November 1st, 2005


who works nights?

I'm pulling a very rare night shift at work tonight and right now I'm killing some time until people return with Starbucks. It's only been a few hours but I can't decide if I would be able to do this on a regular basis. Anybody else out there work nights? Do you do it because you want to or is it for the extra money? (that is if you get any extra)

It's so quiet in my office... like a scene out of a horror movie.
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Let's moon 'em!
  • me_fein

Voodoo Knife Holder!

There was a lovely DP'er who had this:

For their icon...and now (thanks to another friend), I finally found out what the heck it is and how to buy it! Click here to read more about it. It's $80 according to this site.

It's DP-related only because had that lovely person not had the icon, I probably wouldn't have ever seen the bloody thing in the first place!

Thank you again, DP, for your usefulness, albeit unwittingly - but that's the best kind, eh?
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check delay.

i am in dire need of a bus pass. but i wont be getting any money for another week or two. and i have school i need to get to. if someone is willing get me a bus pass (1-2 zone) i'll write you a dated check (11/10/05) for the amount of the pass.

i can probably borrow enough bus fare to meet you somewhere, and if you could do it sometime today, i'd be super thankful.

Cool budget party food?

I know I rarely post and just comment once in a while, but I have a question.

The Challenge

I will be hosting a party (for my band) and I expect anywhere from 30-60 people to come. Everybody will be hungry.

I’ve never hosted a party for over, say, 4 people!

I have a small budget for snacks. I’d like to do something a little creative, filling, and that I can prepare 2 days in advance or at least several hours in advance.

Sadly, I have almost no cooking skill.

I’m looking for suggestions for snacks/food. Have you made something? Had something neato at a party?


water mitigation specialists?

this is our first rainy season in this house and we have just discovered that we have a leak (?)-- some kind of problem w/big pools of water in our basement--and need to have it taken care of asap. we're talking cutting open the walls, ripping up the floor, etc. mold/mildew control... can anyone recommend someone or a company that they've worked with? hopefully someone that won't charge me an arm and a leg. on the other hand--if there's a company to avoid that would be good to know too.

my thanks in advance.
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little blue dog

flower delivery

Hey peeps!

What's the best way to send flowers to someone who lives far, far away (specifically, Los Angeles)? I've used some online services where you check a box to pick a prearranged bouquet and fill in your billing info, but it feels really impersonal and detached. Is that pretty much my only choice? Any recommendations?

Thanks a ton.
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(no subject)

Does the cafe in Powell's have places for people with laptops to plug into for power? I can't remember ever seeing anyone with a laptop plugged in the cafe, though. If not, is there anywhere downtown a guy can go to do his homework on his plugged in laptop?

Is there a doctor in the house?

So here is the thing. I know this asked in here at least once a week, but its for good reason. I just recently switched insurance and now I need a new doctor. Im not really comfortable just throwing darts at my phone book and hoping I get lucky. I have blue cross blue shield ppo insurance now, and I know that its accepted nearly everywhere. I need a doctor close to the ceder hills/beaverton area. I can drive, so thats not an issue. Any help is very appreciated.
Le Velo


So has anyone here given up their non-existant lives to take part in the National Novel Writing Month?

Also... Prank callers on cell phones suck.

Anybody know anyway of doing a reverse phone lookup for cell phones for nothing?

I'm looking at google and I'm not getting much.
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law talkin' guy
  • varro

Police harass Veterans for Peace

This evening I was driving down Broadway and I saw several members of Veterans for Peace (including pdx42) holding a vigil out in front of the military recruiting office.

I also saw cops there, so I drove back around and parked and talked to the people there.

Sure enough, Sgt. Brad Bailey was attempting to intimidate the group, threatening them with arrest if they didn't pick up every single thing they brought with them or "put one foot out into the street". (Never mind the fact that the decision in State v. Ausmus prohibits that.)

More information here:
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Computer help...

So... my laptop is very, very, very sad. Like needs parts replaced sad. I called freegeek, and though they sell stuff, they don't actually do repairs. They recommended a couple of places, but... yikes! I'm on a budget! Does anyone have any good experiences with any computer repair places? Hopefully, that are reasonably priced? I'm trying to avoid "borrowing" my friend's pet geek, because I feel like a big loser doing that...

Please and spank you, in advance.


Car issue:
I have two cars. They are both chevys and have the same engine.
One alternator works; one doesn't.

I need someone who can switch them for me. It should take 5 minutes at each car. The cars are 20 blocks away from each other. Easy money!

Who can do it? Name your price.

I am avaliable Wednesday before (9am and after 9pm) or anytime Thursday.

Help DammPortlanders! You haven't let me down yet!
  • drjeff

Recycling the memes... it's FOR THE KIDS.

I just posted this in my journal and realized it would make for some interesting damnportlanders hijinx. This is a list of jobs I've held. I think I missed a few, but you get the idea. Post your list!

And, if you don't have as many, don't feel bad. With old age comes career "diversity." heh.

  1. short order cook in college cafeteria

  2. car wash attendant (moved on up to management!)

  3. gas station pump jockey

  4. hazardous materials clean up (temporary and dangerous!)

  5. fast food manager

  6. purveyor of illicit substances

  7. retail camera department sales goon

  8. warehouse manager

  9. night watchman

  10. weekend clean up at lumber mill

  11. door to door home improvement salesman

  12. used car salesman

  13. plywood "dryer-puller" (don't ask, it sucked)

  14. dishwasher

  15. telephone salesperson

  16. door-to-door environmental activist

  17. cinematographer for bad movie that appeared on Disney Channel

  18. busboy

  19. occasional trade show booth staffer for friend's product

  20. freelance writing (including public tv pledge breaks!)

  21. tv - producer

  22. director

  23. sound

  24. tape operator

  25. lighting director

  26. writer

  27. researcher

  28. etc, etc...

  29. psychologist

Your turn. :)

Edit: I left off pizza cook, pizza delivery, and counseling skills teacher!