October 28th, 2005


Please comment w/ your email address & name of necklace, first come first serve. I will pay pal you. If there is no response to my paypal with in 24 hours, I have to put it back on sale. DO NOT buy it on the site, it will not give you the sale price. Shipping to U.S. ONLY. Shipping is free and is sent priority. Comments made that don't concern purchasing something will be deleted.

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Car Share

Hey damnportlanders. So when I flew out here, my car wouldn't fit in the overhead bin. I'm not too bent out of shape about that since I'm more of a public transport/bike/walk person myself, but I am interested in car-share services for those times when it's too heavy to carry and too big for the bus. Does anyone use FlexCar or any other service? Is there another service? I read that ZipCar is coming, but has yet to arrive. Just curious about experience with the services and where I might find the best deal for me. Of course if someone wanted to just loan me their car/truck/van from time to time that would be cool too.

While I'm at it, where's a good place to get a deal on a bike around town? I'm impatiently waiting for one to come up on Freecycle and Craigslist, but I'd be willing to fork over some cash for a decent bike if I have to.

Anyway, my first few days living amongst you all have been quite nice (even walking around in the rain without an umbrella). Keep up the good work or somesuch. And if you find me wandering around looking out of place and touristy, feel free to mug me- I likely deserve it.
Worky Work!

(no subject)

Stolen right from a friends journal, this was too...I don't even know...to pass up and not post in DP.

Queerness got you down? Are you suffering like so many other Americans?


You too can experience the joys and wonders of being straight!

And now for the side effects (not actually listed...)

Hetracil should not be taken if you are suffering from kidney disease. You should also not take it if you are currently happy. Side effects may include whoring, disassociation from your self, and anal bleeding. Talk with your doctor if you have any blood disorders. If you feel macho and / or like an asshole, please consult your doctor as these may be signs of something more serious. Hetracil may not be right for you or anyone, but the natural straight people need to feel more comfortable about themselves, so drug yourself, ok? Please? We can't stand the homo's.

Hetracil ; for all those 'straight' moments.

Edit - Doh! I was duped! http://homomojo.com/life.php?itemid=432 Still...an odd site.

Pre-Halloween Music Performance Tonight @ Twilight Cafe

Hello DPers, Divider 39 is playing at the Twilight Café and Bar (1420 SE Powell Blvd) Friday night October 28th with Bad Goat.

The music will start around 9:30-10:00.

Divider 39 is an incredible group (a friend is in the band). They're edgy, heavy-metal, rock, a touch bluesy from time to time. Come check them out!
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I know its a long shot...

Ok i feel like an ass for asking this, but our plans have been set back because the person we were planning on staying with got some uninvited drop in guests, so we cant stay there anymore. and we were supposed to leave today.

So my question is, Anyone feel like putting up a couple of people trying desperatly to find an apartment in Portland?

It would be hopefully under a week, and we are really quiet. We will probably be out exploring most of the time, and are perfectly happy with floor space. Also, i wanted to try here before craigslist because you all seem to know each other and if some crazy person were to offer there is a better chance of some one stepping in and saying something.


EDIT: Thank you all so much! My friend who im moving there with, Bj, said we might have a place to go, one of his friends moved out there a while back. But i have some of your phone numbers so ill give you a call when we get out there, if this doesnt work out. Hopefully we will be leaving tomorrow or sunday, so we should be there by tuesday or wednesday.

This is the best damn community ever!
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(no subject)

I can't believe I've having a hard time finding people, but I have three extra tickets for tonight's 6:30 showing of the new Warren Miller movie at the Schnitzer.
Worth $19 (plus $4.50 handling) each, but willing to give them away for cheap (let's talk) to the right person(s).

Higher Ground

looking for a doc

for the first time in almost 4 years, i have health insurance starting monday. i am so excited! my job has set me up with a decent health plan through Providence. The problem i have is that for the last 2 years i've been seen only a couple of times through a NP at PSU's health center and no one else.

I need a doctor.
And a dentist.

any recomendations? (i looked at the old posts regarding dentists but if anyone has any suggestions for either of the above who are ACCEPTING patients, i'd love to know)


i wonder...

so this has been bugging me,
but everytime i hear it on the radio
i'm too lazy to think about it further.

now, however, i ask you, oh dear damned portlanders:
do all y'all know why texaco's most recent advert says "in 1990, the berlin wall fell"?
am i not hearing it right?
is it a different wall?
am i just that stupid?? (there is .every. possibility this is the case)

oh, and. i'm new[ish]. hi!
someday b/w

Halloween Fun

Saturday October 29th, 2005

So me and my friends will be traipsing around Hawthorne (and other points South I presume) liiking for places to haunt/hang/visit/torture/titilate/etc and we are letting all you wonderful DPer's know just in case you'd like to tag along with a bunch of hot chicks and tease the shit out of Portland.

I'm thinking of starting between 8 and 9. no idea where we will start out. I think starting around Saphire Hotel and working our way down is best. Since I know of like what 10 bars within 3 blocks off the top of my head.

We are open to ideas as well.

and do tag along. the more the merrier. I figure it'll be more pub craw/bar hop than "meet up" so it's very free form.

feel free to e-mail me at toobadsosad at gmail dot com or call me at 503 548 8994 (since i won't be accessing e-mail after 5 tonight if I don't have to)
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Karaoke... again!

Well, it looks as if our last pdx_karaoke event went pretty well, so now we're doing it again..

But not until Friday the 4th of November.

At The Alibi.

So, come with us!

But I don't want to have to check polls at various places, so go here to tell me if you're coming or not :)

I can make reservations at The Alibi, so I need to know by Tuesday, November 1st.

After that, you're on your own!
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(no subject)

Ok I need help. Does anyone have a picture of the makeup of the "Aja" doll from Jem and the Rock Stars (the blue-haired girl)? Or a doll so you can take a picture? I'm going to a party tonight as her and I really need to know what the makeup looks like! Thanks in advance!
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(no subject)

Reminder: Search Engines exist for a reason! Please use them.

If I can find the information you seek in less than 30 seconds, I will be angry.

Relevant Links:

Let's up the etiquette expectation. I love this community, but I wish some of us would be a bit more independently resourceful. The posts requesting easily located information need to stop. I don't mind posts seeking opinion or shared experiences, but don't expect us to spoon feed you easily obtainable answers.

Thank you. I really appreciate it. No, I do.
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hangin on the telephone

Halloween parties/shindigs/events and the like

So Halloween weekend is upon us, and my friends and I are trying to suss out the best of what's going on in the PDX this weekend. So of course I defer to the semi-dubious but always entertaining wisdom of the DPers. Where are YOU getting your Halloween kicks this year? Times, locations, and internet links (where available) are much appreciated.

I'll start. This costume party at Crystal Ballroom looks pretty tasty: http://www.mcmenamins.com/index.php?loc=2&id=98&eventid=33145
Original Bitch

Shut up! These are hellagood. You will make them both. You will also buy me a pony.

I made both of these the other night. I yoinked the recipes from Cook's Country magazine & my mouth had happy-gasms while eating the deliciousness that is. Everyone needs a recipe for 45 minute one pan lasagna. If you say you don't then you either have horrible taste in food, or you're a terrible liar. The Zucchini Bread has no vegetable oil anywhere near the recipe unless you count cooking spray, so it doesn't suck. I love Portland enough to be nice & share! Slim, dont tell me this isn't Portland related because Portland people love to cook. So neah.

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Worky Work!

(no subject)

Alright, I give up. To those that have witnessed "The Twenty" in the past few months while visiting a theater...I beg you...

What is the "Hootie and the Blowfish" song that is played for a TV movie?

I hate...blah, blah, blah...

Tell me what the damn song is...................please?


P.S. One more week and I will make DP faster...aka, a paid account once again because no one else will buck up.

(First person to get the name of the song gets 2 months paid time...in one week!...yes, it is driving me THAT crazy!)

She's got issues.

This is really embarrassing, but... psychiatrists?

Preferably specializing in anxiety (social, namely) disorders. Also need some input on intense sleepwalking, hallucinations, and sudden and violent mood swings. It would also be very helpful if he/she had some knowledge about stress, hormones, and nutrition, and how much they magnify/influence the above. Been to a general doctor, been to a froofy family therapist – both completely useless. Been learning a lot on my own, but really need some perspective. So this person really needs to know their stuff. Heavy, heavy things going on here, obviously.

Currently looking for one or two sessions to get fancy names tagged on, if necessary – otherwise a sympathetic ear to a lot of really nasty things. Uninsured and don't want relentless, excessive medication-pushing or sessions until the end of time. Very big on the self-help thing. This is all really important. But anywhere in PDX metro is fine.

Know the right person for the job?

Please and thank you.

Yummy Yummy for my Tummy

Hmmm, so after looking at another DP post about some yummy food, I decided, HEY, I should ask people on LJ for their favorite receipe considering I know how to make about 4 things....Hamburger Helper, Spaghetti...with premade sauce, sloppy joes, and taco salad. Now I know those things are absolutely yummy, but come on, you can't eat the same four things every night...which is why my bf and I go out for fast food a lot and we need to stop...we're starting to look like that guy from "Supersize Me"...so your favorite...somewhat healthy receipes would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance and I promise to try all of your receipes as long as they contain stuff that I like in them ;)
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