be playing two free shows tomorrow evening (along with Dragging an Ox Through Water, about whom i know nothing) to celebrate TractorOperator's CD release:

7 pm at Q is for Choir (all ages)
10 pm at The Know on Alberta St (21+)

you all ought to go. eric is really nice.

things in town!

hi everyone,

My husband dalas and I just moved into town after a drive across the country from Brooklyn, NY. Portland is amazing. I'm from Vancouver BC originally, and this town is like an alternate-universte vancouver or something, I love it. Anyway, I have a few questions about where to find some stuff.

-Drive in movie theatres? Are there any in/near town?

-Rollerskating rinks? I heard about the one with the giant wurlitzer organ, it sounds sweet.

-Good, cheap sushi? This was super abundant in Vancouver, but impossible in NYC.

-Photobooths? Traditional, not the stickerclub ones.

-Any crafty get-togethers or similar? I make a lot of junk, and it'd be neat to meet some other people who are into that.

-Any places where you can pay to use a darkroom or something? I haven't done any darkroom work in a billion years, but it'd be nice to get into it again.

-Places for cheap craft supplies?

alright. awesome. thanks!
bw flower

Snow's here!

Do you have a snow suit w/ mittens attatched for a 3T sized boy?

My son refuses to wear gloves, and then freaks out when his fingers freeze. *duhhhh*

I'll pay a fair price for the item.

Thank you!!


Okay, I miss the snow but I can't afford to actually go snowboarding at Mt. Hood. (I could probably afford the tickets but my fiance and I would both have to buy all the gear that we'd probably only use once a year, so no). Can you just drive up to the mountain and just pull over and play in the snow? Is there a special place everyone goes to play? I've seen on the news people just playing in the snow. I want to go!!

help needed!

Wow, I've got the afternoon to play, and I've arranged a date on short notice! Is there anything fun and interesting going on downtown today or anywhere for that matter that is easy on the wallet? We're open to anything and I'd love to impress this girl! thank you!

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Does anyone know of a place where I could sell knitted stuff? Other than Saturday Market.

The trouble is that I have very little money, and I'd like to MAKE more rather than lose it by spending it all on yarn AND somewhere to sell. I don't want to have to charge a ridiculous amount (and people aren't likely to spend that much anyway).

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I'm looking to buy a tiny bit of space from someone at Saturday Market.

The details:
-I need about an 2' by 2' spot for a small table.
-My product is secret right now, but would fit in with many different things. It is basically a potted plant, but condensed and simple. I could show you, if you were interested.
-I could work out some sort of rent situation, or pay someone a percentage of the profits. They are each the same size and price, so it would be very simple.

I am looking for something for just around the holidays. Does anyone know of anybody that might be interested? Is there another forum where I could post this?

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Hello p-town.
Here is my situation. I have a beautiful diamond ring that I would like to sell. I have been packing it around since February because I didn't have the heart to get rid of it. But let me tell you, I am ready to sell this bitch.
This is the ring. It is absolutely beautiful and in perfect condition.
It was bought for me at $499.99.

I have no idea where to go or how to do this.
I would like to get the most money I can.
Pawn shop? Ebay? Does your girlfriend need it? Anything?
And how much should I expect for it?

I'm going to Las Vegas for my 21st birthday the weekend after Thanksgiving so I would like the money before then.
What is the most reasonable option?

Thank you so much. I know I can count on all of you.
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Found Phone

Found a cell phone around the corner from Tao of Tea on Belmont. It is locked and I think the keypad got wet so I can't dial out to try and figure out the owner, but if you can give me a description of the phone (make, model, and service provider) I'll be glad to return it to you if you can unlock it (ie have the password). Otherwise I'll probably take it to a store for the provider on Monday and let them deal with it.