November 3rd, 2005

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does anybody know where you can buy sparklers from in portland? you know, those cool things on sticks that have sparky flames coming out of the ends when they are lit at night? you can pretend to be harry potter with them & stuff!

thankyou so much :-)

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there is a train that comes into Portland nearly every night between 2 and 2:15 AM. It comes down near the Pearl District and Train Station and knocks you out of bed it's so loud if you live in that area - I have been staying down there about a block from the tracks now and then recently.

But to top it off, I actually LIVE near 39th and Belmont! and I just heard it loud and plain as day from MY house! what is up with this 2 AM conductor??!?!?! why does he blow the train whistle that loud and long when he's going about 5 miles an hour? here at my house now it is just a faint, but certainly noticable, noise. but for my friends that live downtown, this conductor blows them right out of bed every damn morning, 2 AMish without fail.

other trains go by and blow their horn, but they are quick, quieter, half-volume whistle blasts. what is up with Mr 2AM Choo Choo?
i want to make a complaint about this person. most train whistles i find to be quaint and nice, but this is just damn annoying.

anyone else know what i am talking about?
Worky Work!

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As a follow up on this post, Willamette Week published a little news in their murmurs section about it.

Then on Halloween night, police got into a scuffle outside the main branch with four young adults, employing Tasers and pepper spray in arresting the foursome. Police spokesman Brian Schmautz reports no injuries and says the fight started when a young woman interrupted a traffic stop and began kicking an officer.


What shocked me was that there was no mention of this story in DP!

I'll paraphrase for you.

27-year-old Fouad Kaady was shot seven times after being hit with tasers twice. He had been involved in a car accident that resulted in an explosion. He was suffering from severe pain from burns, naked and bloody. Apparently the officers felt threatened and took him down.

What I don't understand is the "...secret proceedings (that) stretched into six days as the seven jurors heard testimony from more than 40 witnesses and considered material evidence."

Why the secret proceedings? Why shot SEVEN times? I understand that an officer has a decision to make. But this guy had been in a car crash. He had been tasered. He had severe burns. He was naked. He was bleeding. And he was being "combative?" Two officers couldn't handle this ONE guy who was obviously not in top form?


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This is kind of a weird/picky request, but can anyone suggest a relatively non-sketchy laundromat that might also have wireless internet access or is near an access node for the personal telco project? This is my first day off in a week so I need to catch up on laundry and I thought I might continue TEH JOB HUNT while I am at it. Eastside would be best - I'm in the Mount Tabor area.
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juried artisan show/sale this weekend in NE Portland!

This is the first time I have ever brought my art glass and jewelry out to anyone other than friends and family, so come on by! I have seen work by the rest of the artisans and it's amazing stuff! Lots of creative work by, wine and chocolate, free! 5% of each of our sales goes to hurricane relief, so get some holiday shopping done in a fun place, supporting local artisans! And come say hi, I'll be there all day!

Thanks DP, I found out about this event thru a post right here!

You are invited to a groovy HOLIDAY WARES AND WEARS EVENT
presented by Ruby Martini: A Cocktail of Artisans in support of Hurricane relief
efforts and local women artisans

A percentage of all artisan proceeds goes to Hurricane relief efforts

Admission: free, light refreshments

Drink in the design on Saturday, November 5th, 11am - 4pm

The Core Source, 5509 NE 30th Ave (at Killingsworth across from Cup & Saucer Cafe)

Handcrafted elegance and whimsy to adorn body, home, and life will be showcased in a *juried show*
of ceramics, wearable art, jewelry, mosaics, cards, bags, scarves, and home decor ,
including groovy, girly pieces for mini-divas and divas-in-training...

Come and shop for yourself, and your special someones - men, women, big and little!

Info: 503.407.7373 or
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book clubs? guitar lessons?

Dear sweet, knowledgeable, sexy, fellow damnportlanders ...

I submit for your collective advice, two questions:

A) Does anyone know of any women's-only reading groups?

Please note:
- I'm not looking to mack; this is actually a request on behalf of my non-LJ'ing girlfriend. :)
- I'm already aware that most bookstores have info or postings advertising reading groups ... what I'm looking for is people with direct knowledge of or experience with any that are going on.
- I'm looking for one that is already in existence, rather than to start one.

2) Does anyone have recommendations of where I can go to get professional guitar lessons?

Please note:
- Acoustic guitar, beginner.
- If you play a guitar and are looking for some cash, I'm looking for recommendations, not advertisements of services ... so, if you have given lessons to a bunch of happy people, I'd really be interested in checking some of your references!
- This would be a Christmas gift.

THANKS, as always!
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Happy Hour

Can anyone recommend late night happy hours?

I am aware of The Portland City Grill, Jaharas, and Acapolco. Anything else? I will compile a list and post again with the information. I am in the process of creating a giant happy hour list, using the memories from DP and WW/Mecury articles in the last year.
Be sure to post the days and times!
Drink or food specials are okay; let me know which it is.

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I'm looking for a romantic but inexpensive place to have dinner. Something preferably with a cozy fire. Or, just a romantic place for dinner, and somewhere else with a cozy fire for drinks? For dinner, he's more a meat and potatoes guy, I'm veggie/seafood.

Where should we go, oh DPers?

Big group for dinner reservation

A friend of mine is having a birthday dinner tomorrow and is having trouble finding a place that can accomodate a party of 27. Something nice, not too spendy, maybe two $$ dollar signs. I have no idea. All I can think of are lower-brow places like Lucky Lab which have big open rooms and lots of tables; but she'll want something a bit more "restauranty" and less "beer hall full of dogs."

Appreciate all suggestions.

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In 1971, Governor Tom McCall said "We want you to visit our State of Excitement often. Come again and again. But, for heaven’s sake, don’t move here to live."

Anybody still agree with that?

another quotation:
“…I’m simply saying that Oregon is demure and lovely, and it ought to play hard to get. And I think you’ll all be just sick as I am [Tom was dying of cancer] if you find it is nothing but a hungry hussy, throwing herself at every stinking smokestack that’s offered…”

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Rememeber "Coke is it"?

the most refreshing taste around
the taste that never lets you down

is that all the lyrics? it seems kinda short but all I can come up with
"The most refreshing taste in TOWN"
which is awfully close "the most refreshing taste around"

anyway, go forth and torture your room mates and loved ones with Cokeis"it"

A few questions...

Hello to all,
I'm sorry I only went back a week or so in this very busy list, so if these questions have been covered, I apologize.

I currently live just outside of Washington DC, and I plan on moving to the Portland area in the near future. What I would like to know is basically what areas to look to rent a place? What part of Portland is good? What about the outlying areas? Beaverton, Hillsboro, Vancouver? It looks like my biggest concern is where will I have to live and not worry about property theft? We have two higher end cars that we will be bringing with us, and not having to sit up at night worrying about them would be nice. We plan on renting a house in the $1300 a month range, but I would like to know what areas to avoid.

Also, we will be flying out next friday for a long weekend, look at houses, see sights etc. Anything we should do - or rather that we shouldn't miss?


legal-type question

Three months ago my apartment company didn't cash my rent check. My roommate's check was cashed, but mine never was. I kept the money in my account just in case.

This week I received a notice saying that I owed them $300. No reason was stated, and it appears to be a very generic stock letter.

I called today to act upset and see if I could get them to at least admit fault.
She told me that we never sent in the rent that month.

We have been a couple days late on our rent before. We have even had a check bounce and returned. All of these things usually result in a $50 late fee. If it is not paid by the 8th of the month then we get a 72 hour eviction notice. We didn't receive any of these. When I asked her how this could happen she responded with "I don't know."

I have to pay my rent tomorrow. It isn't a matter of not having the money, but rather that this was a huge inconvenience to me, and their fault. What are my options here? Do I have any?

volunteering & thanksgiving

I have far too much time on my hands and have decided to put it some good use. I'm already looking into some long term situations and am interested in a few short term. one being that I'd like to do some volunteering on Thanksgiving. for the life of me I cannot find a lists of places with opportunities and I know there are tons! are there any that people can point out to me?

live by annwfn

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To the person who got off the 52 bus with me this afternoon on their way to the Tanasbourne library: thank you for making my day a bit brighter. I was glad to be able to be chivalrous and let you take cover under my umbrella. Glad you're liking it here in Oregon, even if it is quite a bit different from Florida. Thanks for talking with me, and for wishing me a good day. It's very much appreciated. Hope you had a good day, too.
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patsy stone thanxgiving

punch biopsy

I'm going in to a specialist next Friday where she will most likely than not do a punch biopsy.
Have any of your dear DPers had punch biopsy done?
Does it hurt?

I read on a website that the doctor or whoever's performing the (punch) biopsy could use an anesthetic, which most likely means that there is some pain associated with it..I just want to know how much!

(I'm the type who can faint even at the idea of someone poking me with me something so it's important for me to know this ahead of time)


Speeding ticket help

Got myself a nice little 15+ Speeding ticket a week or two ago, on Highway 43. (35 changes to a 25 when going through LO, it was midnight, I stayed at around 37-38, Cop said he caught me at exactly 40).

Being a young driver, I'm rather unaware of my options in this situation. I know I can simply plead guilty, and pay the fine, or plead no-contest and write the judge a letter. I'd try to appear in court and hope the Cop doesn't show, but I'll be doing charity work in India on the date he set for me (November 16th).

What would you suggest, oh-people-with-more-experience-then-I?