October 22nd, 2005

Help! Hair trouble.

So I was trying to bleach my hair so I could make it red again...sadly, things aren't working out the right way.

Does anyone know of a good, decent priced salon that could bleach my hair. I don't have a TON of money to spend on my hair.. but if I keep bleaching it to fix it I will end up bald.

If you know of any places hit me up with an email at AllHailSatanNow@aol.com.

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sailor too
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looking for a good place for a getaway

Hey folks,

I'm looking for a nice, reasonably priced, romantic, place to go for an overnight stay with a friend. She nixed Breightenbush as being too hippy-style. Coast, desert, petrified forrest, all would be ok. Just some nice place with privacy, hiking, nature, away from the city, good price...

Any ideas?

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dun dun... dun dun....

and here I almost forgot!


is, by far, my favorite time of year, (my birthday ;) is a close second) and so it shocked me to find that my recent MIA status would cause me to have to really search for good parties this time around!

Clue me, dear friends, I want to wake the dead with the living I know and love!


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1 Bedroom Apartment

I'm moving out of my one bedroom in NE to a two bedroom in SE.
I'm leaving before my 30 days notice, so I'd like to help out my super cool landlord by trying to get it rented by the 1st of November.
Its in a secured brick building behind Lloyd Center, surrounded by restaurants, broadway, dollar tree, goodwill, several bus lines and max.
$635/mo (move-in fees i'm not sure) cool neighbors, convenient, hardwood floors, in-wall ironing board, vintage fixtures and look, small office/closet in entry-way that I've been using as the cat's room. Good for a couple or one person, we are packrats and need more space, so someone like us is not recommended.

It would be great to get someone with a knack for design or feng-shui or some crap because the apartment is too cute to just be used a place for "stuff"

Call 503-284-4838 and ask about a one bedroom available at the start of next month.

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Anyone want Blazers tickets for tonight?

I was given two tickets for the Blazers pre-season game tonight at the Rose Garden and I'm not able to go. Both tickets are section 226; ticket 1 is row K, seat 18 and ticket 2 is row J, seat 11. I can't deliver; you would have to pick them up. I'm at 229th and Cornell in Hillsboro.

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(no subject)

If any of you would like 2 free tickets to tonight's Blazers game with Sacramento, let me know. This is super-short notice, cause it starts at 7PM, but I thought I'd give it a try.

PS: I'll be emailing the tix to you.

Edit: Tickets are gone... thanks for playing! :)
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Non-pizza delivery in Hillsboro

(posted here because there's not a damnhillsboro-ers)

So the boy and I are hungry, and lazy. We want something delivered, but not pizza since we had that for lunch today. What places are good and deliver out here in Hillsboro? Not looking for anything in particular. thanks~

Oh yeah, people who flake out on things being given away on Craigslist or Freecycle SUCK. that is all.
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How did I not know that Calexico were playing last night? Bah!!! I am so...ggggaararrragh. Need to pay more attention to the paper.
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lounging by the lake

It's saturday night.

I just want to have fun tonight. I'm finally 18, althought that hasnt done me any good yet. What the hell is there to do? Comments? Suggestions? legal or not...

"There is one conclusion to every story: we all fall down," -Miss Knightly in Domino.
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Carmen San Diego

It's driving me crazy

I used to be so much more in the salsa circuit, and by October 5th I knew what parties were going on for Halloween...not so this year. Can anyone tell me if there are any (specifically) salsa dancing parties going on for halloween? Last year I went to a great one at Imago Theatre - live bands and great atmosphere. Let me know! Thanks...
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Morning Sunshine?

Are there any true morning people on DP? I'm talking about the kind that plan on meeting a friend for coffee or breakfast at 9-9:30am and mean it.

This morning I woke up about 6:30am and after feeding the cats, started a load of laundry and made coffee, in that order. By 9 I had cleaned around the house and was starting to work on sanding down the new bookcase to prep it for another coat of finish.

And now, time to turn into a pumpkin.
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