October 31st, 2005


Orycon anyone?

Is there anyone going to Orycon that needs a roomate? I've been planning on going all year, but recently money's been crappy, and I JUST found out I'd be able to go, but all my friends are full up on room space. I can most defenitely help pay for the room, no problem with that, I just need a room to stash my stuff in and sleep. I'll be hanging out with friends the rest of the con.

Either e-mail me or comment here, thanks!

Oh... and I might be persuaded to bake some cookies. Maybe.
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two questions:
1. does anyone know where to get a decent cup of coffee, as in at a diner or coffee shop at 4 or 5 in the morning?
and 2. has anyone here been to the waverly mansion? can you tell me what your experience was?

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thank you guys for the breast cancer/support group information/links, yesterday.
i'll pass along the information to my sister and her partner.
it is very much appreciated.

Cheapest Parking at PDX?

It seems like I spend a fortune any time I park at PDX - there has got to be a cheaper parking lot than the ones actually onsite. Ideas? Also, they need to be open by at least 4am (which rules out the MAX). This is longish-term, like on the order of 10 days.

Best Cab Companies?

Ok, it looks like taking a taxi to the airport (at least in one direction) is cheapest option for me. Now, what is your favorite cab company? I used Radio Cab this past weekend and was very impressed with their response time. I don't really have a basis of comparison for cost, though, so I can't comment on that aspect other than to say a trip from the pearl to NE was about $7.
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C is for Cookies and Cookies are for me....

i'm not vegan/vegatarian, but i would really like to make vegan cookies for a friend of mine. thanks to all your guys previous posts i was able to come up with a couple recipes. however i've yet been able to find vegan sugar and a few other ingredients needed. i live in vancouver, and if i can't find it at a fred meyers, safeway, or albertson's i'm lost. so where do i buy stuff for vegan cookies.

suggestions on the best brands, and diffent kinds would be very helpful as well.

thanks for your help!!!!

-Amanda Kay
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Tattoo Prices

Hi Everyone! Sorry, I forgot to introduce myself in my previous post, I'm Quinn, lived here all my life, with the exception of going to UO for 4 years.

Anyway, I wanted to thank all of you who commented on my post yesterday about tattoo parlors. Now, about how much would a 2"x3" colored piece run, on average, do you think? I'm not really wanting to spend more than $200, so I"m not sure... I'm going to get price estimates from Tiger lily and check out optic nerve today, but if yall could give me a heads up, that'd be sweet.

Thanks, Everyone!

Did you quit smoking recently? Get 50$ for your opinion.

Hey damnportlanders, just thought I could clue you and/or some of your friends in on an easy way to get some cash (and yes, I do mean nontaxed cash, not a check).

My work is looking for folks who have recently quit smoking to particpate in a focus group aka discussion panel. So, if you've quit in the last two years, call

503-977-6713 (10am-8pm M-Sat)

Deadline to register is November 5th.

It will be up to a 2 hour focus group on Barbur, a drive of 10 minutes or less south of Portland. At the end of the group, you'll be handed 50$ cash money. Relatively painless and oftentimes interesting.

Yes, this is legit; visit www.mdcresearch.com to see more about the company; they've been doing this type of thing 25+ years.

If you know anyone who might be interested, do pass the word.
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winter garden

Sooo... I'm relatively new to gardening.. being autumn, what are the good veggies to plant for winter? is it too late to start a winter garden? any special tips for winter gardening? should I do anything to the soil after pulling my summer plants? what's the capital of Botswana?

many thanks!
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Happy Halloween everyone!

Thought I would post a pic for all to see of my fabulous costume:

(I'm the one in the middle)

For more pics of our Halloween party, feel free to visit the "Halloween 2005" gallery behind this link.

I didn't get a good shot mf my shoes either (thank you so much phasmaphobic) but will attempt a shot here sometime today.


is there anyone who has a free evening tonight after 6?

I have an interview tomorrow and I need to go buy a nice skirt (my silk one won't be too fun to wear in cold drizzly weather) just something cheap at goodwill or whatever, but I don't want to wander around by bus too much after it gets dark. Makes me nervous.

So... this interview is REALLY important. I only have a handful of portlanders on my flist, so I'm begging here... can any of you help me out? I can't really offer gas money right away, but I get paid on friday....

(I currently temp at the company I'm interviewing with, and getting hired on would make a *really* big difference in my life!)

So, can someone PLEASE help me out? I work at 2nd and market (a block from PSU) and get off at 6th... live out in Tigard. Like I said, I'll be more than happy to pay up gas money and such on Friday....


avoid this dry cleaner!/RANT

i just have to mention that BEE CLEANERS SUCKS! they have two locations--on off burnside and nw 23rd and one downtown. i chose them because i wanted a "green" drycleaning service--but they were late on my stuff atleast twice and another time totally overcharged me on an item, which they tagged as "will price later" when i looked at my pick up tag--that was one of the items that wasn't ready when we went to pick it up. it was ready about 3 or 4 days later--but the item was now ruined. it was a vintage doll that i had picked up at a garage sale for $2. the dress was now no longer pleated and gathered, the shoes were now held on w/ stick pins. they charged us $28.00 to dry clean (and ruin it)--which my husband paid--i never would have handed over that kind of money for $2 doll! anyway-- i called and talked to the owner and he agreed to look into it and get back to me. he did call me back and agreed to credit our account $12.00--and told me to bring the doll back in and he would have his seamstress repair it free of charge, of course. about a month later i walked in to pick up the doll and they said it wasn't ready and their seamstress was out on a weeks vacation--she would get to it when she got back. never heard from them. called again--still not ready. stopped in about a week ago and asked if it was finished and said that if it wasn't i just wanted to pick the doll up anyway, and maybe they could reimburse the original fee i had paid. they looked in the computer and checked w/the seamstress and it was not done. they said the owner, jay, was handling it and they would leave him a message about it. well, a week later i did get a call from a random employee at bee cleaners. i could come pick up the doll. so i went to pick her up today and she's still just as broken as she was. i asked them if they were then planning on reimbursing me--to which the counter girl said yes, there is a credit on my account. not that it matters much--i don't ever want to set foot in there again. keep in mind folks--this all started back at the beginning of MAY. so--please--give your business to someone else. they don't deserve it.

thanks for listening.
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Buyer Beware

I am all for supporting local businesses, and especially, local artists. I did want to warn people about this, though. At Last Thursday last week, I bought something from the Burning Man guy. I am not sure he actually is "into" Burning Man, but he sure seems like it. So you know who I'm talking about, he's the guy who welds metal stuff together and he also knits. He's the dude selling sweaters he's knit together out of steel wool with the buttons welded on. Anyhow, I bought two of them, and so y'all know, the sweaters rust really bad in the rain. They're also prickly, and if you're going to wear one, you should make sure you've had your tetanus shot. Otherwise, you'll be spending a day at the IR with blood poisoning like I did all day yesterday. This is FYI.

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(no subject)

where the hell are all the trick or treaters? we live on alberta so I went out and bought a lot of candy because I figured we'd get hit hard. but not a single tiger or princess or pirate has knocked on my door yet.

(no subject)

ok I just found the cutest, orange tabby kitty on my doorstep while giving out candy.

If he's a stray, is there a place that will neuter him for free? I can handle my own kitties, but extras aren't in my budget as far as fixing or shots.

He's skin and bones and he's got quite the little motor on him. Anyone?
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Oh, my day.

Science Buildling One brings only bad things to me. First, it was the discovery that post-lab my bike got stolen, then this...

My labmate and I were walking the four flights of stairs down to exit, when around the 3rd floor we started to noticed an offensive odor that smelled, more or less, like shit. Another floor and a half down and we discovered that the smell actually WAS shit. Of the human sort. It was smeared all over one of the steps. Next to it was a stained pair of pants that appeared to have been removed rather hastily. Around the corner was a pair of white tube socks.

I'm just really curious about what happened to this person after.
Did anyone catch a sock-less, pant-less man fleeing campus?

Yeah yeah, it's in pdx_edu and damnportlanders.
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Fat Girl Speaks


A little while ago a DP poster involved with Fat Girl Speaks posted here with questions about grant writing...if that was YOU I'd love to talk to you about helping me put together a body-positive/fat activism panel for the Lewis and Clark Gender Symposium for this upcoming March.

Or, anyone else involved with body positive issues in the local area: I'd love to hear from you too.

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Halloween rocked!

My faith in Halloween has been restored. We moved to the Beaumont-Wilshire neighborhood last year, but this is the first year we stayed close to home to take the kids out. Lots of decorated houses, but not crazy over-the-top suburban Target-shopping-spree decoration. Tons of kids out trick or treating, hardly any cars... most excellent. If you're looking for a good place to take your kids next year and you're on the east side, I say c'mon down. I'll save you a Snickers bar.
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