November 10th, 2005

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women's tshirts

I finally have the women's shirts. They're the Hanes Silver style. I'm not sure what that means except that they have less fabric and they cost more.

Here in town Missing Link (3314 SE Belmont) is carrying them. They're also selling my books and lunch boxes. In fact, they're selling a lot of my crap.

Now if only I could get my comic to run locally.

What I'm I to do?

Sitting here I find my self in the need to do something because I'm doing nothing. As I was thinking of what to do, I thought about what others do in this situation. I realized since I gave up drugs about five years ago I fined my self with less to do and more time on my hands. which happened to be even more the case when a year ago I quit smoking. So for the people that don't have habits that hinder them from living the life of boredom, (which sobriety often leads to.) what do you do with your free time?

mountain climbing

I would like to learn some mountaineering skills. I've climbed plenty of non-glacial mountains in Colorado, but have never had experience using an ice axe/crampons/being roped in and what not. Can anyone give me some recommendations about clubs or classes around here which I could join/take to do this?
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The Holidays

What the hell is it with businesses setting up holiday decorations earlier and earlier each year? Starbucks downstairs is already full-on into Christmas, and the grocery store I use was doing some holiday stuff the day before Halloween.

Why can't they just wait until after Thanksgiving, like they should. Aaargh!

Anyone else feel like this?

(Apologies if this has been posted already today, I'll remove it if it has, just haven't read DP yet.)

Apartment referrals

So regarding my last post , I was thinking., Hey, why not see if anyone in DP would like to get a referral from us if we move into their complex. So if any of you guys live in Beaverton/ceder hills/SW area, and maybe get a deal on your rent for referrals or something, let me know please! That way you get to have me as a neighbor (Im awesome) and you also get a referral, all the while helping me in my daunting task of finding an apartment and hopefully moving by sunday. Apartment requirements:
Around $600 for 2+ bedrooms.
Handicap accessible, not wheel chair or anything, just like bathroom bars.
I have a cat, but she can easily stay with my mom for a while if its a no pet place.
Probably other stuff Im forgetting, but seriously I cant live without a dishwasher.
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dun dun... dun dun....

if only because DP is the great, all-knowing oracle

Fraggle Rock's Trash Heap, anyone? ;)

I'm in the process of making my journal "friends only", and I'd like to hear opinions of LJ clients out there...
Convenience, options, and consistent update history are paramount, as I'm hoping to retro the security change.

Thanks for the input, in advance, and sorry for the potentially off-topic query! :)

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travel help

Oh Wise Dp-ers...

I have the opportunity to see my nephew next week (I haven't seen him in like 5 or 6 years!) as he will be at Fort Lewis for a week. He wants to meet up 1/2 way but I have no idea where we might do this...centralia, chehalis, longview? I was thinking something right along, restaurant, bar & grill of some sort.

Do any of you go up that way and know the area or have any suggestions?

help would be oh so appreciated!

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Albany Democrat-Herald

Is there anyone one here who gets or can get the Albany Democrat-Herald?? My great-uncle is going to be in the Veterans day parade tomorrow, and they interviewed and photographed him for the newspaper. I"m going out of town to CA tonight and would love to get a copy of tomorrow's edition with him in it. I called Rich's and they don't carry it...

I can come pick it up from you somewhere in town after Monday, and pay you for it. :)
Worky Work!


So a friend of mine left the state recently and left behind a whole bunch of tech stuff. While I am enjoying everything else the dude has left, his iPAQ is giving me a severe headache.

I finally figured out how to turn the damn thing on, only to be faced with the happy greeting of Linux!

I don't like Linux. Say what you want, but I likes my Windows. I have downloaded the instruction manual and done the whole "master reset" thing, thinking it would revert back to factory settings, but Linux is still there. In hindsight, I don't know why I thought it would magically put Windows back on.

I've never owned one of these things, and I realize this one is technically "old." But it can be used and I'm curious.

How the hell can I put Windows back on? The only thing I can do on this one is get to a screen where it asks for a password (set by my friend) and since he doesn't remember the password, I'm kinda screwed.

iPAQ help?

(Google turned up various things...but I can't understand any of it. Plain English for the non-iPAQ people please!)
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(no subject)

Anyone want to bring a slightly well more then slightly drugged girl munchie food? I would love love love chocolate chip cookie dough with hot fudge.
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Great free event...

Documentary filmmaker, Robert Greenwald, will be showing and discussing his new film, Wal-Mart, the High Cost of Low Prices, at PSU on Nov. 19th.
Greenwold has produced and/or directed more than 50 television movies, miniseries and feature films, including Steal This Movie, a biopic about 60’s activist Abbie Hoffman. Greenwald's films have garnered 25 Emmy nominations, four cable ACE Award nominations, two Golden Globe nominations, the Peabody Award, the Robert Wood Johnson Award, and eight Awards of Excellence from the Film Advisory Board.
His previous documentary, OutFoxed, won the prestigious Youth Documentary Award from the Bergen International Film Festival in Norway, and was released to theaters after its DVD release due to high viewer demand.
Greenwald has also received a bevy of other awards from progressive organizations such as Physicians For Social Responsibility, and has lectured at Harvard University for the Nieman Fellows Foundation for Journalism.
The event, sponsored by the PSU Rearguard, The PSU Film Committee, and Students For Unity, will take place in the 5th Avenue Cinema at 510 SW Hall Street, on Saturday November 19th at 6:30. Admission is free for all, and non-students are welcome to attend and participate.

For more information, you may contact Rearguard Editor Josh Gross, at, or the 5th Avenue Cinema at 503-725-3551.

ok peeps

I'm checking out broken social scene at the Roseland tomorrow, and meeting some out of toen people beforehand for drinks. Where's a chill place to hang out 1 or 2 hours before the show within walking distance. Preferably a divey place not packed with frat kids. And someplace a visitor would enjoy. thx!

Your chance to meet hentaijess!

Hey DamnPortlanders!

I'm attending the Northwest Student Leadership Conference (NWSLC) at PSU this weekend and was wondering if anyone from here was gonna go as well!

This is a rare opportunity to bask in the glory* that is notorious_oit, since I'm not often in the Portland area. Just look for the fat chick with the Oregon Tech group.

*Actual glory of notorious_oit may be intentionally misrepresented.

(no subject)

I am engaged to the love of my life.

Before he proposed, I couldn't wait to get engaged.

Now I don't think I'm ready to get re-married.

He's wonderful. He has been the greatest influence in my life.

I would be stupid not to marry him.

Someday I will. I thought it was going to be next summer. Our 2 year anniversary.

Now I think I'm just happy being with him and I want to make sure things are perfect before I do it again.

I lost my "butterflies" and I don't feel giddy all the time anymore.

Is there something wrong with me?

That's it....thanks..
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(no subject)

my friend is having a las vegas themed party and we need some awesome decorations, so is there anywhere you know of that can help us out, or any personal idea for some cool things to decorate with?? preferrebly not in like beaverton or that area or too far out of portland...thanks in advance for any ideas!!!
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Local Guide

I'm currently working on coding a web portal (basically a community guide) to eateries and fun things to do in oregon; i'm at this time focusing on the Portland Metro area but I'm coding it for ultimately all of Oregon (and SW Washington).

I'm thinkin of mainly making it geared towards eateries and some fun activities, but i'd like to branch out to try and make it a large community with useful resources without trying to duplicate most of what's out there.

I've got a web forum that's up already (here) and I'm currently in the early design late idea phaise and I'm curious what anyone would like to see on a site geared towards oregon as a whole...

Does anyone have any ideas? For anyone interested we have our forum up already (not to be taken as a plug, just as ideas of what i'm planning on gearing the site towards).