October 21st, 2005

Venezuelan Political Muralist Tours Portland

From PCASC fwd:


PCASC is proud to announce the visit of Venezuelan muralist Nelson
Santana to Portland from October 21-November 3. During his stay, he
will paint murals with PCASC and several other community
organizations. Please take the opportunity to join us at these events
where you can meet Nelson and learn about his participation in
Venezuela's Bolivarian Social Movement and his work as an artist.

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For more information contact the tour sponsor:

The Portland Central America Solidarity Committee
616 E Burnside, Portland, OR 97214
(503) 236 7916 info@pcasc.net

Tour co-sponsors: The Oregon Bolivarian Circle, Portland Mural
Defense, Bohio Studio and Reed College Latino Student Union.

All events will be bilingual
someday b/w

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Poll #595374 Karaoke RSVP

Are you planning on Attending Karaoke Tonight?

Most likely, please save me a seat I'll be there late
Maybe, don't save me a seat I'll deal with it
I want to but I need to be convinced

I didn't put a no answer on here because, well, There are a lot more no's than yes's!

I'm sorry that karaoke is mostly in bar's and you unde 21 can't go but I'm not the OLCC so I can't change it.

again the info is:
Friday, October 21st, 8:30pm + (well, that's when we'll be getting there to get a table!)

Boiler Room - 228 NW Davis

edit: info from www.barflymag.com
Spacious, well-appointed lounge features occasional live music in addition to its long-standing do-it-yourself karaoke tradition. Excellent food (just about the only place left one may combine the pleasures of smoking and sushi). Nice staff. Never a cover. Open 4pm-12am Sun-Thurs, 4pm-2:30am Fri-Sat. Food till 11pm or later. Extensive $2.50 menu 4-7pm and selected $2+ menu 9-11pm, everynight. Karaoke everynight. Open at 11:30am M-Sat, open at 4pm Sundays. Sunday: $1.25 PBRs, $3 Bloody Marys. Tuesday: Ladies night - $2 well. Thursday: Guys night - $2 well.
1.20 boys don't cry

Anyone interested in being a media whore?

From my work:
I just wanted to follow up on my request to find a customer for the Home Energy Review that the Oregonian wants to cover for its Homes and Gardens section. We need someone who is going to be already very interested in having energy saving measures installed in their home. We can only offer our normal Energy Trust financial incentives, so they have to be in a place financially where they can do this themselves and most likely have the measures installed in the next month or so. The Oregonian wants to do a pre and post article to see how or if the measures have saved the customer money, so the customer really needs to follow through in a timely fashion and have at least two measures done to help demonstrate some significant energy savings. Please let me know if you have any contacts in the Portland Metro area who might be interested. They need to be able to be present for a HER next Monday or Tuesday, be media friendly, and be a green advocate. Please let me know if you have a prospect and we can talk.
see my journal posting for email address (or comment, but I won't be able to get the message until the weekend).
So Gay

Kill this cat.

I'm curious. Have any of you had experiences, good or bad, with Stark's Vacuums? If so, please comment (with the store location if possible).

Thank you!
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little blue dog


Hey you fashionable urbanites!

Do you know where I can find a hat like Vinnie's?

Doesn't need to be high-quality ... in fact I would prefer it to be rather cheap (I'll actually be painting on it and using it for a Halloween costume) ... and the color isn't really important (something neutral and lightish).

Bonus points if you can direct me to a good source for a jacket like his too!

Thanks all. :)
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Rules also apply

To the Tri-Met operators at the Beaverton Transit Center this morning:

I know your job is stressful, and you do deserve a break.

However what those sketchy people were telling you was correct: You are not supposed to smoke at the transit center. Period.

If they cannot smoke at the kiosks, bus shelters or on the grounds, neither can you.

The rules also apply.
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Isn't there a DPer who is Jack Bastard? I read the Mercury this morning and Jack Bastard won letter of the week. It was a pretty good letter. One minute and 12 seconds of hell.

I think I remember someone having that name...

I guess it's nate_turpentine Congrats to you! It was a good letter.

Mercury Letter of the Week

15) they ran an edited version of my letter, I'll post it in my journal if you want to read the whole thing

2) I got GZA tickets, I LOVE Liquid Swords and I've hung out with The Wu-Tang Clan before so it's not really such an irony

B) I told them they could keep their fucking "prizes" if they would just write one positive review of a punk show

8) I forget what 8 is for but
9) for the lost love

6) Thanks for reading it.

2) If you guys want to let 'em know that I'm right and you agree, I encourage you to send them a note.

& Daggers!
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Happy Friday, Portlanders.

Rather than asking "Um, like, where do I find food at in this city? I'm hungry and I want food. Cheap or even better, free!", I thought I'd recommend a nice place that has never failed me.

Thien Hong has really yummy, fresh tasting fare that's very cheap, considering the heaping mounds of food you get. I'm partial to the Veggies in Brown Sauce dish, although I've heard this place is known for some sort of pepper squid? Never tried it.

Anyhoo, you'll be seated, order, and have your food delivered within 20-30 minutes. It's "good eats" (Alton, MARRY ME). The atmosphere isn't tres tres but it's laid back and the curry is good.

- - - - -

But now for my Obnoxious DPer Question Du Jour:
Anyone ever get their brakes checked at that place downtown on Broadway, right next to Sushi Takehashi (right across the street from Embers)? My brakes are all squeaky-like and I've wanted to take my car there as it's about half a second from where I work. Good? Bad? Too expensive?

someone to meet my feet

i'm in need of a meeting with a podiatrist and only have experience with one in my hometown from one time way back in high school. i'd like to find a nice, quality and gentle podiatrist locally. does anyone have any experience with any of the locals or biased suggestions as to with whom i should make an appointment? any names/advice would be greatly appreciated.
yetti hat

(no subject)

Anyone know where we can get some large curved lucky bamboo stalks? It's in the picture below. Alive and in water, preferrably. Walgreens has these little ones, but they come with the really tacky frog container and ehhh.. I'd rather get them from some place that actually deals with plants. Suggestions?

Also if you have housepants you want to get rid of, small trees in buckets, feel free to give them this way. Needs more green!

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halloween stuff.

has anyone actually been to the sauvie island corn maize at night, when they have cheesy scariness "lurking around every corner"?

we're going on saturday, so i'm just curious what we have to look forward to.
Rainy Day

Ticket for Sale

What: 1 ticket to Dierks Bentley (country musician)

When: October 29th, 8pm

Where: Crystal Ballroom

How Much: 22.50 (original ticket price off Ticketmaster)

Why: My friend from Cali was going to come up for a night of fun and country music, but she can't, so she mailed me the ticket to go. Well, none of my friends are admitted country fans, so no go for me, since it's not my fave either - I'd rather give someone who really likes it the chance to go!

(will be posted to other places when I feel like it)



issue: looking for a lost friend. had his number, his cell got disconnected, no way to contact him. anyone know a "noah" ? he has black hair and a lip piercing. uhm, i think he's 20, has a brother. and yea... lol, this is sort of a hopeless cause. i should just go to where he used to work. but if you know him you should tell me. that's tight.
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Twilight Rummage Sale

my friend, sotoalboroto brought this to my attention:

It's Twilight Rummage Sale time again.

Saturday, Oct. 22 at the Eagle's Lodge, corner of SE 50th/Hawthorne. 5-9 p.m., $1 to get in and yes, you can drink WHILE you hunt for bargains. Does it get any better than that???

now, i bring it to your attentions.

that pic has nothing to do with any thing.


I just got disqualified from completing a survey because when it asked where I get my news online I listed Damnportlanders Community on Live Journal. Those bastards...I bet the commies at CNN were behind this survey!
milka and lulu

come over!

House Show
Saturday, October 22nd
8:30 PM

Frank Lemon
Mikah Sykes
Level Anchorage

The Birdsnest
1536 SE 32nd Place

(Hawthorne and 32nd Place)

Yay come!
It sounds like a super metal show, but I assure you it is not.
Oh yeah, it's free too. But BYO.
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I am really angry at fedex right now- PDX user warning!

I mailed a package yesterday for a total cost of $6.90, when I got home I checked my business account card charges online... and they had $10.00 pending, not the $6.90 the total shipping charge actually came to.(I only had $11.79 left in the account because I had just ordered supplies). So, I tried to reach customer service...and they referred me to billing, (who was closed). I came home today to double check it, to see if they had fixed it based on a voicemail I left them... and a second charge for $6.90 had been charged...but the original $10 charge remained as pending.... and because I was so close to the limit on my card, an over use fee of $20 had been applied. This $6.90 mailing has now cost me $36.90! Has anyone else had fedex double bill their credit card or debit card when mailing things? Monday morning fedex and I are gonna have an ugly discussion about this, before hand I'd like to know if this is their normal practice here in PDX. If it is, this is crap! (I do know when I tried to set up an online Business shipping account they said a $10 pre-auth would occur and disappear to verify the card I listed as active. Instead, the pre-auth was billed X5 and all 5 took 14 days to drop from my account, so $50 in my account was tied up for 2 weeks. I have been afraid to use the online shipping service since).

Cuddle Party Anyone

What is a cuddle party?

Cuddle Parties are affectionate play events for adults 18 and over, designed to provide a space to explore and enjoy touch, nurturing and communication, within the boundaries of ones own comfort levels.

Want to find out more?

Email me.

berkley dot s at comcast dot net


(no subject)

I was on the bus this afternoon going to my Dr.'s appointment and I got punched in the back of the head by some cracked out junkie. :o( He claimed he was trying to grab the bar behind my head and ended up hitting me instead. It hurted.. I am being seen by a Physical Therapist for a car accident injury to my scapula and base of my skull, guess where the fucktard hit me? Base of my god damned skull. Thankfully my Doc gave me an ice pack and some motrin. And the guy was kicked off the bus. Anyone else have some wierd bus/max stories
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Do they Know It's Halloween?

I was at Music Millenium today and stumbled upon this single that caught my attention. "Do They Know It's Halloween" was the name and since it was a play on the Band-Aid Christmas song from the mid-eighties it drew me in. Apparently it's a benefit single for UNICEF (which is always good) that features a plethora of "indie" stars be them musicians like Beck or the Yeah Yeah Yeahs (at least Karen O) or comedians like David Cross. While the song itself is mediocre, the video for it is definitely weird. It's a good cause and even thought the song is, well, blah, it is less than $4 and serves a good cause. Check the video for yourself.

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