October 26th, 2005

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where is a good place in close-in SE, NE or NW that sells fake blood? I need enough to cover my entire body and probably then some. I want quality fake blood though. That seems to be the only issue. I've only found shitty fake blood (not even blood color...more like...nasty, old used tampon color) and the butcher that agreed to sell me blood backed out. Help?
Carmen San Diego

Please please advice!!!

My fridge stinks like a mix of castor oil and tea tree oil. I was attempting a rather complicated homeopathic remedy that my cousin had suggested, and after slightly heating the two together, I put the mixture in the fridge to cool...and now everything smells like ass. Immediately I bought baking soda for the fridge and freezer but it doesn't seem to be helping at all. Does anyone know of a good way to get the stench out of a fridge?? I'm going to take everything out and scrub tonight but I can't just throw everything away...please, suggestions??
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i'm not a fan of this new "soy blenders" soy milk that the stumptowns seemed to switch over to. at all. so, i went to portland coffee house. homeboy steamed the soymilk so much that it basically became beany fluff. i'm discouraged. thats all...for now.
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Dove Lewis Benefit Show

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(Click the Pic!)

For over 30 years, Dove Lewis Animal Hospital has served the Greater Portland area, providing veterinary care and emergency 24 hour care for our pets, companions, and friends. Dove Lewis has seriously outgrown its current building and a new one is on the horizon, but your help is needed. Come down to The Roseland Grill this Friday, October 28th, and hear Climber, DeHaviland, and Caves as we rock to support this oh-so-worthy cause. The animals thank you!

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My boyfriend and I deemed October to be "Eat only in restaurants we've never visited" month. However, rather than find ourselves trying all sorts of new places a couple of nights a week, we found that we cooked a lot more. This is a good thing since we eat out entirely too much, but it didn't really achieve the goal of finding Portland's hidden gems.

Last night, however, we actually managed to get our act together and try a restaurant that had been on our respective radars for awhile. We visited Echo on 2225 NE Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. Willamette Week had given it a good review recently, and over the last couple years we've seen it move from what looked like a dessert and coffee place to a nice restaurant.

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Morning commute madness.

Anyone else see that overturned logging truck that slid down the embankment between I-205 North and South bound by the I-5/I-205 interchange?
And if you haven't, I'd advise finding an alternate route if you have to drive up that way...
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Carmen San Diego

Watch the pretty belly dancers! THURSDAY!

Please come down and support your local bellydance artists!! Your presence is very much desired and I promise you'll be very pleased!!!!

October 27th - 10pm

Night Out with Spectacular Portland Belly Dancers
Featuring: Troupe Leil Awalim, Yemaya, Rachel George, Claudia, Delpha, Severina, Auracle and Sedona

Live Middle Eastern Music by: WAZN (David, Belinda and Daniel with a twist!)

Sliding scale $6-$10
Tiger Bar - Cool Room, Good Food - 317 NW Broadway PDX
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Gang: I fear (as in P433R) and respect the collective musical knowledge of DP'ers, and humbly present my question herewith ...

My girlfriend is a fan of the Beatles, but seems to prefer covers of their classics rather than the original recordings. I know there are a zillion such covers out there, but I'm looking specifically for albums (compilations) that contain only Beatles covers, by various artists.

The I AM SAM Soundtrack
The recently-released This Bird Has Flown: A 40th Anniversary Tribute to the Beatles' Rubber Soul

Any others?

Your help is greatly appreciated!
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need a new cat and dog doctor

I know there have been at least two vet recommendation requests recently but I can’t find the posts now. I remember Murrayhill Vet Hospital was highly recommended and they sound great but the thought of making my quadrupeds drive for 20+ minutes just isn’t appealing! (can’t you just see them behind the wheel howling and hissing at people?!)

Anything closer to St Johns area or close in to downtown would be greatly appreciated. I’m considering North Portland Veterinary Hospital and Rose City Hospital. Both seem ok but any words before I take my fur people in?
Somewhere better?

Thankee! Thankee! thankee!

Screamland haunted house

It's girls' night out, and we're planning to go to Screamland at Oaks Park. Has anyone been this year, and if you have, is it worth the $18 with-a-coupon admission charge? (gulp!)If you've been to another close in haunted house that's fun, let me know that too.
Turban Varga
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I would really like to spend a weekend in a yurt with my husband, on the coast, with no phone and no computer.

To those of you who've done the yurt thing, where do you suggest I go and who should I contact?

Many thanks. :)
snow ninja

halloween supplies?!?

ok so yeah. i have searched for some info on this. none has been foound. i know there used to be a halloween supply store out beaverton arounf corneilius pass road (yeah i know i butchered the spelling). but anyways does anyone know if this place is still in existance?


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So, I need black hair for my Halloween costume and the wig I bought is not going to work. I would like to find a temporary black hair dye, but I, a) wonder if there is such a thing and b)I don't know if it will "take" anyway(I'm blond now). I know that if anyone would have insight into this it would be you fine people.
Grassy ass.

training wheels?

Is there such a thing as training wheels that DONT suck? My step son got his first bike and we are having a hard time finding a pair that wont bend the first time they have any pressure put on them. We are on our third pair!
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I know this was posted awhile back but I can't find it. I was wondering what was the name of that store that carries the too much coffee man shirts? I think it was the missing link but I could be wrong, well I was wondering where it was located.

Help me?

Dental recommendations

I'm having something of a dental emergency, and it couldn't come at a worse time. I and my job parted ways earlier this month, and my insurance is most likely no longer valid. (My final paycheck which covered the first part of the month did not have any benefit deductions taken out of it.) Last night what started out as just a bad toothache went the next step and now I fear I have an abcess.

Tomorrow I would like to get this taken care of. I need to find a dentist, preferably on the east side of town, who takes emergency cases and doesn't have a problem billing me with little or no cash down. I was thinking of going to "Emergency Dental" off of 82nd and Halsey, but if any DPers have a place that did them right in times of crisis...well, please let me know.

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