October 27th, 2005

Let's moon 'em!
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WebTrends, Anyone?

Is anyone familiar with WebTrends? Although I'm willing to get any feedback on them, I'm more or less looking at them as a potential employer.

Bad vibes? Good vibes? Anything at all?

Thanks, O'Wise & Worldly Ones of DP!
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Looking for something fun to do tonight?
You should head out to the crystal ballroom
it's only 94.7

Stars of Track and Field
Harvey Danger

Halloween "I saw them when show"

It'll be fun, it'll rock. I swear!

Planned Parenthood Fundraiser

I'm not advertising my business or anything, but I do want everyone to know that for the month of November, I will be donating 30% of ALL Pure Romance net proceeds to Planned Parenthood. I don't do a ton of parties in a month, but I'd like to help any way I can. Last month one of my larger parties totaled $520. 30% of that would be $175, and the % goes strait to them. They've been there for me when I needed them most. Well, for me and my best friend actually. I will do anything and everything I can to help keep them around, so I just wanted to get the word out there.
If you do in fact want to make a purchase, or host(ess) a party, please email me at pureromanceforplannedparenthood@verycoolchicks.com
Thanks so much.
someday b/w


What are you going as this year?

I'm still deciding.

I'm sure at the last minute I'll grab something out of my closet and put a lot of makeup on like always but maybe, just maybe, I'll actually have an IDEA!

Let's hear your's though!

Jobs and stuff.

I was wondering if anyone knew of any places that are hiring. I've been looking around, most are office jobs. My hair is "hot rod" red and I have a lot of tattoo's. One on my hand and 2 on my wrists. I'm having a hard time trying to figure out where to look. I haven't had to work for the last 2 years (taking care of babies)and recentlty I've needed to start looking for work. Ahhh... divorce. Such a shitty thing. If anyone has any ideas and what not please email at AllHailSatanNow@aol.com. I don't really check posts on here so email is the best way to get a hold of me. Or on AIM KimmiSuicide21


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So I've been protesting my 2003 Multnomah County tax for awhile now and last June I was served with papers. I promptly requested a hearing in small claims court, but I never heard back from them. I was hoping they decided to go away. No such luck. Today I got a letter saying they had a hearing without me and are going to begin garnishment. When I called them, they said they never received my request for a hearing. I suggested they misplaced it, to which Jennifer down at the courthouse responded, "that has never, ever happened before". Yeah, and monkeys routinely fly out of my ass.

My husband thinks it's a conspiracy, that the ITAX people are "losing" the hearing requests from people protesting the tax. So, is he right? Have any of you requested a hearing for your ITAX and have it mysteriously disappear? Or is Jennifer correct, is the county court house is a tightly run, well-organized, never-losing-letters ship?

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My boyfriend is buying a house in Portland and we're going up there (from Sacramento) tonight and we're coming back down here tomorrow night. If there is ONE THING we should do or see while we're up there, what is it? We're trying to get a sense of what neighborhoods are fun and what there is to do.
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Poor Restraunt Experience to Share with All

As many of you know, Old Wives' Tales is a beloved Portland favorite. I myself have been going there since I was a small child. However, I went in today and had a most aweful experiece: My father and I were COMPLETELY ignored by the staff! They sat us down and gave us water and menus, and we must have sat there 10 minutes before I decided I just wanted the soup anyway and I could just get it from the salad bar. After about 5 more minutes, my father followed suit. He even told the woman serving waters that we were ready to order, and she replied that she wasn't our server! As we were finishing the soup, the hostess finally came- AND JUST TOOK OUR MENUS AWAY! We were there for a total of 30 minutes or more without any acknowledgement whatsoever. My dad had gone there wanting the tofu scramble! I felt as though we could have just left without paying and they might not even notice, but my father insisted upon paying, which we even had to wait to do. I wrote a big "0" for the tip, and a note that said, "We received absolutely NO service. Pay attention to your customers." It will be a long time before I return there, if ever.
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I watch people come in and check their livejournal all the time.

So are there any of you here who hang out at Chance of Rain? Just a curious thing. Because it seems cooler to find out this way than to go up and poke someone on the shoulder and say, "hey, are you a damnportlander too?"

Ione Plaza 1bdrm $660p/m - 1 month contract

Hey, my girlfriend and I are moving out of our 1bedroom apt in the Ione Plaza but we're moving out a month before our lease is up, and here comes the problem. We're looking to move out as early as Nov. 11 but in order for us to move we need someone to take our place for the month of December (and chunk of November). It would entail signing a 1 month contract, at that point if you liked it you would have the option of signing a 9 or 12 month contract (which usually give you 1 free month and I believe still gives you a 'present'). Alternately at the end of December, the lease would be up and you could move if you choose.

This would be perfect if you were establishing yourself in Portland and wanted a little time to get to know where you wanted to live, are a student at PSU and want roll out of bed and step on campus, or are looking for a slot in the full up Ione Plaza. This is the CHEAPEST room in the Ione, the signs say "1-bedrooms starting from $660" so you can't really beat that, right?

All of you who go to PSU probably have an idea where the Ione Plaza is (1717 SW Park Ave). It's between the Science Buildings and SMSU, faces the park blocks, less than half a block from 83 - OMSI Shuttle & Portland Streetcar, and one block from Broadway where you can catch the plethora of busses that run there.

$660 is the rent, uts are $65 (water, heat - forced steam=excellent, electric, sewage, garbage, and the 24-hr maintenance crew). =$725 for 1 months rent+uts.

The walls look starkly white but the management said it's alright to paint them (although it's something I would ask them about). Additionally it comes with a kitchen (stove/oven, lots of cabinet space, closet, fridge - I believe you can ask the management for an upgrade on the fridge too), bathroom (dual-coil heater=great in the winter, medicine cabinet w/mirror), bedroom (good sized closet, large heater-see picture). The front room and bedroom are cable ready as well, and the hall has 3 huge, large, and medium closets for extra storage. It provides LOTS of natural light and the windows are clasp locked with a second pane to keep it warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

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X-posted like a mother.
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bus etiquette

is it ok to take up more than one seat if you have "stuff"? if the bus is so full other people can't get on?

so there is this guy on the 15, he's holding a cup of coffee, a collared shirt on a hanger, and he's got his backpack on the seat next to him. the person on the bus just before me takes the last empty seat and I'm left standing on the bus. no problem. however as the next few stops roll by more people get on, and the 15 in the morning usually ends up having to skip a few stops closer to the river because the bus is full. so I ask the guy if I can sit down. he agrees, and moves his bag, spilling his coffee on his nice shirt. I feel really guilty, but at the same time is he really entitled to two seats, and I get none? even though he was there first, and put his stuff on the seat? should I feel guilty for making him spill his coffee? usually I don't waste too much time on these moral dilemmas (lets hear if for working 40 hrs a week!) but this one stuck with me all day.
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for youse all who don't have medical insurance (like me), the Youth Shelter OUTSIDE IN has a free or sliding scale (pay what you can) drop in medical clinic. They cannot treat cancer or any of the big stuff, but for a cold/flu or if you need anti-depressants, it is a great option and they try to give out meds for free (if they have them on hand).

The number is:503-535-3800.

It is drop in so you are gonna have to wait, but hey, free medical for us chumps rocks!

peace out

EDIT: yes, this is available to people of all ages, not just those under 18!
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Alright kiddies, I'm transferring from my Trader Joe's in Tacoma, WA to one in Portland. Which one should I go to? Hollywood, NE, or SE, and why? And which (pardon my ignorance and lack of geography skills) is the closest to downtown? By the reputation of the neighborhood I'm telling myself to nix NW, but judging by the cross-streets it seems to be closest to downtown, which is where school (PSU) would be, and likely home as well. Should I sacrifice distance for demographic, vice versa, or can I have my organic dark chocolate cake and eat it, too?
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