October 17th, 2005


To motor or not to motor

Im contempating getting rid of my car since it tends to leak in terms of when it rains and also leaks from both the freeze plug on the passenger side of the car as well as from the pan. The main problem being is lack of funds. Im also planning on moving soon. Id like to move somewhere between sw or se, just worried about finding a place to park my car if I were to move to SW. Im wondering if I should move downtown and get rid of it, or if I should move to one of the outlying burbs and work on it a bit.

So those of you who have taken the plung and gotten rid of the car how do you like it and those of you that hung onto your car the same.

Oh and where are some nice places to live also placed to avoid.

Thanks for the info.
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Guess who's back...back again? Slim is back...tell a friend.


I went to NY this past week to visit the family. I took a couple shots of Niagara Falls and decided to share them with DP. And because I'm such a damn proud uncle, here's me with my nephew Cole.

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National Domestic Violence Month...

are any of you watching breaking bonaduce on vh-1? argh!!! it's a f*ing trainwreck and NO ONE IS TALKING ABOUT THE DOMESTIC VIOLENCE SHE IS EXPERIENCING!!!! they are addressing the addiction issues, but not the dv. alcohol/drug abuse does not cause domestic violence or vice versa. they are two seperate issues and need to be treated seperately and concurrently. vh-1 is running alcohol/drug abuse hotline numbers during and after the show, but nothing on domestic violence. f*in-a guys, f*in a.

1515 Broadway
New York, NY 10036
(212) 258-6000

I called Viacom and got bumped around until I landed in the voicemail of Melissa Drake. She works for VH-1. I left her a voicemail complimenting their commitment to getting information out on drug/alcohol abuse, but asked why they weren't giving the same information about the domestic violence that is taking place. I gave her my number and suggested that she contact the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (ncadv.org) and run their number throughout the show as well. I offered to be of assistance in anyway possible. Who knows. It may help, it may not - but at least I tried...

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Saturday night as I was driving on SE 20th between Burnside and Division I counted seven people on bicycles. Of the seven, three had lights on their bikes, and all seven were dressed in either black or very dark clothing.

It was dark and rainy and they were very hard to see. I love Portland’s bike culture and have a share-the-road philosophy, but please Bikers, if you’re splashed across the pavement it’s not really important who was right or wrong.

You have to take some responsibility for your own safety. Get a light on your bike, and for God’s sake wear white at night.
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Dear Portland

Not all cops are assholes. Sometimes the "victim" isn't (a victim).
Not all customers are right. Sometimes, they're wrong.
Not all strippers are whores. Sometimes they're a single mom just trying to make her way in the world.
Not all drivers are idiots. Sometimes we watch where we're going and see the bicyclist about to attempt to commit suicide in front of us.

Did I forget anything?

Ah, yes:

Not all mechanics are dishonest. Sometimes there actually is a problem you didn't expect.
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i unheart trimet today

yesterday, i went to the first unitarian church, which is sw fourth and main. i got dropped off by the lift bus, which is the short bus that picks up handicapped people and oldsters. so, when they pick up they have a 30 minute window of opportunity. for my ride home, i saw a bus go by sometime during my window, but as he didn't stop, i just figured he had to go around the block or something. he never came back.

further, he reported me a no-show. that is adding insult to injury.

someone let me use his cell phone and i got someone from home to pick me up. what a relief!

what i think is that when trimet, especially lift, works, it works great. when it fails, it sucks awfully.

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Looking for Patients...

I am licensed to start treating patients with acupuncture and need to get 50 interning hours in Classical Five-Element Acupuncture, a style of acupuncture that I am getting an extra certification in.
CFEA is a wonderful system of medicine that treats each person as a unique individual "the likes of which have never been seen before and will never be seen again." It is a system that treats the spirit and the elemental root of imbalance in each unique individual is order to assist nature in restoring balance within the body, mind and spirit. It has its roots in Taoism and shamanism and was passed down by oral tradition for generations. It differs from the style I learned in the Masters program at PCOM in that it treats the spirit-root rather than the pattern of symptoms-branch and with a background in Psychology, I feel that everyone needs and deserves that level of healing.
Also, this style treats only one person at a time and so the price of treatments while I am interning is a steal. It is $120 for the initial which lasts somewhere around 3 hours and $60 each treatment thereafter which lasts somewhere around an hour. To give you an idea, the director of my school charges $280 an initial and $140 each treatment thereafter. The time ranges depending on what is needed in order to help restore balance. I will be doing these sessions in NW Portland and my supervisor says that Tuesdays work best starting at 9:30am and the last booking being at 4:30pm. Other mornings between 9a-11a may also be feasible.
If this interests you please email me at acu_martin@livejournal.com
Thank you!
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Dear Asshole on a Bike:

You were riding today down NE MLK Jr. Blvd, just North of Broadway at about 7:25am. You weren't wearing a helmet or using hand signals. When there was a gap in traffic, you made the decision to cut across the boulevard from the far right side to the far left side, pedaling like crazy. That's fine. There was a small window and you took advantage of the opportunity that presented itself. As I signaled and changed into the far left lane behind you, I was going 30 mph. You were on the far left side of lane and I began to pass. Just as I was next to you and without checking behind you, you decided to swing out into my lane to make your turn into the Shell station wider, and you nearly ran into the side of my car. I swerved as much as I could considering there was another car next to me, and honked my horn as I drove off.

Had you actually swung out a few inches farther, the reaction of your bike would have thrown you onto the street, most likely giving you some road rash (you were going at least 15 mph) and damaging that scraggly little head of yours. Had you actually hit my car, I most likely would have swung even further into the lane next to me and struck the car beside me. The resulting accident, though most likely minor, would have tied up a busy intersection for some time during the morning rush hour.



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Who all signed up for PDX Assassin?

I'm looking forward to the start of the game next week.

Also, Where in town can I find a cheap supersoaker? Dead Freds?

found cel phone

is anyone missing a cel phone? my boyfriend found one the other day in a bike lane, i think by PSU downtown. the phone number for it is 503-490-3742. there was only one contact listed in it under 'matt' and i tried calling it, but to no avail. it's a blue sprint flip phone, it says 'qualcomm 3g cdma' on the back...

if you know whose this is or how i could get it back to them, let me know!

also, i'm going to post this on craigslist, in case you were going to suggest it :)
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Walk-In Clinic? Help!

Here's the situation: I had ordered prescriptions from a online pharmacy on Friday and didn't know they couldn't ship until today so I was expecting it to arrive today or tomorrow, but now it won't be arriving til sometime before the weekend. The problem is, I only have enough insulin (I have diabetes and insulin dependent) to last through tomorrow.

Do any of you know if the online pharmacy sent me an fax with my prescription, would a local pharmacy fill it out?

If not, then do you know of a walk-in clinic that I could go in quickly to see a doctor and get new prescriptions? The reason for this is because I have no insurance, therefore haven't found a doctor. Now i'm paying for it, and out of pocket! :(

Thanks in advance!

Update: Never mind the option of faxing the prescription and to the suggestions of calling the previous doctor. I've already tried those and to no avail. I've also called a few clinics to see if they accept walk ins, and the only one who did would need my medical records and that would take a while to get, and to top it off charge $124 for a visit and other charges for medical tests. GRR.
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karaoke freaks!

Karaoke World Tour?
Okay everybody. Don't forget the first night out of KWT is this coming Friday!

Friday October 21st, 8:30pm (That's when I'll be getting there.. to get a table..)
The Boiler Room - 228 NW Davis - Portland

Please let me know if you're for sure going, so I know how many seats to get :)

-Joleine and Shelley

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Dear bicyclists,

I love you. I am so glad that you are able to reduce the pollution in our city, and eagerly look forward to when I can move back into town and join you again.

But until, then, can you do me a favor?

Please buy some fucking lights! I cannot see you at night, and I can't really afford the raised insurance premium if I hit you. It's not that hard, not that expensive (my 5 LED front light was $40; my back red light was $20), and it's a touch illegal to not have them.

The Decemberists - On the Bus Mall
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Urgent! Urgent!

Where in the Portland general area (the west-er, the better, but now I'll take just about anything) can one get transparency film-- as in, slides --developed in an hour?

And/or, can anyone confirm that the Camera Bag in downtown Hillsboro is open and does this? I've heard it does, but I don't want to make the trek (from Forest Grove) without knowing if I can avoid it, and no one's picking up at the number I've found for them.

I also know that Cornelius Fred Meyer doesn't, so I'm guessing that most Freddies don't.

Anyone? Anyone? Help? ^^;;;
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So i'm in need of a job again soon and this time I'm looking for a REAL job. One that doesn't end in a few months and one where I'll actualy be trained for things!

I'd prefer to make $12+ but I'll settle for $10p/h if there are benefits in the near future. Here is my Resume for perusal.

I'm currently Temping in an Administrative Position. And I have been doing similar work for 6 years now. I was happy to temp for a while but i'm so ready to settle down and start something real.

I'll forward my resume on if you have something you think I might be interested in!

(I'm not keen on putting my resume up for the whole world to stalk me ;)
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PDX Browncoats [cross-posted]

The PDX Browncoats are a group of Firefly/Serenity fans in the Portland/Vancouver area. We've been meeting at least once a month since May. We have our monthly shindigs, Serenity parties, and we are planning other fun events including Firefly viewing parties for knitters, viewing parties for non-knitters, Firefly RPG, and movie nights.

If you'd like to get involved, you don't have to be a Firefly fan. If you've never seen Firefly, you are welcome to join us for one of our viewing parties, which would be a perfect introduction to the series. If you like Firefly but haven't seen the Serenity movie yet, come join us the next time we go see it. Bring your friends and family. Our events are all-ages, child-friendly, and just plain friendly. We welcome all newcomers.

To find out more, join us at our yahoo group. The next shindig is Sunday, Nov. 6th at Lucky Lab in SE. Come join us!
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Peoples of Pdx...have you (or anyone near and dear to you) used Dermalogica for your face?
Did it work?
Someone suggested it to me but I don't know anyone else that has used it and what their experiences were with the product.

Personal Trainer Wanted

I belong to a big corporate gym who sells products, supplements and personal training galore.  I am interested in getting a personal trainer, but I'm not sure that I'm getting a good deal and I want the *best* deal I can get.

Note: I am locked into this gym for life and paying out the nose for it, so, going to another gym isn't an option.

1. I was quoted at $1,499 for 30 sessions, which boils down to about $50 a pop for an hour-long session.  How does this sound to you?

2. Have any of you ever heard of or had a trainer who belongs to the same gym (but isn't employed by them)  who would train you at your gym?  Frankly, I'd rather pay an independent trainer than put more money in my gym's pocket.

Any ideas and/or input appreciated. Thank you!

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so does anyone know where i can get a diva cup around the se? i have been checking out grocery stores...and even went into a pharmacy yesterday but no one seems to carry it.

any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Cowboy Celtic in Hillsboro

Do you like Celtic music? Do you like Cowboy music? If so (or even if you only like one of those styles), you will love Cowboy Celtic. And fortunately, they're going to be performing in Hillsboro on October 27th!

I absolutely love this group but I've never seen them live and I'd prefer not to go alone. Anyone want to join me? Tickets are $15.
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