October 14th, 2005

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so okay, tonight I was hanging around 3rd and W burnside waiting for xbxrx to play the foodhole.

and anyway, above the tube which is right next to the food hole I heard the most amazing band play!

I was not sure if they were practicing or what because Ive been up in that place before and I think it's meant for bands to practice, anyway... they just sounded so good! any one know who that was playing? this was around 9:30pm
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In the news...

Okay, I haven't dumped any off-topic ramblings in here for a while. It must be time. Crossposted from my journal. Enjoy if you wanna.

"Memeologist" Dead at 87

(Dubuque, Iowa) The online world lost a giant yesterday afternoon with the passing of Hiram Wengler. Wengler, long known as "the guy who started that whole 'interview me' thing" and the inventor of over 300 LiveJournal memes, was 87. Cause of death has not been released by the family, although a nephew speculated that he had become engrossed in the "bad_tattoos" community and simply forgotten to eat or drink for several days.

Born in Berlin, Wengler arrived in the U.S. as an infant. He is survived by seven children and one grandchild, "Cubby." Wengler often worried that the family line was destined to come to an end in the U.S., and from the looks of Cubby it appears that Wengler's worries were prophetic.

Wengler's career as a "memeologist" started by accident, as many influential careers do. His first exposure to LiveJournal was in Tennessee in the mid-90's, when an ugly chance encounter with a nearly-rabid former Vice President Al Gore resulted in a long stint in a Memphis hospital. He took quickly to the internet, which was provided in his room. He later joked that he had a nice computer but was unable to "get a meal that didn't taste like goat pee."

Within days, Wengler, AKA "xxpassion37xx" as he was known online, found his calling. His first meme, "what kind of goiter are you?", faded quickly, but he soon found his voice with all-time LiveJournal classics including "if you have ever met anyone online who has changed your life, put this in your journal" and "I'm screening comments, so tell me a secret."

At his death, family members searched his computer files in hopes of unleashing several more of his memes into the LiveJournal blogosphere in his memory, but it appears they were only able to find a recipe for Mrs. Field's cookies, instructions on getting a free computer from Bill Gates, and a gargantuan stash of pornography.

Services will be held online.
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to go with the previous slide film question:

El Boyfriend has a bunch of slide film and is highly interested in having it cross-processed (ie developed into regular photographs rather than slides; the colours come out violent and amazing). do you know of any developers in town that will do this? no one in eugene seemed willing. they just said, "it can't be done." and looked at us like we were retarded.

any ideas?

Need good mechanic

Can anyone recommend a good mechanic who is honest? My car needs work asap; I'd like to take it somewhere Saturday. It's a 2001 Ford (can't argue w/ a free car). I'd like to find a mechanic that won't try to rip me off, who won't talk down to me and does good work. Any recommedations?


For anybody that happened to be watching KATU (channel 2 news)at 11am this morning and were interested in adopting or looking into getting any of the kitties that are at the C.A.T (cat adoption team) from the hurricaine Katrina area, the address is:14175 SW Galbreath Drive
Sherwood, OR 97140
Open Daily 10am - 6pm

NOT in Gresham.

I wish when people put things like this in the news to try to do something for the community, they could at least get it right on the teleprompter.
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free happenings in pdx

hello all...i have been lurking for a while...and have finally decided to post something. thanks for all the amusing articles and super helpful ideas.

anywho...i wanted to know if there is anything free going on tonight in pdx? im really up for doing anything...but want to keep the spending to a min...so a free show...a museum...anything really.

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kuromi is cranky


Halloween's coming a little early this year! After last year's party,
variously described as "awesome", "epic", and "relatively drama-free",
the denizens of Chez Geek are throwing another Halloween bash, and it's
going to be a doozy! Saturday, October 22nd, at Chez Geek, located at
4737 SE 44th Ave, there will be costumes, fun times, and debauchery on
a scale not seen since the fall of Rome. Come one, come all, but come
prepared! Costumes are VERY strongly encouraged. If you can't bring a
costume, bring a bottle of something, or some food. If you can't bring
either, be prepared for certain consequences which may amuse the rest
of the party. The party starts when the sun goes down, and goes until
it stops going. Email chezgeekhousehold@yahoo.com for more
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Stray/lost kitty?

There has been a stray/lost cat around our neighborhood lately. She is very sweet, but also extremely hungry. She is also extremely tiny. She is declawed on all four paws! Thus, I don't think she is an someone's outdoor cat. No collar, obviously.
She is very loving, and likes to sit in laps. She approached my cat and I while we were in the yard, obviously wanting to play. Appears to under a year old or so. I had no problems picking her up to check her out, and she purrs as soon as you start petting her. As best I can tell, she is bug-free, and her ears are clean. When I went to feed her, she started chowing down like she hadn't eaten in weeks. She showed up about 2 - 1 1/2 weeks ago. The neighbors have all been asking since then about where this cat belongs.
Since she has no claws at all, I am not comfy with leaving her outside. She is currently in a seperate room in our basement, away from our cats.

Our two cats would appreciate it if we didn't keep her. Has anyone lost a sweet tabby cat around the Richmond area (We're on 39th between Division and Powell.) or does anyone want to adopt her with promises that she will be going to a good home?

We'll be calling a few local vets to see if anyone has reported her missing.

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I'm curating an art show with all small work, and have an opening for another artist.
All work must be under 12x12 centimeters (that's 4.72 inches)
Each artist will have a pretty decent ammount of space (other artists are putting between 15 and 50 pieces in their space), and the show is in December.

If you're interested, send me an email right away!