November 2nd, 2005

Fashion Rejects

Blue Inc. Screenprinting is selling all of our extra garments, I hate to sound like every ad, but these are extremely low prices for this kind of stuff. American Apparel, Bella, Hanes, Port, Gildan, etc. etc., we're getting rid of all of it. There's also some weird misprinted stuff if you don't mind looking like you're a state championship wrestler for OSAA or a staff employee of Shilo Inns. Anyways, we're on 321 N.E. Davis (down the street from Loveland) off MLK across from Starks Vacuum. The sale starts today from 9-5pm, Thursday and Friday 8-5pm and Saturday 8-5pm.

We take credit cards n' cash, no checks.

Wrestling Church presents The RUCKUS!!!

THIS Saturday night, Sabala’s Mt. Tabor, doors open at 5pm, bell time at 6!
21+ with valid ID

Wrestling Church
Barr Wrestling:

Live in-ring pro wrestling action

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Live on-stage rock and roll mayhem

The Misfats
SK and the Punk Ass Bitches
The Altar Boys

Wrestling Church Sermon

In the Side Show Lounge…we pay respects to Portland’s own late great Art “Love Machine” Barr on the theater screen. His greatest matches from his ‘Juicer’ days here in Oregon to his ultra heel days teaming with Eddy Guerrero as half of the hated ‘Gringos Locos’ in Mexico!

Drinking Rules Apply!

Sabala’s Mt Tabor
4811 SE Hawthorne Blvd
Portland, OR 97225
503 238 1646
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mice out the yin yang

I have a serious mouse epidemic in my home. Currently I am just combatting it with mouse traps, the old simple cruel kind, but I think it is beyond what I can control that way. The problem is, we have two dogs. Is there some kind of natural extermination I can do, or natural exterminator I can hire to get rid of my rodent epidemic without hurting the dogs?

anyone had a similar situation?

blk wht em

(no subject)

The kitty is the protector of the sleeping human. She will get you...She will alert her human when picutres are being taken and protect her from the evil male monster. If only she could wake up her human creature.
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In other news Rocky Horror Picture Show at the Clinton this Saturday. It is switch night, which is basically fuck with your character. A fun night for the actors and that means a fun night for the audience....i was in the Cab for a long time a long time ago....can't stand to sit through the movie but sometimes if there is a preshow it is funny. And also the show is funny and there is also a bar next door. It starts at midnight and is $6 dollars at the door. There is also Dots across the street and NOHOS! if you get there earlier you can get a late meal. I wanted to go and take pictures of here is my attempted to tell people to go so i can take pictures of them Collapse )
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mmmmmmm good coffee

80s night Friday!!! Dress up in your spooky 80s best!

Decadent 80s night at Noir Friday night! Free entry, 80s drink specials all night, Atari 2600 for your gaming nostalgia. Halloween decor is still up, so spooky decade dress is encouraged!
203 SE Grand Ave
Portland 97214
FYI for any curious, I cannot access Myspace til Saturday, earliest. Any questions or requests, message me through here or at
Hope to see lots of lovely faces out!
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Anti-War Protesters rock!

Hey DPers, did anyone see/participate in the HUGE march around city hall and down 4th ave at 1 o'clock this afternoon?
i was sitting outside of my office building when i heard chants and bullhorns chanting "No More War!"
how cool!
so, i wandered over to see HUNDREDS of people assembling at the corner of Jeff & 4th. There were two marches, one coming up from the waterfront, the other circling around the city hall from 5th.

these are the things that make me so proud to be a portlander. also, just to mention, the police seemed to be behaving themselves, letting the protesters march and not trying to intervene.

cell phone opinions?

hey all, i need opinions.

i'm having my phone replaced on warranty. cingular is being a butthead and telling me the phone i have now is no longer offered for replacement. i need to pick between two other phones.

i currently own a nokia 6230. my options for replacement are a motorola v551 or a siemens s66.

help? :D
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Karaoke Friday!

Don't forget, those of us with pdx_karaoke are having an outing this Friday. We're off to The Alibi.. There's room for about 5 more people at our reserved table.. But there may be room at surrounding tables ..

So, come on out and sing with us, or at least laugh at us singing :)

"Remember - there are 2 reasons people clap after a song.. either you did a really good job, or they're glad you're finished.."
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Stolen Kona Mountain Bike - UPDATE

A while back I posted about my girlfriend's Kona Lavadome mountain bike being stolen (I searched for the original post but couldn't find it). Well, today I was riding the 12 Sandy bus in NE on my way to work, and what do I see a tweaker riding down the sidewalk? You guessed it...a Kona Lavadome. I wasn't 100% sure that it was my girlfriend's bike, but, I just had that feeling.

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Those Looking for Work - Be Aware

There’s this single panel ad in the ‘Employment Guide’ that reads, ‘START WORKING NOW – Get Paid This Week! - $400 per week & up to start Guaranteed! 48 Full-Time & Part-Time Positions available in various departments. Company training provided. No experience necessary. – For Immediate $$$’s Call Today for Interview – (503) 249-1487’ There’s nothing in that ad about what the job is, almost like they’re trying to hide it.

The chick I talk with on the phone is all about setting me up for an interview, but all she’s willing to tell me about the job is that it’s ‘customer service’. I had to press to get more, including the name of the company. What she tells me over the phone is the name of the company is Northwest Distribution Center, or NWDC, and what the position does is help customers make decisions on home appliances, or something equally cryptic. The point is, she was obviously trying to hide what it is the situation’s all about. I was thinking telephone solicitation, but I didn’t have presence of mind enough to ask about it over the phone.

When I get to the interview, the first thing that throws up a red light is the application. Now, I’ve come to the conclusion that employers take age into consideration for hiring purposes, even though it is illegal in this state, giving the younger applicants a better opportunity at employment than the older. It is blatantly illegal to ask for the applicant’s date of birth on the application, or any time during the interview process. On the application, it also asks for the make, model and year of your vehicle, which is odd for an application. If that information is needed for parking purposes or whatever, it’s usually asked on a separate form after hiring. Other than that, the application is fairly standard.

Once I got into the interview, the chick I spoke with on the phone told me what the job’s about. The job is demonstrating Kirby vacuums in private homes. You have to do fifteen demonstrations in a week to make $400. You’re on a four or eight man team and a sales manager will take us out to a specific neighbourhood. One of the team members, two if it’s an eight man team, will canvas the neighbourhood looking for people who want to have Kirby vacuums demonstrated in their homes. The other team members will do the demonstrating. Because she wouldn’t give me a straight answer on this, it seems that if you don’t do the fifteen demonstrations per week, if you only do eleven for example, you don’t get paid.

There is a chance for a commission. If the sales manager makes the sell you get a portion of the commission. She says if you do three demonstrations you’re likely to sell one. The sales managers are very good at closing the deal. I’ve heard that bullshit too many times before. Also, if you do make commission, you’ll get either the ‘guaranteed’ $400 for that week, or the commission, whichever is greater.

In home demonstrations and sales of vacuums is the broadest definition of ‘customer service’ I’ve ever heard.
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Alternative ballrooms?

We're throwing a party for a few hundred people on March 3rd, 4th, and 5th.

Our guests will arrive by plane, train, and automobile from all over the world. They're coming here to swing dance. You might have seen us at Pioneer Square last time. (Yes, that's a picture of 200 people all slapping their asses; good times) More pics for the interested.

We're having problems reserving places big enough for us all to dance. We've got the Crystal Ballroom on Mar 5th, but we still need two more large ballrooms for Friday evening and Saturday evening. We've called almost three dozen ballrooms around town. We've been able to get ahold of every single place except the Temple. We are at our wits' end.

Are there any places you know of that we can use? Huge barns? Warehouses? Large industrial factories? Places with wooden floors are ideal, but shoot, we'll consider anything at this point.
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Hey all -
I work downtown (in the Bancorp Building) and one of my lovely duties as the receptionist is to order lunches for our bi-weekly meetings. We have about 12 people in the office who would be ordering and would like to keep it under $10 a person. Idealistically I'd like a place that delivered but it's not too important since I can arrange otherwise.

Anyways - we're sick of the usual places, Three Lions, Elephants, Baja Fresh, countless chinese restaurants etc.. and I'm trying to branch out and check out new places to order from. Anyone have any suggestions?

It can be anything really - hole in the wall, smaller type finds are always the best, but any idea's are great and welcomed! So, where do you always find yourself going to lunch?

Cell phone issues

I have a family plan with verizon wireless that was set up in Salem (where my family lives) but I live in the Portland metro area (Beaverton) now. This hasn't been too much of a problem except that for people here my number is long distance... this only is a problem when someone doesn't have a cell and doesn't have long distance set up for their landline.

I called verizon wireless customer service and the girl I spoke to simply said that since my area code hasn't changed then it isn't long distance. She said the people who try to call me and are told it's long distance need to check on their phone plan and see why my number is long distance for them. ...Which seemed like a very odd thing to say, kind of an 'it-isn't-our-problem-it's-their-problem' sort of thing.

I'm just wondering if anyone knows more about this and can tell me what to do. My number is a Salem number as far as I can tell and I don't see why they can't change it to a Portland metro one. The girl I spoke to basically said all they can do is change my area code. I don't see why someone should have to get a long distance plan just to be able to call me and I would like to fix this problem on my end, of course (without having to hand out phone cards to my friends).
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(no subject)

Got this idea from comments on a post yesterday.

Would a Reed, Lewis & Clark or possibly UP student be willing to buy me an all-zone November Tri-Met pass for $40? I can't afford $66 for pass since I've been unemployed, and I just got a temporary assignment starting Monday for four weeks in downtown Portland (and I live in Hillsboro), so I need a pass to get to work. I'd be able to meet downtown this weekend and can pay in cash. I'd really appreciate it!
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Hey! Get your hand out of there!

So. Pickpockets. Ever a problem in PDX? If so, your experiences? Where are they bad, if they exist at all?

I have no idea why I'm curious. Well, yeah, I do - we just moved here from New Orleans and there you knew if you were outside the French Quarter you were probably safe from pickpockets. Muggings, shootings, stabbings, no, but pickpockets, yes.

So what about here?


A friendly reminder. You guys really need to keep your headlights on. Too often have I been driving around at 7 in the morning or something, and have people roaring up my blind spot with nothing. Or I'm about to change lanes and have to do a double- or triple- or even quadruple-take to be able to figure out if there is a car there, and how far away. Windows get fogged. Mirrors get dirty. In the rain and the condensation and the muck, it is extremely hard to see. I don't care if you don't need them on to see ahead of you, or it's 3 in the afternoon, or your car's automatic sensors think it's bright enough outside. If it's cloudy or kinda dark, or even drizzling, you need those headlights on so we can see you. Let us know you're there, okay? Much obliged.
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The Holiday Ale Fest is looking for volunteers!

Shifts go quickly, so if you want a good one, sign up NOW. Always a blast and a great way to meet people and have a great time!

(No, I don't work for them, I just REALLY LOVE the brew fests a whole lot, as it's one of the things that defines Portland to me. That and Powell's tent sales are right up on my list of Things Portlanders Do.)

Portland programmers?

Any one in Portland ever offer there skills in a freelance group to help develop a site. I only ask because I want to lean more about flash php, xml and mysql development. I see people all day long that say they program for some one or another as a job. But who here donates there time for free to just help out a small company, and was it in a group or did you do it by your self?


how old do you have to be in portland (or oregon in general) to serve alcohol at a restaurant? (as in taking it to the table after the bartender makes it for you.)
and does anyone know what licenses are usually required for a serving job, alcohol or not?

any help here would be super nice.
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life tip #5968: how to have your calls returned asap

"hi my name is garbled, this is my long message you can't hear inbetween the traffic and oh shit dropped the phone, oh by the way this is my number dial it as fast as i just said it please, minus that last digit you need, i took that out so you can have fun guessing how to contact me. thanks! this is very important."

this is what i hear. thankfully, this article has appeared in my email, because i have had it with bad voicemail messages! just joking. i don't care, it is just one less call to make. :) anyway, great article.. yeh.

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so me.

(no subject)

hey, can someone be my hero for the night?

I need baggy army/cargo pants. they are for a costume?

does anyone have a pair they are willing to sell me or does anyone know where I could get some?

I need them for saturday night

they can be up to like.. 20 dolllars, thats all the money I have to spend on them.

thank you!

Crazed And Enraged

Dear Everyone In Portland,

Please stop being suck ass hole drivers. Why must it alwasy be a reved up competition to get to the next light. Or when I'm trying to signal on to the freeway there's always this "Don't even think about getting on the freeway because I'm determined to block every possible opening with my car." This is not Washington... thank you

- Love Andy
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