November 8th, 2005

fz teacher packs heat


I got mugged tonight, around 10:30 or 11pm, at the Gateway/NE 99th MAX stop. A couple guys standing at the end of the platform whom I'd had my eye on grabbed my laptop bag as I was boarding the train (they were pretending to board behind me). I started yelling and a guy named Carlos, who is now my favorite person on earth, ran after the guy who'd grabbed the bag (the other guy had disappeared) and got it back from him. Dude said "I was just kidding." Uh huh. Well, when I got on my train and, once I was safely away, called 911 and filed a report on your ass, I was not kidding. I hope you know fear and know pain before you die.

I had just gotten back from a nice trip to Houston (which is why I was carrying around a laptop bag late at night), having spent 11 hours getting home, and that's what I came home to. Oh yeah, and I've only lived here six weeks anyway (so I didn't know that was a sketchy area). Will you bring me balloons and a casserole next time you send out the welcome wagon, Portland? I am never taking transit at night again. Not home from the airport, not anywhere. $1.80 for an all-zone pass is not worth having my shit stolen.

Yes, I know I was dumb. I'm as mad at myself as I am at the muggers. But anyone else who leaves a snarky comment to that effect is just asking for it to happen to them. If you've ever been mugged, I'm sorry, I hope you got your stuff back and weren't hurt. Mine was an awful experience and it could have been so very much worse.

The only reason I got off at Gateway, between PDX and my stop, was that a train was about to leave PDX when I got to the station so I rushed on without buying a ticket. I got off so I could buy a ticket, catch the next train, and be legit - I got burned with a citation on Caltrain in California right before I moved and I didn't want that to happen again. In retrospect I should've just stayed on the train, and next time I'll know to buy a ticket before I board. So, question: Does anybody ever check tickets on MAX? How much is the maximum fine for not having a valid ticket?

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Never thought I'd be asking this, but...

What's the protocol for when someone steals your recycling bin. Ya know, the big yellow ones. We had it last week, but this morning when I walked outside with an armful of newspapers, it wasn't there. I'm pretty sure I remember it being there as recently as Sunday... grr...

(On a tangential rant: Why do people steal the most random shit from our house? Someone stole the ashtray off our front porch -- let us keep the ashes though. And now the recycling box. Yet, there have been nights I've spaced out on locking my car, and nothing happens. Goddamn meth heads... or whoever.


Erm. We live in N (Mississippi-Interstate area) and use whoever the rest of the neighborhood uses for garbage and whatnot... I've never had to deal with the garbage or recycling people because our rental agency does it... Advice?

Oh, and if I put out some stuff just in a cardboard box, will they pick it up? I was under the impression that the big yellow box was sort of a proof-of-purchase... We have lots of recyclables that need to go out. :(
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Another Trimet rant

So, after leaving my Child Psych class early because I was hungry and the instructor was screaming a student or something, I went and got Taco Bell before I was to meet my man and his best friend in central Portland. There is something called "fareless square" where, you guessed it, there is no fare to pay. Well, my boyfriend's apartments are one stop away from said square. No biggie, I was going in and it was good.

So, I got on the train, took my seat when this group of 4 (two guys, two girls) are attempting to get on the train. They're around my age and loud and one of the guys holds the door open for the girls who are getting their tickets. The girls finally get on the train and enter ticket lady. Ticket lady tells them quite sternly "Don't hold open the door." The group gets pissed off and as she goes to the front of the train are making very rude comments about her. I thought about speaking up, but decided I wasn't gonna try to be a hero because I felt like crap as it was. The ticket lady comes back and is quite unhappy with their comments. They provoke her and she starts checking for tickets. (Note: this is the first time I've ever been asked for a ticket). I tell her I didn't have one and she asks for my ID. I wonder why. I tell her I'm not with them. She more or less grunts. She also asks for the IDs of the girls and guys in the rude group. They get off on the next stop because the group is becoming increasingly rude. Lady has my ID still. I stand at the door waiting for her to give it back. The group, now outside the train with the lady are yelling and push her. She's pissed now. The other gaurd who's at the stop gets between the group and the woman. Lots more yelling, and one of the girls starts saying she's a refugee from Lousiana, blah, blah, should be treating them better, blah, blah.

The doors close. I still don't have my ID back. I call the conductor that the lady outside has my ID and I need to get it back. So, I get off, thinking the conductor will stop the train until I'm able ot get back on.

Nope, he closes the door WITH MY BACKPACK still on my seat! Granted, kind of stupid on my part, but I had other things on my mind like getting my only copy of my driver's license back.

I'm crying at this point and my boyfriend calls me to see where I am. I try to explain what's going on, but I'm not very coherent. At this point, a guy who was on the train with me comes running back with my bag. I thank him profusely and my boyfriend starts to come get me.

The other gaurd is trying to get who I am. The group, still being rowdy and stuff stop to say "She's not with us! Give that woman her ID back! She did nothing wrong!" At this point, the first cop shows up. Why? Because touching a train gaurd is about $5,000 or so offence. They could easily be arrested for the shoving.

All in all, about 5 cop cars show up by the time my boyfriend and his best friend get to me. I get a warning for not having my ticket (first ever for either myself or my boyfriend), but am told to be happy I was not involved with the group.

We ended up walking back to the apartment.

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(no subject)

I think I'm on craigslist.
And when I say "think" what I mean is "know" because I don't think anyone else with pink hair works at the downtown Nordstrom.

I don't really know what it's supposed to mean, though. I always read missed connections in hopes of seeing myself or someone I know, but this is kind of disappointing. It also sort of freaks me out, since everyone who saw it will easily be able to find me at work.

Woo, paranoia.
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In need of legal advice.

I posted in September about the house that I'm renting and repairs not being made and all of it's issues.
Now, we're dealing with the owner of the house who doesn't feel like fixing things he's supposed to be fixing (I know because my boyfriend and I have done some research on the landlord tenant laws).
What I need now is a name of a good attorney. Our lease states that if there is a breach of contract and the proof is given to an attorney and it is proven by said attorney, then we can get out of the lease without penalty or going to court.
Does anyone know of a good, hopefully not expensive, attorney? Maybe just one to call for legal advice?
Thanks for all your help, guys and gals of Portland.
Me 2

travel issues

{I know this is a long shot but...} Is there anyone driving down from Portland to either Medford or Klamath Falls on Nov 20th? My hubby needs a ride and the rentacar place is out of cars. We would pay for your gas.
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So Gay

(no subject)

What is this? It's been an hour and fifteen minutes since the last post. YOu damnportlanders don't have anything to say??

C'mon, a flame war, commentary on the situation in France, bitching about weather, something!

Maybe we should have another metaphysical flame war...

Entertain me, dammit!
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They all go marching down into the drain.. to get out of the rain!

I decided it would be good fun to burn candles all night. These are big burn for fucking ever candles, and i didn't think there would be an issue with the burning for that long. I put them in the kitchen sink because it's all metal, and i think I'm being all smart because then the building can't catch on fire.

In the morning I hear this "sizzle sizzle" of something in the kitchen. I got to investigate. One of the candles had melted through on one side and the wax had kept spilling out.. in short.. it burned it's self down to the bottom of my sink. Where oh where did all that lovely wax go?

Into my garbage disposal :)

So portlanders... how does one go about removing wax from the insides of a garbage disposal? And pipes. I'm sure the pipes are all clogged too!

So are there magical devices of goodness that will clean out the evil evilness of that nasty wax? Nasty good smelling wax.

I know you're going to make me take it apart, but if you knew me... you'd know what a BAD idea that is.

alrighty... have fun and amuse yourself :)

I need advice about moving to this area

"The complex is in North Portland, in the Kenton neighboorhood, called the Kentwood"

Does anyone know anything about this area? Is the crime rate bad? Would you not reccommend living in this area? We are looking to move back to Portland but I have heard nothing but bad things about N Portland and I am really hesitant about this. Please let me know ASAP. I am thinking of going tomorrow to look at it.
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(no subject)

Am I the only one who is just now hearing about the Bear Porn novel Scooter Libby wrote? I mean I knew he wrote a book, but I didn't know it involved sex with woodland creatures until today.

Is this old news and I'm a little slow?

If not, why the hell aren't you people making fun of that pre-vert?

Come on now, lets try and do better next time, shall we?

shopping in PDX

where are some good places to shop in portland??

I am in need of a good winter jacket and ear muffs.
(the puffy kind with the fur would be ideal.)

and also some good cheap pants.

and maybe some dressy shirts.

any ideas/Favorite stores to shop????

any shopping advice will be greatly appreciated being this is my first time actually going clothing shopping here.

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(no subject)

Hello lovely Portlanders....

my questions is as follows...

I just bought an amazing vintage 50's wiggle dress. It is amazing but for one hips are too bug for it *shrug* Can someone please recommend to me a really, really experienced, talented seamstress or tailor who might be able to help me take the seams out on this very delicate piece? I am looking for someone who really knows what they are doing, maybe someone who has worked with vintage pieces before... thanks for your time!

xo Sarah
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rock girl zine

I'm looking to get in contact with female musicians in the area for a zine I am making. It's tied to my senior capstone at PSU, and I hope to reach out to teen girls to get them involved with music.
All I want is the voices of female musicians on the following topics:
What's it like to be female and a musician in Portland?
What inspired you to start playing?
Was there a female musician that inspired you?
What advice to you have for younger girls who want to get into music?
...anything else you want to say on the subject.

If you have anything to contribute, you can respond here or email me at: cmathias at pdx dot edu. You can submit anonymously, or I can credit you (and your band, if applicable). I hope to be doing mostly face-to-face interviews, but I hope to get as many voices as I can.
I don't plan on there being more than 100 copies. They will be available to the teen girls we are working with and may also be available at the bookstore In Other Words, free of charge.

Please help out if you can. With a little help, I think I can make this really great for the girls.
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Portland Office
2442 SE Belmont St.
Portland, OR 97214

so. they just showed up to my doorstep and wanted me to sign a petition thingy. never mind that i stood there in my tshirt and was obviously getting cold due to the 42°F temperature outside. i let her know that there might be HOA laws here against this kind of thing. prolly not. maybe only for solicitors. but god damn, at least have the decency to see that i'm letting all the cold air in?

oh. my doorstep is in orenco (hillsboro).

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(no subject)

So, on 181st right near Glisan, there is a pizza place called " Tom's Sports Bar and Grill" or something close to that. They have a huge banner that says "We Deliver" but I cannot find them on or the webpages. Can anyone help me?

head, scuba, gear, iron
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(no subject)

Hello, fellow Portlanders...

I have a rabbit, it's about a year old, and I need to find a home for it. As I'm sure all of you know, we've been having some very cold nights, and this rabbit probably needs a place where it's a little warmer than 30-40 degrees to call home (I can only keep him outside). If any of you might want a rabbit, or better yet, know of an organization that would take rabbits (a pet shop owner mentioned something about 4-H clubs, but I don't remember what the specifics were), please let me know... thanks!!

Poe and Verne, Ala Beatonna

(no subject)

well, it's a bit on the dreamy side, but as light pollution is low and the night is young, I would recommend you pull on a jacket and step outside and look up for five or ten minutes. sometimes things become crystal clear in the dark.

A request for help.

A few years back,I lived for some time in Portland,whilst there,I went out for a while with a girl named Meghann Ducharme.

Unfortunately I lost contact with her,once I returned here to the UK.

If anyone knows of her,or knows what she is doing,could you please let me know?

I thank you in advance.

Terry Balfour.
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