October 20th, 2005

Gogol Bordello!

Thanks to the girls who spun in their spinny skirts; it made me smile.

Thanks to the people who hit me in the head over and over again in the mosh pit. It means I'll remember it for a while.

And especially thanks to Gogol Bordello for coming to Portland and giving the best show I've ever seen!
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pain, pain, go away...

Can anyone recommend a Rheumatologist in the area? Preferably someone who might actually have an open appointment before next June. :-/ I don't have insurance, so I will be paying out of pocket. The upside is, I don't have to pick a name off of a "preferred" list.
Turban Varga
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(no subject)

Where is there a HIGH quality dry cleaner downtown? I've tried a couple of places and my stuff always comes back with some shredded hems. Thanks in advance...
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October Meetup!

The short short verson: Tuesday, Oct. 25th, 8pm, McMenamins Tavern and Pool. WEAR A COSTUME!

The longer version:

The Tavern and Pool is located at 1716 N.W. 23rd. Please note that there is another McMenamins (the Ram's Head) that is further up 23rd; but that is NOT the one you want to go to!

Minors are welcome until 10pm.

We are loud and boisterous and very friendly. So come see us. =)
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(no subject)

to anyones knowledge, although probably doubtful, would anyone here know of any pdx local video shops that rent out a good selection of wrestling event dvd's from wwf/wwe, ecw, etc...?
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Original Bitch

Free concert?

They keep talking about a free show on Saturday by Plain Jane on the radio? I tried getting to the site to get my tickets, but it keeps redirecting me to plainjanes.com
Anyone have the RIGHT link?


(no subject)

Hobby stores, preferably in SE? I looked on a yellow pages site and didn't find much. I figured there would be more than five hobby stores in Portland. I want a big one, with lots of stuff and/or that has helpful staff like Hobby Lobby, if anyone else knows of that store. Thanks for your help.
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October meetup part Deux!

Just in case anyone doesn't notice that I edited this entry:

Per several requests, we are suggesting that meetupers WEAR THEIR HALLOWEEN COSTUMES to the meetup. Why? SO WE CAN SPILL THINGS ON THEM.

I mean, show them off.

Besides, that means that this month, NO ONE is allowed to ask "how will I know which group is you guys???" =P

Seey'all there ^_^
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Karaoke! Tomorrow!

Friday October 21st, 8:30pm (That's when we'll be getting there.. to get a table..)
The Boiler Room - 228 NW Davis - Portland

don't forget to RSVP so we know how many places to get or esle you are on your own!
Oh Fuck

Shifting Gears

Hey, DPers, where can I go to get my transmission serviced (i.e. system flushed) in SW Portland/Lake Oswego that won't make me cringe (service quality or price)? Your recommendations are valuable!
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bright side

and then, desperation hits...

I need a job that offers medical insurance.
All my work expereince is in social work/social services, but I am willing to go outside of that area.
I do not have a car, so it needs to be something I can get to by bus/walking/bike.
I have undergrad and graduate degrees.


I am not able to find anything (I apply and never get called for an interview).
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Driving While Black in Portland

Just observed what looked like a Driving While Black stop on NE 15th near my house.

Two Portland cops in a white unmarked car pulled over a 40-ish black man in a fairly new black BMW. My wife and I intently watched and listened to the stop.

Nothing happened, but it's likely because the cops knew they were being watched. Still, I think it's kind of *peculiar* that a black man would be pulled over there, where the only thing they did was run his license - the cops made no indication as to what he had done to merit being pulled over.

This is the second time in under two weeks this has happened in roughly the same manner.

Free Reading Tomorrow Night at Reading Frenzy!

Friday, October 21st, 7pm
Reading Frenzy (921 SW Oak St.)

I know, I know -- book readings aren't exactly at the top of everyone's Friday night to-do list, but I think you could tuck it in between your disco nap and your first cocktail.

Big Lonesome(Gorsky Press, 2005) is the debut short story collection by the acclaimed and award-winning writer Jim Ruland. In these twisted, tall tales of America's past and present, Ruland transforms historical fiction into something brutal and weird. Whether he's spinning a lurid yarn about the previous adventures of Popeye the Sailor, imagining Dick Tracy as a San Fernando Valley police detective, or retelling the story of Little Red Riding Hood in Nazi Germany, Ruland's stories resonate with the truth of lessons learned the hard way.

Jim Ruland is a veteran of the Navy, a part-time instructor of English, and a creative supervisor at a Los Angeles advertising agency. He is the recipient of numerous awards, including a literature fellowship from the National Endowment for the Arts. He also hosts Vermin on the Mount, an irreverent reading series in the heart of Chinatown, and regularly contributes to The Believer, Razorcake Fanzine, and National Public Radio's Day to Day.

Joe O'Brien is a local bartender who edits a zine called Flop Sweat rife with hysterical jokes and interviews with comedians.
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Scream at the Beach

I just went to Scream at the Beach at Jantzen Beach, in the mall. Despite being sort of hard to locate, it was actually really good. Each of the "events" could be purchased individually so you don't have to pay for the crappier ones. Thought I would let you guys know what rocked so you didn't have to pay for all of them to find out. (I think it's www.screamatthebeach.com)

Nightmares was awesome. I was almost peeing I was so scared. Granted, I am a bit of a wuss, but I think most people would find it worth going to. It even had a sort of plot to it.

Wraith Manor was not extremely scary, but it was still pretty good and if you want to take younger kids or people that are easily scared, they might be able to handle this more easily. Definitely not little little kids, though.

Lost Expedition was not that great. It was a sort of audience participation vaudeville thing. It would have been good if I had little kids with me, but it wasn't really aimed for adults, I don't think. The only thing that made it worth the money is, when they decided to do scare-eoke (karaoke), there was this awesome guy named Chris that got up and did I Love the Dead by Alice Cooper. He was wearing a leather jacket, one of those crushed straw cowboy hats, and had this huge beard that was shaved bare in the patch on the chin where a goatee normally goes. He got really into it and was dancing around, crawling on the floor, it was incredible. I also would have missed the 12-year old goth girls who were obviously oh-so deprived of attention yelling about condoms and how sexy something was. and having this mom (rightfully) yell at them and tell them to stop talking like that around her 8-year old daughter. But I think I just got lucky with an insanely spontaneous crowd.

If you're low on budget and can only go to one thing, I would definitely tell you to do Nightmares, unless you have little kids. There was also some attraction that was closed for the night, and there was a kids' haunted house as well. Oh, and I'm a belly dancer so I thought it was kind of cool that they had belly dancers at the front entrance, but I'm not really sure what it had to do with the haunted house. Anyways, righto, well, end of ranting review.
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