October 30th, 2005


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Cheer's m'dears. I was hoping you could help me with something.

I'm at a crossroads in my life and wanted to hear people's thoughts on my next move. I've been living in Sacramento since the Summer of '04. Prior to this, I was a Denver resident off and on for several years. I've done what I came here for (career advancement) and I don't think I'll be staying in Sacramento much longer than another three or four months.

Here's the problem. I can't figure out if I should move to Portland, Seattle or go back to Colorado. I'm posting to these communities to find out what you think of Seattle and Portland. Here are pros as I presently see them:

Portland -- Less expensive than Seattle. Smaller, but still quite the city. Oregon tax laws. One of the cities I want to research for my book. The Rose Garden. The Rose Parade. Mused over by Chuck Palahniuk. More casual reputation. Funky Boulder-esque sort of place. Close enough to Seattle that it wouldn't be a tough drive to get there. Beer! Beer! Beer! Beer! Beer! And wine. And Powell's. Potentially lower pay in this market.

Seattle -- Beloved friends live here. It's closer to Vancouver, where other cherished friends live. More expensive than Portland. Potentially more film and television activity in town (I'm a video editor). Washington Redskins. Seattle Seahawks. Coast. Ferries. Whales. Boats. Crab Louie. University also offers an attractive PhD program. Potentially higher pay in this market.

Denver -- Family base strengthened there. CU Boulder. Denver Broncos. Colorado Avalanche & Mammoth. Friends in town, though several scattered after I moved. Altitude Sports. Familiar with shopping. Tattered Cover Books. 16th Street. Park Meadows. Housing market crashed, which means less time living in an apartment before I can afford a house again. Occasional dinner at Mom's house. Sister also offering job in her health club (wiping off sweaty benches and mopping up bathrooms most likely). Television DMA #18. Pay will be about the same as I make now, unless I wind up working for my sister. That'll be $8.00/hr.

So there's what I'm working with. What are your thoughts on Portland and Seattle?

Thanks in advance for your thoughts. Happy Halloween.

X-posted to a couple other Portland or Seattle communites.
I AM being careful not to annoy everyone. I promise. :o)
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Tuesday Night Kid Entertainment

I've just started volunteering with Big Brothers/Big Sisters, and my Little Sister is seven. The family finds it best for us to meet at 6:00pm on Tuesdays. Eventually we'll move the day and time around to accomodate special activities, but this schedule is easiest for them right now. So, I need some good, inexpensive Tuesday night ideas for us to do together. For the first three months, you're not allowed to have your Little at your own home, so all of the fun holiday things: baking, crafting, etc. are out for a bit. She's not interested, so far, in ice skating or bowling, which were my other ideas. Any thoughts? Can you think of a good, kid-friendly place in SE where we could hang out and do crafts around six in the evening? Keep the ideas rolling. I need something every week. Thanks, kids!

Edit: Thanks for all your ideas, but please help me come up with more Tuesday evening ideas. It's dark and museums are closed!

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my sister's partner has developed breast cancer, and her breast will have to be removed.
they would like to begin therapy and/or breast cancer support group stuff right away,
but want it to be gay friendly, at the very least.
can anyone suggest a group or point to a resource for this?

thank you
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Dumbass question here: What are some good places to look for apartments/plexes for rent in the area, other than craigslist and the weeklies? There's mostly stuff for rent in the 'burbs on CL, so I'm having a difficult time finding places I'd actually like to live. It's driving me a bit crazy.

Thanks in advance for suggestions.

P.S. - or if any of you lives in a really stellar place that accepts cats and has easy access to downtown Portland, please let me know! I'd be grateful.

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Where can I find sprout seeds or some sort of sprout growing kit in the Portland/Beaverton region?

I don't want the pre-grown sprouts you buy in the produce aisle... I want the actual seeds so I can grow them at home
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end of the month cluster...hug

argh. so i spent the past two days moving into a new house and being slightly sickly and avoiding parties. now that i'm up to par again, i don't know of anything going on tonight. tomorrow is chockful and that's cool; it is the official holiday anyway. but i wanna be social tonight. so- anyone know of any parties going on for this delicate trapeze artiste to grace with her presence? (and perhaps baked goods presents too)
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Tattoo Parlors

I want to get a tattoo for my brithday on tues, I've done some research on places, but I wanted to know if any of you guys can suggest a place, right now, the front runner is tigerlily on sandy, but any other suggestions?

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I know Christmastime is still weeks away, but does anyone know where I can find info about the "Miracle of a Million Lights" or whatever it is they call it? (i.e. that mansion out near PIR that they light up every winter and that you can see from I-5) I see it every year, but I've never actually gone. And oddly enough, I couldn't find anything of use on Google.
patsy stone thanxgiving

good times

just came back from seattle. my boyfriend, his best friend and
i went to see oakenfold. it was damned good!
pretty damn good halloween if you ask me.
now i have blisters on my feet.
[i'll post pictures in my own journal soon -- not of the blisters, but of the show]

hope everyone's rest of halloween is going fabulous!

are there any places where i can go trick or treating for alcohol tomorrow?