October 23rd, 2005

its winter time

does anyone know where I can get some cool, cheap earmuffs?

I was hoping to find something like a snow leopard print. or zebra. or hot pink.

My ears are stretched big and durring the winter it kinda sucks.

any help would be greatly appreciated.
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african figures/art for sale...

i was wondering if there is any place in portland that buys african art.
i collected a bunch of things while i lived in south africa, and before i go hauling it around town (theres quite a bit=quite a bit heavy), i was just wondering of a couple of good places that might be interested in them, that also may give me near the price im looking for, for these...
thanks in advance...

(no subject)

I live in NW (a few blocks from where the tavern where the DP meetup is). My roommate just left for "church" (a bunch of guys sit around and drink beer on sunday morning), but when he gets back he's promised me breakfast. I've lived in this area for nearly a year now and have been going to Beesaw's and the Stepping Stone for breakfast...both places are great, but I want a change! So DPers, where is a good place to get breakfasty food (or maybe even lunch if you can think of a superb spot) here in the NW or close in? We'd probably even be willing to cross a bridge and hit up NE or SE, but NW is prefered. Thanks!

(no subject)

Can anyone recommend a place that repairs car stereos? (Or alternatively, can anyone recommend a place that sells stereos that can do a good job with a Ford Focus?)

My beloved Blaupunkt stereo seems to be possessed, and I need to get it either fixed or replaced, post-haste.

(no subject)

What about cheap ballet slippers? Or just a dance supply store? Near SE? Again, I looked online and could not find what I wanted. Thanks, you guys.

Also, I went to Michael's for my craft supplies and sort of found what I needed. Thanks for the suggestions last time.
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Halloween FUN!

The KPSU Rock 'n Roll Halloween BASH!
Friday October 28th, starting at 7pm!
Featuring live music by...
800 Octane!
Papa Ike and the Trainwrecks!
General Studies!
Ricci Swift!


$1 Haunted Bowling
the Film Commitee Presents: Classic Horror Films
Reverend Kate's Lost Village of Horror!!
Costume Contest!
Awesome Prize raffles!

Bring hygiene donations for the Katrina Relief raffle tickets
(see aspsu.pdx.edu for more details)

$2 admission for the general public, FREE with PSU student ID
Smith Memorial Center Basement on the PSU campus
1825 SW Broadway (between Montgomery and Harrison)

Donations by Widmer Brothers

x-posted all over the damn place.. :)
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(no subject)


I have been sharing custody of a 5 year old and one thing I came to realize is that clothing and toys for children are very expensive. So I thought of a way to help other people that need clothing or toys for children.

The thought is basically a trade system where parents/family could get clothing or toys for their children while donating clothes and toys that their kids have outgrown or no longer want.

Does anyone have clothes or toys that they don't want so I could set up this system? Also, I sew so if anyone has cloth or sheets or patterns I would love those as well. I am more then willing to pick up any items. Also, if you need anything for your little ones,let me know.


(no subject)

I just moved into an apartment in SE Portland, and I need to set up high-speed internet. Does anyone know of any particularly good deals? I don't need home phone service or cable TV, which seem to be coupled with most special offers I've seen. Thanks!

EDIT: Before anyone suggests it- I've failed to find a strong enough wireless signal from any/every corner of my place :/
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(no subject)

I have two files that my stupid music professor sent me that have file extension .cwk

Can anyone help me open them and look at them? 

It seems it could be Claris Works or an Apple program that created them. 

Edit: paladin3 so kindly opened my files and emailed me back letting me know what they said :)

Vegan (cup)cakes?

My best friend is visiting from DC tomorrow. She is vegan and I want to greet her with vegan cupcakes. I've searched google but didn't see anything that stood out. Do any of you vegan folks have either a good vegan (cup)cake recipe or just a good online resource? Much appreciated.
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(no subject)

Young sisters spread racist hate

At first I thought this was a parody article from The Onion on the Olsen twins, but apparently it's real. I don't know if it's funny or disturbing, but I just love the last part of the article:
But even before that, April had decided that Bakersfield was not "white" enough, so she sold her home, and hopes that she and the girls can find an all-white community in the Pacific Northwest.
I think they would love Portland or Eugene! haha.

[Edit] Here's a short interview:
McFADDEN: And what's your opinion on Hitler?

LAMB: I think that he had ... he wanted to preserve his base.

McFADDEN: He had 6 million Jews executed.

LAMB: I think that's an exaggeration.

McFADDEN: You do.

LAMB: Yes.

LYNX: I hardly believe there are even that many Jews alive back then.

McFADDEN: Is Hitler someone you admire or someone you don't admire? ... You think he was a great man?

LYNX: Yeah, I think he did a lot -- he had a lot of good ideas.
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please please

Ok does anyone know of anyplace at all that resells prom and/or bridesmaid dresses?

(I already tried Here We Go Again and they no longer accept them *sigh*)
  • anomar

shoe repair

I just broke the strap of my rockin' 7" platform heels. It looks repairable, but I need a place to take them. Anyone know of a good place (especially for dress shoes like these?) Somewhere in SE is best.
Rainy Day


I just looked at my dayplanner and noticed I had Daylight Savings Time written down for the 23/31 spot on my calendar. Is it tonight that we turn clocks back????

I suppose I could google, but it's much more fun to run around like a crazy chicken and wait for an answer!! :)
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Free Blazer game

I know a lot of people were posting a month ago about the free Blazers tickets on Ticketmaster. A lot of us got hooked up with seats, who showed up? Where were you at? Did you care about the humiliating blowout? Where the hell was Zach Randolph?
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(no subject)

So my bf & I want to go to the Acrop this upcoming weekend. I want steak & strippers. He just wants strippers. But we wanted to do something Halloweenyish. Is the Acrop even doing anything for Halloween?

Where's a good (cheapish) strip club that is doing Halloweeny stuff Saturday night? Somewhere bus or MAX adjacent maybe?
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Thanks everyone for the great advice about where to go this weekend. The Sylvia Beach was booked up but the Grand Victorian (just down the street) had room. The host made apple pie with icecream to have in front of the fireplace in the evening. Down the street there was an outdoor hippy style restaurant that had crazy Appalachian music, cheap wine (but good), and good conversation with friendly people. The beach was dramatic and beautiful. In the morning I saw a couple whales.

What a great little get away. Thank you everyone.
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Rose City Rollers Sat

Good times at the Expo Center on Saturday!

I had to leave early though, just before the last quarter (plus my friends and I were hungry and thirty but refused to wait in the concession-line-that-never-ends). Who won? I'm hoping the Guns and Rollers kicked ass.
I'm curious what people thought of the whole thing?

For me...it was a little different than I'd expected, and a LOT more crowded than I'd expected (not getting a seat for a while sucked) but overall I had a good time. I guess I was envisioning a bigger track on a slope with rails on the side and everything, but I suppose you take what you can get? I thought the announcer was great and there were some fast and talented players. Next time I'll just pack a few things to hold me over and allow enough time to get a good seat.
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