October 18th, 2005

kuromi is cranky

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I'm trying to find these shoes - http://www.rivithead.com/product_info.php/products_id/506%7B2%7D30

in size 11 womens.

I need them soon and everyone I try to order from online has to back order them. I looked at Spartacus - don't have them, Hot Topic - doesn't have them, the only other place I can think of is The Metro down on hawthorne. Any ideas? If I can't find them I'll need to order them with $15 shipping and that's going to hurt. And I'm not even sure that site up there has them in stock.

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hey there!

this question has probably been asked before, but i really want to get my hair cut somewhere, but i am pretty clueless as to where to go...just having moved here about 2 months ago. if anyone could post some suggestions along with the name/price of a haircut that would be super fab.

thanks in advance

hebrew tutor

yeah i know its ridiculously obscure!!! but i am infact looking for a hebrew tutor.
if you know of anyone, or anyone whos fluent and might have the capacity to help teach someone lemme know. that would rock

Gmail.... and a big thank you to DamnPortlanders

I have a gmail/firefox question:

I have mulitiple gmail accounts for various businesses that I run. I need to check them everyday. Occasionally I forget to check one, and I miss an important email. I have five accounts that I regularly check.

Is there any extension/plug-in, program, or way to have a notifier to check all my accounts? I have the gmail notifier, but it seems as though I am only able to sign in as one acount at a time. Any ideas?

And, I'd like to say something about DamnPortlanders:
Thank you for helping me out! This community is the best resource I have. It is a good support system. I will always help out fellow DamnPortlanders when I can. Recently my computer stopped working, and after a small plea for help, a DamnPortlander whom I had never met came and helped me out. Thank you mattdeath! And thank you DamnPortlanders!

Anniversary Dinner

Where, my fine Damn Portlanders, would you recommend I take my “Schmoo” out for our 2 year anniversary dinner?

Our anniversary is Sunday, but we are willing to go anytime between Friday and next Wednesday.

We like a restaurant that served Schmancy American food like seafood and steaks.

Our price range is around $100 for the two of us with drinks.

We would want to stay away from the uber trendy places like Clark lewis and the Gotham tavern.

Thanks! Muchas Gracias :)
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So Gay

Follow-up to a previous post.

Interesting. (this is in regards to my post last week about my ordeal with this magazine)

I just called the Communication Arts number and pressed the appropriate buttons to direct myself to the customer service department. I was fully poised to unleash my fury upon whoever answered if they did not help out my situation. A friendly male voice answered the phone and I briefly explained that I had been in contact with them through email about changing my subscription over to a student rate. He asked when I had sent the last email, then for the necessary name and address to pull up my account. After verifying the information, he stated rather matter-of-factly that I would be invoiced for $39 (the student rate) and that the first issue of my new subscription would be the month of December (my subscription now runs out after November's issue).

Frankly, I was shocked, and bid him a nice day and hung up. It was all taken care of. No fury unleashed, no heads ripped off, no yelling at supervisors. I can't help but assume that there was some sort of note on my account regarding the whole ordeal and that it tipped him off as to what to say to placate me. I am glad that this has been resolved (assuming I do, in fact, get an invoice), but I can't help thinking that the whole manner in which they have gone about this has been utterly absurd. There were no apologies for the inconvenience, no contact regarding my irate email, no acceptance of fault on their part. Just a solution, provided after a phone call that dured no more than five minutes.

While I am pleased with the outcome, I am still planning on contacting a supervisor of some sort there at the office to let them know what happened.
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Jesus Is Magic and I'm Not

Dammit!!!! I missed the Sarah Silverman movie at Cinema 21. I thought her film, "Sarah Silverman: Jesus is Magic" was playing on 10/18, not the 17th. Did anyone here go to it and if so, how was it? Luckily it'll be coming back to the theatre in December but being a huge Sarah Silverman fan, I would've liked to see it early.
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Worky Work!

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I have a template that I want to use to create work orders. The kind where there are three sheets of paper and carbon in between (or no carbon...) so that you can write on the top and it carries down to the rest.

Basically...work order forms.

Where can I get this done fairly cheap? I'm only looking for around 300 for right now.

Thanks DP!
little dog - lab pup

PCC Cascade students - where do you study?

Sup peeps!

Does anyone have any good suggestions for an evening study spot? I live right next to PCC Cascade (N. Killingsworth & Albina) ... but dadgummit the library there only stays open until 8, and I'm looking to burn the caffeinated oil, so to speak.

Ideally, I'd like to find a good place I can study in the evenings until around 10pm or so, somewhere friendly to hangers-out and not too crowded (since I'd feel bad taking up needed space, nursing a single cuppa) with tables, chairs, and enough light to read. As in, books. Accordingly, Internet connectivity is not a factor. The closer to the aforementioned location, the better.

Thanks in advance for any feedback.
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I have a small bag full of sample and hotel-sized toiletries that I've been saving for a while and don't need. Does anyone know of any women's or homeless shelters in the area that could use them? Preferably Hillsboro, but I can go downtown.
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Moving to Portland

Sorry if this is the wrong place for this post, but my boyfriend and I are moving to Portland in a few months and I would love some help on looking for places to live from afar. We plan on visiting a few weeks before our move and hope to find a place then, but it would also be helpful to have an apartment locator or some tips from locals.

So how do you find places? Weeklies, online, flyers in cafes, locators?

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.

Thanks so much.

Car insurance

I think I might have asked before but...
I need cheap car insurance. Like really cheap. Like under 100$ a month. Im married and 25 so that should count for something right? I need this tommorow. Where can I go to get it? In SW please :D