November 4th, 2005

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Ok Portlanders I need some opinions and advice.

I have the oppertunity to move with some friends and get cheaper housing while I'm in school. I go to WCI and don't have a car so where ever we go has to have either max or trimet. They are really into beaverton, and have found some nice houses with plenty room and bathrooms that advertise near max stops. Now they are willing to try portland but cause we need a band practice area we need a house and houses in portland are pricy. We need to stay near I-5 for work commutes for two of us.

What are your opinions on beaverton, the pros and cons?

What are the pros and cons of tigard?



Good shopping/no shopping; hasn't even heard of trimet; hard/funny tasting water; rude people/nice people; it smells funny... etc

Any recomendations for where we should look?

I need to be able to get into portland for school and modeling gigs plus I have friends here that I still want to bother.

re: the Tom McCall quote

I am not xenophobic, I swear.

I don't have anything personal against any immigrants from other states. Hell, my parents came from Chicago. But that was in '81.

I'm talking about this latest growth spurt. say, '97 until now. Individually, each new person doesn't matter much. But on the whole the growth rates are doing horrible things to the job and housing market especially for low income people. On a macro-level, the influx of people into Oregon (combined with the UGB) has made it damn near impossible for a person in the lowest quintile to afford fair market rent. Not to mention the environmental effects of sprawl.

I just wanted to point this out to people who a) have moved here or b) want to move here. Have you done/will you do anything to counteract the collective effect you have? Volunteer? Donate?
Rocking David Brent


As anyone else been having some issues with them lately? I've complained a couple of times now because I have a bus driver who has seemingly decided that my bus stop isn't a real one and he won't stop. And he gets kinda huffy when I remind him. Today, he skipped three of them.

So I'm wondering... is it just this guy? Is it me? Is it some secret message telling me I need to walk more at 10:30 am?

Just curious.

Tonight! 11/04/05 - FRONT 242 @ The Fenix Underground(Seattle, Wa)

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The Fenix Underground & Damned Events Presents:

The only show in the Northwest!!!
Fri Nov 4th
Metropolis Records artist:
with Guests:
Grey Area
Unter Null
Djs Carrion & Uberlush
Doors at 8:00pm - 21 & Over
$21.00 Adv Tix @ Ozone UK
(Price includes service charge - TICKETS ARE CA$H ONLY! and will be pulled at 2:00pm)
The Fenix Underground - 109 S Washington - Pioneer Square
Seattle, Washington

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*For More Info*
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Mariana in the South

shimotsuma monogatari / kamikaze girls showing NOW

I made a post about this when I first found out about it, so I figured I would update y'all on it now that it's actually happening. [@ Clinton Street Theater]
KAMIKAZE GIRLS [Shimotsuma Monogatari]
Nov 4 -10: shows at 9pm (5pm Sat/Sun)
Admission: $6 Tuesdays: $4

Momoko yearns to live in 18-century Versailles than in her back-country hometown of Shimotsuma, heartland of the yakuza. To escape, she loses herself in the dreamy, doll-like fashions of the "Lolita” scene. Her idol is Akinori Isobe, chief designer of Baby, the Stars Shine Bright—her favorite Lolita design house. She travels all the way to Tokyo to shop at their store. One languid summer, to help fund her expensive hobby, Momoko runs a classified ad of brand-name knock-off clothes (produced by her dad) for sale. She encounters a buyer named Ichiko (whose real name is Ichigo [[Strawberry]]), who happens to live in her neighborhood. Super-rebel Ichiko, is a “Yankee”-style member of the Ponytails motorbike gang, one of Ibaraki's "Wild speed tribes,” whose teeth-rattling customized bikes are decked out with fiberglass shields and bannered backrests. Somewhat against Momoko’s will, she and Ichigo slowly develop a strong friendship as they share their feelings on the odd goings-ons around them. --from the theater site
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snow ninja

out for blood!


if anyone happens to be cornered in a dark ally by someone trying to sell you the seat belts and air bags out of a 2005 subaru impreza. tie then down with bungees and throw up the "G" signal towards the sky. i'll arrive as quick as my bike can get me there to curb stomp em!!

haha yeah! crime is awesome!!

p.s. if they have airbags for anything else do the same these guys are pros and they'll lead me to my shite!!
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Where is a good place that serves Indian food?

Someone told me once of this ta house that had great curries and things
but I can't for the life of me remember the name of it.

Any other places that have good Indian food would be great too. Anywhere in the Portland area or around it is fine.

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Hey Portlanders,

My company is relocating me to the Portland area early next year, and I'm hoping some of you could help me- I have a few questions.

Is it reasonable for me to expect to commute from downtown to work in Hillsboro? How long would this take?
I hear the public transportation is great -is it? And is it realistic to using it for commuting instead of driving? (Sadly, public trans in Minneapolis leaves a lot to be desired.)

Also, which neighborhoods should I be looking into -I'd like an area thats lively, arty, and inexpensive -but I'd also like to not have my car broken into at night... any suggestions/opinions?

Thank you all!