October 24th, 2005

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i'd really like to find an aviator cap for my halloween costume. however, i need one that's not leather (or wool for that matter), that isn't crazy expensive (i don't want to spend $30 on something i'll wear once). i'm looking for something sort of like this: title or description

ideally, someone will pipe up and say "ooh, i have one you can borrow for the weekend! sure, i'll take cookies in trade!"

thanks a bunch :)

An '89 Segway can now be yours for a song!

Hey DPers, whether you are looking for a safe, clean alternative mode of transportation or a fine collectible item, I have just what you're looking for.

Before the invention was named Segway, it was called Ginger, and even before it was called Ginger, it was known as the Top Secret Vista Prototype. Whatever the name is, I like to think of it as the '89 Segway (meaning it was from the 1989 model year). I recently made a killing and scored 10 of these factory-refurbished freewheeling babies on a trip to Antwerp, and now I would like to pass along those savings to you. Why pay in the upwards of $2,000, $3,000, or even $5,000 dollars for a similar item when an '89 Segway can be yours at the low introductory price of $995.

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Out of curiousity, for those who have PGE, what is your typical (or what has been?) bill for the last couple of months? How big is your home?

We have a 1 bedroom, 600 square foot apartment, and don't use a/c or heat.. and I'm thinking I need a meter calibration(?).. but I'm not sure..

SO yeah, what's the typical bill around here?

Thanks :)
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Is anyone out there at all interested in play piercings? Learning how to do them? I'm looking for a partner to learn how to do play piercings with and practice on one another. I am only interested in meeting someone who really loves/has an interest in body modifications and has the same type of high standards for body modification as I do (i.e...quality equipment and jewelry, high sanitation standards, educating ourselves thoroughly...). Anyone interested? email me at little.dead.bird@gmail.com
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October/Halloween LJ Meetup!

As per this, I was reminded that I should Officially Remind y'all that meetup IS tomorrow night!

8pm, 1716 N.W. 23rd (McMenamins Tavern and Pool). Minors welcome until 10pm. Costumes not required, but it's a good place to show them off ;D
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mmmmmmm good coffee

Ideas to help me w/ my daughter's B-day??? Used tricycle???

I've had to move due to extenuating circumstances. Not only were move-in fees extreme, putting me behind about $900, but they changed the fees at the last minute and now I owe them $200 more. There's NO Halloween for me and my wee ones and my daughter's b-day is in 2 weeks, and there's no way I'm going to be able to afford a gift.
I know she's young (will be 4) and she's a very thankful, sweet child...but she always gets the short end of the stick. I just can't imagine letting the day go by without wildly saying "happy birthday sweetie!" Then what? 'Oh, it's my birthday and my brother got presents when it was his birthday. I don't get any?'

So anyway, if there's anyone out there who knows where I could score a gently used sturdy tricycle or even scooter or other 2-3 (pref. 3) wheeled vehicle for somewheres about $10, please let me know!

Any other ideas how to celebrate the day w/ little expenditure??? Maybe this is the most important question! I happen to have a nice cake mix from Trader Joes sitting around and some streamers and a couple balloons...
Please help me make my little girl smile. All ideas will be smiled upon and greatly appreciated. DPers rock!
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What makes Portland Portland?

All right, DamnPortlanders, I am asking for your help, please.

What places, events, activities, etc., define Portland for you? What are those things that a person has to do and see before they can really say they "know" Portland?

(I tried to search the memories for any other times this question may have been asked, but my search terms were a little unfocused. Any links back to former DP posts on this subject, or any other information, would be welcome.)
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friday night

Dear DP-ers
friend of mine is coming to town and he wants to have a good time.
do you know if any gay bars/clubs downtown are having anything special going this friday night in *honor* of halloween?

Theft (SE PDX)

Stolen from the storage unit of my apartment complex (near SE 27th & Stark):

Two interior-frame backpacks.
Three sleeping bags.
Two tents.
One Fender J-bass (left-handed).

If anyone goes to a pawn shop, or otherwise encounters a left-handed cream-colored Fender J-bass with tortoise shell scratch plate, with plenty of stickers (incl. skull/crossbones etc.), please contact me. Also stolen: our backpacks (one purple, one gray/blue), and our tents and sleeping bags (two of which are the good kind, one is crummy).

I want to kill somebody.
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big fat hairy spider!

There was a thread here some time ago where at least one person responding made it sound like they actually know something about local spiders.
I've tried searching online sites but am not coming up with anything useful...
Can anybody here tell me what the hell kind of spider this is? (aside from being a big fat hairy one, of course)

And yes, I am aware that it likely isn't (er, I guess that should be wasn't, as it didn't last long in my house. ick) anything truly dangerous, but my 10 month old found it and was in the process of trying to catch it when I got to it.
I'm glad I caught it (it was fast!) before she did. (The very idea of pulling that thing out of her mouth is enough to give me heebie-jeebies all night just thinking of it, venomous or no!)
Anyway, I'm just curious what kind of spider it is was. Does anyone here know, or can anyone point me to a site that would tell me? The sites I've found either don't have this one pictured or link to sites that appear to be offline...

It sure was a hairy one!

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Original Bitch

We need...

a cheapycheap wedding gown & tux. I wear about a size 12 dress & the boy is like a 32. They can be in crappy condition. Stained & mutilated. In fact, the scuzzier the better. Value Village are price nazis, as are most of the other places I've called around. Any tips on locating these wonderful thingies?