October 13th, 2005

  • drjeff

My TV tried to commit suicide!

My nearly-new TV leapt from its perch a couple of nights ago in an obvious protest of rampant commercialism and the dumbing down of the American Intellect. Or, maybe the leg on the stand just broke. Regardless, I now need a television repair person.

Seeing as I don't even TURN AROUND without asking "what would a DP-er do?" I thought I'd prevail upon you lovelies to recommend a place to take my poor wounded idiot box.

So, like, uh, anyone use a TV repair place lately with any success and satisfaction?

First person to say "kill your TV" wins the DamnPortlanders Cliche Plaque.

Thanks for your support, and love to all.
  • ardia

need REALLY bright blue hair . . . HOW?

hey damnportlanders, i wonder what temp dye/spray works the best, i have brown hair and want to make it bright neon blue for Halloween. like brands from Sally Beauty Supply or Hot Topic and on. i need something really temp because i am a serious working woman.... so no bleaching!

in additional, if you know, maybe throw in what hairspray really works as in keeping your hair up as to standing out. im not experienced with this experiment, so i am hoping some of you would be. thanks!

i want to ROCK this Halloween!!!!! :-D

(no subject)

Hum, this could be a long shot, but do any of you DPers know of any good English Bulldog breeders in Oregon? I think it's mean to ship dogs alone in an airplane so I want to get it from somewhere local. I'm sorry to those of you that are offended by breeders, but really, you can't get a bulldog any other way and that's what my boyfriend wants for Christmas. So if anyone has any information on them that would be great. Also prices and if you know of any references, I don't want to buy from a BYB, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance to any of you who provide me with any info.
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someday b/w

this just in!

Free rides and late-night service on New Year’s Eve
Buses, MAX and Portland Streetcar are free after 6 p.m. on New Year’s
Eve, December 31. MAX will continue running every 15 minutes and several major bus lines will continue running every 15-30 minutes until 3 a.m.

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camping on the oregon coast

I'm looking for somewhere to go this weekend to camp, that'se within ear/eye/walking-shot of the water/beach, that's not a 8-million site State Park campground. Specifically, looking for:

* hike-in camping (not oswald west, always fills up :) i'm thinking honest to goodness have-to-carry-a-backpack hike in camping, even if one mile or less :) )
* rustic car camping (no RVs!)
* forest services back roads (we have a station wagon and can sleep in it inconspicuously)

i'm looking at ecola park/tillamook head, or maybe whalen island ...or trying to figure out where there's an accessible beach to camp on that's not "adjacent to a state park or within city limits" (I called state parks and found out the law is that.)

Tall order, but I know DPers can do it :)
Larch Mount
  • taishi

(no subject)

Before my real post I want to say hi, my wife has been a member for awhile, and after reading a few entries I decided to join. Now for a question I have.

My wife and I are thinking of putting our spare room up for rent. I have a good friend who is going to live with me for a month while he looks for a place, and he will be using the room so we can “test” this roommate idea. Afterwards if it works out we want to rent the room.

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i figure it's good to keep tabs on restaurants, as they change frequently. where would you recommend for a steak dinner at a reasonable price? (imagine a scale of dollar signs--five being most costly, out of sight, oh my god expensive. i'm looking for one or two dollar signs.)

thanks for your input.
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pumpkin patches

this may have already been talked about already...


any good pumpkin patches around pdx area?

i went to my favorite one on 148th and marine drive
and it was gone! bulldozed even!!

so i need a new one.


(no subject)

Just wanted to let all you Damn Portlanders know that Bug the Missing Bulldog was recovered.

Not sure of the exact details, but anyone that was keeping their eyes open for him can stop scanning the sidewalks for the pup.
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We just found worms all over our sink -- behind the faucet handles and around the toothbrush and soap holders, where there's always some water. They look like the nematodes you find in river water when you look at in under the microscope in bio class, but it's been like 7 years since I've been in bio... so I'm basically just grossed out to no end.

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I need to know, DP, has this ever happened to you? It's not like we live dirty, we just apparently never wiped up the water from behind the faucet. Do they come from the tap water?? Someone posted a few days ago about tasting/smelling bleach in their water, and at the moment, I think I'd be grateful for that.

EW. ew ew ew.
Darklady by Ator

INVITE: Transmen and Friends’ Pre-Halloween Social

Transmen and Friends’ Pre-Halloween Social

Looking for something to do before Halloween officially arrives? Transmen, their friends, family members, significant others, abd allies are invited to a pre-Halloween social at Darklady Estates in Portland, Oregon.

Bring a potluck item to share, something to drink, a festive mood, and a desire to make new friends. Wear a costume or just come as you are.

If you’re in a really generous mood, bring an animal care product for Dandelion Pet Rescue, which is helping save animals stranded by Hurricane Katrina.

Saturday, October 15
8:00 pm – 1:00 am

Darklady Estates
(email darklady@darklady.com for directions)
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