October 15th, 2005

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As a kid I used to see all sorts of documentaries on ufos, esp, ghosts, kirlian (spelling?) photography, Atlantis, bigfoot, and the loch ness monster. True or not, that stuff really got my imagination going. I knew that a lot of it was bullshit, but it was cool. I liked the idea that I could see the edge of what we, as a culture, knew. I wanted to be there when we discovered the secret of ESP or when we met an alien race.

These days there's nothing like that. X-Files was the nail in the coffin for assimilating curiosity into dismissive fiction. Don't get me wrong, I really liked the X-Files (even if it did overstay its welcome).

The only thing around these days that gets me excited is those crop circles. (Shame on that movie Signs for being so retarded. The preview looked so promising).

My point' I just saw an indian news report about a giant skeleton . I'll admit, I've had a couple glasses of wine and so my judgment is impaired, but is this real? I want it to be real. It looks sort of like bullshit. I have that same odd nervous feeling I used to get when I was a kid. I guess my points are two-fold... Anyone know the skinny? Fake? Real? And my second point is, why is our culture so boring these days? Seems like with better science we'd be finding all sorts of cool weird stuff... Why are we so lame?
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Play-station Portable(PSP)???

Who here owns one? Do they have a good game selection? (I don't play first-person shooters, simulators, etc... I'm much more interested in good multi-hour role-playing types) How much does the 1 and 2 gigabyte memory cards cost? Is it easy loading video content or modifications?

Any information would be great. I just got paid, took care of all the bills, and have enough left over to indulge myself in a bit of retail therapy (since my laptop is still in the shop).
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do you bring your house plants in for the winter? mine are on our porch, and I have about 30 of them (pretty much every type Freddy's sells) and I'd like to leave them out for the winter because of the light, but I'm afraid they'll get too cold.

do you bring your cat in? mine's a pain the in ass so I'd like to leave her out like I did for the summer, but again, I worry. she has a warm box with blankets and pillows she sleeps in, but if it snows where is she going to poop?
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There's a website that I'm looking for, and google has come up with nothing. It's a crazy christian website for kids, with a little lamb mascot. It talks about converting other religions, and depicts other religions as cranky old goats/elephants, etc. Any ideas? Thanks in Advance.

A Fall Lamb recipe

It is so windy and pretty outside, with glimmers of sunlight an dleaves an dlots of clouds. i thought I would sahre a recipe with you all. I tried this a couple of weeks ago, and I thought it was pretty darn good.

Lamb shanks with tomato - cinnamon sauce

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Reading Frenzy Installation

Hey There,

I run a small specialty bookstore downtown called Reading Frenzy. We recently celebrated our 11th anniversary and we're in the process of redecorating, fluffing and freshening the store. Last year Justin "Scrappers" Morrison painted a mural on the upper five feet of our walls and ever since then the mostly empty back wall has looked pretty grim. Then I saw Justin's amazing knick knack art installation next door and Half & Half and decided that's just what we neeed to finish off the space.

So, here's where you come in -- we're gathering random ephemera, found art, and salvaged materials to fill a 16'x5' space. Items should be somehow related to: Portland, Oregon, Pacific Northwest (industry, flora, fauna, etc), timber, paper, publishing, writing, reading or Reading Frenzy. The tone is old timey. Since this stuff will be 8 feet up and about 6 feet back from the retail floor space, items should probably be at least 8"x10", but I'm sure there will be exceptions.

If you happen to come across something that sounds like it would fit, please drop me a line: chloe@readingfrenzy.com or if it's not too big you could also drop it off at the store with your contact info. If we use the item your name will be included on some kind of signage related to the installation.



i was wondering if anyone knew of a decent psychiatrist that isn't too expensive if paying out of pocket since i don't have insurance. if they work a lot with ADD, that's even better. and i do mean a psychiatrist (or psychiatric nurse practitioner), i already have a counselor. thanks!
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College Football

Even though my team - The Oklahoma Sooners- are having one of the worst seasons I can remember, I would still like to watch them play Kansas at Arrowhead on TBS. But, I do not have cable. I live around 28th and Burnside. Anyone know of a place that might have TBS and let me watch watch that game with some other Oklahomies?


High school blues

What was your high school experience like? Which high school did you go to?

I'm feeling bad about leaving high school junior year to get homeschooled, feeling nostalgic, you know? Used to go to John Marshall High. Ugh.
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I'm asking you, damnportlanders, because I'm pretty sure someone in here will be able to help me out. And it's Portland-related.

I'm turning 21 next month and I want to have a party. Not an everyone-get-drunk party, but a party with some close friends. Seeing as that I live at home with three aiblings (including a sister who's turning 8 on the same day) and two parents, I'd like to get a hotel room for this party. The only potential problem is that while only three people have officially RSVP'd, there could be another three or four more (yes, I was probably dumb for inviting so many people).

If I reserve one of those big rooms with two queen-size beds, would the hotel care how many people were in there as long as we didn't disturb the other hotel patrons? Or would I run into problems? Also, if anyone can recommend a hotel out in NE Portland (I live close to the airport) that wouldn't care about the number of people, then that would be awesome. We're not a loud group. We're probably just going to eat cake and play board games the whole time. Please don't comment with anything like "Cait, you idiot, you shouldn't have wanted six or seven people at your party!"
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I need to find a 'convenient care' sort of place that is open late-ish.

My shoulder is exploding on me. It is messy and painful. However, I work until 5:30 every day, which limits some of my doctor-seeing options.

I don't want to go to a hospital, because they charge *so* much more than individual doctors or small clinics, and my insurance hasn't kicked in yet.

Back in CA, we had places that we called 'doc in the box'; sort of like mini emergency rooms for little, miniature emergencies, staffed by maybe 3 or 4 doctors. I haven't found anything like that in Portland.

Suggestions? I'd really like to get this taken care of ASAP.
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I'm making some t shirts for a friend, the kind where you print the design from a computer then iron it on the shirt. The problem is I don't have access to a color printer. Does anyone know of a copy shop that will allow me to print some color images from a CD onto my special t shirt paper?

regular 8mm film

Hey there. Does anyone know of a local supplier (or -any- supplier) of regular 8mm film (color and/or B&W)? I know Portland has a lively 8mm community but I can't seem to find its online home.

I want to make moving pictures!
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