November 5th, 2005

looking for pm childcare in nw pdx

I'm a single, self-employed mom, looking for someone who could come hang out at my house (8ish-11ish) while my kid is asleep (he never wakes up during this time) so that I can escape its confines more than one night a week! In return I have a quiet, cozy place with wireless internet, digital cable, heaps of books and magazines, and snacks to offer. Money is tight right now, so I am hoping to find someone who would benefit from this arrangement like a student who lives nearby who needs a place to study, or someone who just wants a break from their housemates. I have other resources and talents to trade, so let's talk!

P.S. non-smoker please!


does anybody know of some decent seasoned firewood that delivers? landlord just installed a new wood stove and hunting around the backyard for wood is not cutting it.
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dj boy wonder @ the wonder ballroom

bored on sunday nights?

from 6.00 pm until close, come check out dj boy wonder at the wonder ballroom cafe (128 ne russell)! i'll be spinning jazz, electronic, psychadelic, and a little bit of everything else.

looking forward to seeing you there!
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TONIGHT, Sabala’s Mt. Tabor, doors open at 5pm, bell time at 6!
21+ with valid ID

Wrestling Church
Barr Wrestling:

Live in-ring pro wrestling action


Triple XXX vs. Cowboy Tex Thompson
Latino Blanco vs. Critter
Tony Terrific vs. Sean “Baseball Fury” Barr

Portland Organic Wrestling Intermission
Scat Monkey vs. Bonesperm vs. Caliente Guapo

Special Event
Sandy Barr vs Lil Nasty Boy
In a “Sandy cannot rise to his feet” grudge match, 1 fall 15 minute limit

Main Event
J.R. Barr and Hoquiam Man vs Dr. Kliever and Slick Cedric
Best 2 out of 3 falls Tag Team Title Championship Match

Live on-stage rock and roll mayhem

The Misfats
SK and the Punk Ass Bitches
The Altar Boys

Wrestling Church Sermon

In the Side Show Lounge…we pay respects to Portland’s own late great Art “Love Machine” Barr on the theater screen. His greatest matches from his ‘Juicer’ days here in Oregon to his ultra heel days teaming with Eddy Guerrero as half of the hated ‘Gringos Locos’ in Mexico!

Drinking Rules Apply!

Sabala’s Mt Tabor
4811 SE Hawthorne Blvd
Portland, OR 97225
503 238 1646
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So, my husband and I bought tickets to a concert at the Crystal Ballroom (TMBG) on Sunday before realizing... doh!... the MAX only runs 'til 11 or so. So, we considered just staying in town and pulling an all-nighter. Are there any 24 hour restaurants or... anything really to do in the general vicinity (1-mile radius) of the Crystal Ballroom between the hours of say 1a and 5am (short of getting a hotel and figuring it out ourselves)?

Thanks bunches!
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So, is there a road from Eugene to Portland, and visa-versa, that one could ride their bicycle on? If so, how long do you suppose it'd take? My bikes a pretty fast road bike... Thanks!
birch trees

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Anyone know someone who drives a green older model volkswagon with a sticker on the back window that says "God Save the Kinks?"

I had just had a heart-stopping near miss car accident because that car has NO BRAKE LIGHTS. Yikes! Get it fixed!! I had no idea the car two ahead of me was stopping for a pedestrian (in the dark and rain) and nearly plowed right into the volkswagon.



I have a project well beyond due that needs to be done ASAP. I started a photoshop project and I am using Adobe Photochop CS2 Version 9.0. I don't have my users manual right in front of me or even in the same building as I am in...

Here's the problem I'm having: I have a solid black background that is going to look like outer space. I have an image of the earth that is solid color. I need to make this "earth.jpg" look translucent instead a flat block of color.

Can't remember how to do it...I am so not l337.


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restaurant question

whats your favorite cash only restaurant? or, at least cash only restaurants you'd recommend? we have some friends who live off their credit cards so we try to take them to cash only restaurants and we need to find more places to go (now that the Montage takes plastic). Preferably closer in on the east side.

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My friend and I just got out of work and the liquor store is closed, of course. So we are looking for a fifth of jack daniel's that anyone has lying around the house. We'll pay 20 bucks for it and pick it up. This may sound like an odd request to post on livejournal, but we have had a really long day and there isn't anyone that is going to make us feel as good as Jack will. If you have Jack lying around the house and have it in your heart to help out two girls badly in need of a drink just drop me a note. Thanks. p.s. we aren't minors & have id to prove it.