October 29th, 2005


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By Jean Genet
Directed by Stepan Simek

Fir Acres Theater, Lewis & Clark College
Nov 4, 5, 10, 11, 12
Curtain 7:30
$3 LC Students
$5 Non LC Students, Seniors, Faculty, Staff and Alum
$8 General Public
Worky Work!

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Alright, where can I download "The Oregon Trail" computer game? There has to be the old 1990 version available for free somewhere.

I have a few friends who have never heard of the game (Crazy!) and I wanted to show them.

Your help is appreciated.

Suicide Girls reVisit their Portland roots!

This Evening at Dante's, the Suicide Girls perform! Dante's info called it @ 9:30 tonight, I'm too young to go. >.<

Saturday October 29 @ 9:30 PM


Portland OR 97201
United States

Also, earlier in the evening there will be a book/CD/DVD signing at TOWER RECORDS @ 5:00 PM

Saturday October 29 @ 5:00 PM
Tower Records
1307 NE 102nd Avenue
Portland OR 97201
United States

Five of the Suicide Girls will be on hand to sign copies of their DVD and it's soundtrack Black Heart Retrospective. A time to meet the gals and go ga-ga over them!!

Hope to see you there!

PB, no J

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Worky Work!

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Heh...sorry about the double posting.

Word Munchers? I see it online available for purchase, but since I'm lazy I want to get it for free. I searched a little but couldn't find it for free.

I used to play it all the time when I was a kid...and since you guys are so crafty, I figured someone here might have it.

Any help? Thanks!
Rainy Day


If you're bored and you know it clap your hands!! (to the tune of "If You're Happy and You Know It")

Knowledgeable about creating LJ icons?

Take a stab at it!

I'm looking for something new... that incorporates elements of my current icon with my new journal design that I picked out for the moment!

Winner gets 2 free beers or plates of fries at the next LJ meetup! :)
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Halloween costume desparation

I swear with complete sincerity that I am not some last-minute costume slacker. I ordered a wig for my Halloween costume 10 days ago online, it still hasn't arrived, and tonight is party night. According to UPS, it was scheduled for delivery yesterday, and guess what, it never showed. Dammit.

So... is there any chance that any of you have a long red wig (raggedy anne red, not auburn) that I can buy or borrow? I can compensate you with cold hard cash and/or warm soft gingerbread. I will come and get it from you. Please comment or send me an email at phaseshift_lj and then @ and then msn.com.
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Message from Chez Geek again. Last week's party was amazing and because some friends were unable
to join us last week, we are doing it again. Tonight. Even more food and crazy black booze, old
classic horror movies and some corn ball cheesey ones, good people and good times for all.

Starting around 8pm though we usually don't get hopping til 10. Come and have fun. life's short
and you're only young once and all that jazz.

4737 se 44th ave. About two/three blocks south of Holgate.

party invite/description- http://www.livejournal.com/users/dollbunny/89311.html

WANTED: drum lessons

hey everyone, i've been hopelessly looking for someone who is not a complete creep to teach me to play the drums. as in a drum set, kind of rock music drums. not the bongos. i don't have a drum set. but i could pay for the lessons. does anyone here teach? or no of someone who teaches? leave a comment. please and thank you oh yea, and i don't know shit about playing drums. sorry. also i need a pair of black combat boots. anyone want to sell me some or know where i can get some? size 5-6-7
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I did it!

Well, there had been talk of a Portland Cooking Community, and I don't know if there was already one out there that nobody knew about..

So I made one :)

So come join, and post recipes, and eat good.


That's all :)
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