October 12th, 2005

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baby formula

Does anyone here need or know anyone who could use some baby formula? (Similac and Enfamil stuff)

When my daughter was born the hospital gave me all sorts of free formula stuff and I kept it "in case" we ever needed it, but it looks like we're just not going to need it at all. It seems like a waste to throw it out - but I want my shelf space back. I've also got a few babyfood jars and baby cereals that she won't touch (She was one of those kids that decided that once she could self-feed, she'd never accept anything on a spoon again unless she did it herself.)

Alternately, where/how can I donate this to some charitable organization that could use it? I'm on the east side in Troutdale, so Beaverton/Hillsboro trips are out.
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Public Service Annoucement

There is a wonderful magazine out there called Communication Arts for all those involved in the design, multimedia, illustration and photography industries. Regrettedly, I am most likely going to boycott them, and recommend that anyone else who subscribes to them do the same if this issue isnot resolved in the next week. All I wanted to do is change my regular rate subscription to the student rate (about $20 cheaper a year). My subscription expires with the soon to be released November issue.

Under the cut you will find a series of emails (if'n yer intrigued) to the subscriptions department of this particular publication, in order of most recent. The first is the irate letter sent this morning. It's long, I know. That's why it's behind the cut. Thanks for giving it some attention.

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I need a massage.
Like a real one. I'm not looking for a happy ending...much

It'd be cool if it was through a chiropractor so I could use my insurance, but I'm not too worried about it.

Mainly my shoulder is jacked from pointin' and clickin'

which is lame.

DT or Close SE is preferred

(no subject)

Anyone know of a coffee shop or other good mellow hanging out spot located downtown (real downtown, as in the area around Portland State or Pioneer Square) that would be open until at least 10 or 11? Thanks!
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Um, what is up with all this Hollister stuff? It's all covered with logos. Is anyone else aware that clothes with the makers logo emblazoned all over them in various fonts look moronic?

Or is it just me?

Halloween Costume Advice

Hey all you wonderful DP people out there. I need some costume advice. Last year I went as an evil cheerleader. (Bought the black pleather top / flouncy skirt from Hot Topic... This year I want to go as something different but don't want to have to buy a lot more stuff. I am hoping to "make do" by simply chasing the accesories. I know, I know I am so cheap. I also have a black pleather mini skirt, knee high boots etc.

The ideas I have so far

*Dark Fairy (need black fairy wings)
*Cop or Nurse

What would YOU choose (something not on the list is ok)

I realize this post will probably draw some snarky responses but thats ok...Thanks for your help in advance.
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(no subject)

Does anyone feel like helping me fix my computer?

It will not turn on.

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I laid on the floor of my apartment for a very long time trying to figure this out!
If you try to fix it I'll buy you lunch! Or dinner!

Bike ride time estimate

My gal and I just bought a place up in N. Portland, about 10 blocks north of Lombard off Penninsular.
I'm wondering if anyone here lives around there and happens to commute by bike downtown. If so, how long does it usually take? I'm thinking the rout I'd take would be along N. Interstate.

Anyway, thanks!

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hi there!

does anybody know of any place in portland that i could purchase a load of blank clear plastic CD jewell cases? preferably in some kind of bulk, perhaps by the dozen etc? i had some cds in a book, and i'd like to properly rehouse them before i scatch them to death!


Adopt A Punk Family!

We are a mom, a baby, and two cats looking for a new home.

We need a home where there is no indoor smoking and absolutely no drug use, with room mate(s) who have no criminal record. I can afford about $350 a month but the cheaper the better. Would prefer a residence with high speed internet and washer/dryer; close to public transit. The cats are both fixed and potty-trained. We need to find a home by the end of the month so any help is appreciated. Its hard finding people who want to live with a baby.
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pisang ambon?


i have wracked my brain through and through and have looked all over the internet on how to buy a bottle of pisang ambon and have it shipped to the us.

does anyone know where i can find a link or buy a bottle of this stuff?

i am trying to surprise my love for his birthday in november and cannot find anywhere that will ship it to the us, only to the uk.


please and thanks.

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How to find rooms for rent......

Is there a better place to look for a roommate than craigslist? I mean, craigslist is cool and all, but most of the people advertising there are advertising for houses with a bunch of bedrooms and I don't really want to move in with a whole bunch of people...more like 1...or 2 at the most...I'd like to just have a room in an apartment somewhere close to the Max. lol I tried some of those roommate sites, but most of the ones I looked at required that I pay something to hook me up, so I got discouraged.

Any ideas?
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