October 19th, 2005

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If a person thinks they've experienced a Transient Ischemic Attack (TIA or 'mini stroke'), what kind of medical treatment should they pursue, and where in this area?

I don't really understand anything about the way hospitals work; I've never actually been to one by myself, even (though I've hardly seen doctors at all).

I read the OHSU website and saw that there are several neurologists who specialize in stroke-related stuff, even one in stroke prevention, which I guess is what I'm looking for. Do I need to go to a regular practitioner first, and be referred to a specialist? Are specialists hugely expensive? Is there a long wait to see them? Am I making a huge fucking mountain out of a molehill?

Quality Jeans?

I used to get all my jeans at J.Crew. They were expensive, but I found they lasted a good deal longer than cheaper jeans. This was due in part to the type of denim they used; it was very high quality and fairly heavy. Recently, they've started using lighter-weight denim. I'm not willing to pay $70+ for a pair of jeans I'm going to wear through quickly. Especially their "summer-weight jeans" which feel like they're made of linen.

The long and the short of it is that I'm looking for good quality jeans in the Portland area. I'd like them to look nice when I wear them, but I'd also like them to last more than 3-6 months. My older pairs of jeans are starting to wear through and I'm going to need something new soon.

Rainy Day

Feel free to help or post suggestions!

My third grade class and I are doing service projects throughout the school year and a big area that we're serving in is helping the homeless.

I have a contact that works at a women's shelter downtown and also is running her own shelter, although she might have to close down due to rent costs.

We are going to be collecting materials to put together Hygiene Kits for the women, since the shelter itself has so little money that they don't even have sheets and towels to let them use during their stay.

For the Hygiene kits we are collecting:

Hotel size shampoo/conditioner (waterless would be appreciated)
Hotel size or larger soap bars
Shaving Cream

I'm going to be working on gathering towels, sheets, and blankets for both of her shelters. If you work for a hotel or have connections to one, let me know if you would be willing to find out whether they have any old sheets/towels/blankets that they would consider donating. They would recieve a receipt for their items to use as a tax deduction.

If you are interested in donating items, I can either pick them up, or you can bring them by our school in NE Portland (I probably can't travel out to the West side just due to time constraints).

Feel free to email me at chapmanr@ccscougars.com for more information.

Thank you!

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I did some searching around, but most of the pacific northwest gardening communities seem to be dead. So I'll pose my question to you, damnportlanders: Do you think it would be too late in the year to plant some kale seedlings? I saw some for sale at Food Front (about 3-5 inches tall) but I didn't want to buy them unless I thought they'd survive.
someday b/w


I'm wanting to do some cooking lately

what's a good resource for Vegan or Veggie recipies?

(i'm neither but i hate cooking meat and I want to cook for other people and there are a lot of both in my world lately)

edit: also what are your favorites?
What are easy to do, fast to make and tasty things you make that are vegan?
Worky Work!

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Is anyone here a subscriber to Esquire Magazine? I flipped through their "Photo Issue" a week ago while at the doctors office and was very impressed with the photographer at the back of the magazine. He wrote a whole story concerning his most powerful photos and there were several quotes that I throughly enjoyed.

I can't remember the name of the guy. I'd like the whole article with pictures, but I'll settle for his name.

I tried looking it up, but you have to be a subscriber. Such annoyance.

Can you help?


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Omg. I miss Portland like woah. The people here in Phoenix have been so flipping rude. If I didn't like my boyfriend so much I think after being ignored, walked away from and basically told to eff off when I'm trying to ask directions (including from bus drivers), I'd move back to Portland.

Oi vey. Someone give me some funny story about the weirdos at home please?
I'm homesick as all hell.
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Alright...so as a joke on a friend.

We are having a Halloween party. This is not my costume. But the friend is so scared of this guy, that I just had to get it. And he's over 30, btw.

Looking online, there are a lot of people who find this guy FREAKY.

So I tell YOU Damnportlanders...it's good to be the King!

patsy stone thanxgiving


what were the numbers for the powerball tonight?

I imagine the powerball and oregon lottery websites are being invaded so no wonder it's taking 350906 hours for the pages to load.
i didn't even know how to play lottery until today....all I want is a thousand bucks!! that's IT!

Portland Biofuels Car Show and Conference

Hey DPers,

In case anyone is interested, this Sunday there will be a Biofuels Car Show and Conference from 11 AM to 6 PM
at the Portland Expo Center. There's a story about it in the online version of the Willamette Week (I haven't grabbed the print version but I'm told it's not in there). The conference is free but they won't object to donations to help offset the costs.

LJ spellchecker wanted me to change "biofuels" to "befouls".
Original Bitch


odd question...but, does anyone remember what the exhibit on China that the Portland Art Museum had way way back in like 96 or 97 is called? I think it's too late to e-mail & ask them & the paper I'm doing that needs this info is due at 11:55 p.m. tonight.

What is up with PDX's Chocolate Milk prices????

So... oh great wisdom of DamnPortlanders... I ask you this:


Back in the Midwest, it costs us maybe $0.50 more than the regular milk of its same %

but out here in PDX - I have found all chocolate Milk near $4.50 (Fred Meyer) and the Cheapest $3.85 at WinCo

I have noticed that the regular Milk is only $2.65 --- the same price as everywhere else in the US.

So why this insane mark-up on chocolate milk?

Midwest (Wisconsin) --- Chocolate Milk = $2.85

It is usually made from Skim or 1% same as out here.


I like Chocolate Milk (Skim or 1%) because it really isn't that much worse for you than 2%