October 11th, 2005


Portland Area Pooch Stolen

I'm posting this for a friend of mine, in hopes we can get Bug back to his home:

Some $(%(^*$@% stole Bug the Bulldog from Sesha's (my friend) yard. Any help getting him back to his home would be greatly appreciated. He is brown/brindle, with white feet and has a white stripe down his brown face. He has big black lips too, and his lower teeth usually stick out. Email me and I can send you a pic of him.

There really aren't too many bulldogs out there that look like him. I am pretty sure someone may have seen him. Please help get him back. He is really old now and probably doesn't appreciate being in the company of some cockmunch thief.

In fact, if you find him, I will pay a reward. Double if you tell me who stole him and where they live...


email is Dave@800octane.com

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A different perspective

I'm trying to expand my news reading to include non-US/UK news sources with websites that are in English and which cover world news items.

For the most part this is to get some perspective on what else the world is looking at outside of what my local news station, BBC, and NPR are focused on. Long-term, I would like to have more news from Pacific Rim sources.

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Worky Work!

(no subject)

Since everyone loves Trimet stories, I have one for you all. Enjoy!

Last night while on the MAX to go home, there was a drunk and belligerent man on board, sipping a Powerade bottle filled with some sort of yellowish alcohol. He was swearing and mumbling. Funny thing was that he was dressed pretty nice. Cowboy hat, jeans, sneakers, nice looking jacket. He kept slurring something about "You ever been to Arizona? You ever been to Arizona Jail?!?! It's like this (the MAX was filled with people) and I fucking hate it!"

He (and I) got off at Sunset TC and I went to the above platform and watched him for a few minutes. He reached into one of his bags and grabbed a beer can. Popped it open and poured it into his Powerade bottle. He then threw the can on top of the awning at Sunset. Two second later, he pulled his pants down to the ankles and started pissing all over the platform. Well, no one else did anything! They stood there and acted as if it wasn't a big deal. I called Tri-Met but they were closed. Well, so I called 911. Explained that it wasn't really an emergency, but told them what I was watching. The woman was incredibly nice and asked me to stay on the phone with her. I described the man as I was watching and informed her when he got on the next MAX train. She said the cops would pick him up at a nearby stop. He had mentioned (to no one...) that he was going to Fair Complex. He boarded the train, and that was it.

Crazy. What I thought was really crazy was the fact that people didn't even look up at the guy. Mother and Father with children and they just stood there while a drunk man is urinating two feet away. Now, I'm not saying someone should assault the guy, but come on. Hell, even what I did by calling 911 was something.

Know of any hidden gems? (rentals)

Looking for a home! 2 people plus cat - up to $1100 per month, any 'hood is fine as long as it's fairly close in! Seeking our own place. Great credit, refs, income, etc! Move by 11/1.

Yes, we are actively searching craigslist.org, the Merc, the WW, Oregonlive.com, and many prop. mgmt places. Thanks! :)
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Coffee and book discussion?

Hi! I just moved to SE Portland and love Oregon and have dreamed of living here for a long time. I'm glad to find this community and meet you lovely people. :) Anyone else want to read Elaine Pagels' book, Beyond Belief, about early Christianity, and discuss it at Grendel's or something? I have too much free time, I'm jobhunting and used to having a full life and am just getting started here. I'm about to drive myself and my boyfriend crazy. And if anyone needs a grantwriter, I'm your girl.

Right now, I only check email once/day since I don't have it at home. It may take me a day to answer.

may the geek be with you!

okay, where are all the paranormal people? I geek for paranormal stuff and would like to investigate more. it just seems that it would be much more interesting to do such with other people. yet, I am having a hard time finding communities for it. so, could someone point me in the right direction? or are you / do you know someone who would be interested?

Tights and Tacoma

First, where can I find wool tights? Sometimes they have them at Nordstroms but I haven't seen them yet this year. My feet get soooo cold. Any web sites you know of?

Second, what is there to do in Tacoma? I want to go to a museum there but is it worth staying overnight and hanging around a second day?

creative solutions?

Anyone have any creative solutions to the transients/bums/beggars who frequent the overpasses and off-ramps around the city with their "Insert message here, GOD BLESS" signs?

There was an article in WW a few months back about the people standing there. For the most part these people aren't homeless as much as convicted fellons and drug addicts living "off the grid." I'm fed up of being assaulted and having people come RIGHT UP to my car at a red light asking for money.

Any inspired suggestions as to what we -as a community- should do about this?

another drug test question...sorrryy!

Okay I've tried looking this online but I can't find much

I have a saliva drug test coming up (a swab is inserted into your mouth, left for two minutes, then off to the lab)
And I'm wondering how accurate (aka, how far back it will be able to detect drug use- i.e. marijuana) this test is compared to the urine test.
It has now been 2 weeks since I've smoked...if that helps any.

Thaaaaaaaaank youuuuuu!
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Worky Work!

(no subject)

How do you guys feel about wood pellets? I use them for cat litter (vet recommended) and they work great. Cheap too! Around $4 for a 40 pound bag that lasts 2 to 3 weeks.

My main concern...are they cutting down trees (see - hippy love) for this? Or are they leftovers from the cut down trees?



Ok, so I've been keeping my eye on craigslist, oregonlive, even when I'm driving around, but I'm not finding a whole lot. I'm looking for a studio/1 bed, preferably SE area (I'm willing to go a little past 82nd), that will take a cat. Most I'm looking to spend is 450 a month. Can anyone recommend a possible real estate company or property management where I can get some listings? Does your building possible have anything available? Thanks for the help.

The Tragedies Sketch Comedy Show Necrophabulous!

Local sketch troupe announces their latest show: “necrophabulous!”

PORTLAND, OR—SEPTEMBER 27, 2005. Best known for their darkly sharp humor and vaudeville-inspired themes, Portland-based sketch comedy troupe The Tragedies have announced their next comedic outing, the Halloween-themed “NECROPHABULOUS!” Following up their sold-out run this year, The Tragedies have promised to donate a portion of final night ticket proceeds as well as a portion of total merchandise proceeds from their new production to help benefit the Hurricane Katrina survivors through the Oregonian’s United Way contribution drive. The troupe, which has performed in benefits for Mercy Corps alongside other notable local sketch and improv troupes in the past, have also agreed to donate an additional $500 to the United Way Hurricane Relief Fund if they are able to fill the theater for all four nights. The show will run Friday and Saturday nights, Oct. 14th, 15th, 21st and 22nd at the historic Interstate Firehouse Cultural Center at 5340 North Interstate Avenue. The final performance on Saturday, October 22nd will include a costume contest with prizes for the most outré get-ups as well as an after-party with the location to be announced. Doors open for all performances at 10:15pm. Merchandise, including stickers and T-shirts, will be available at all 4 shows. Tickets are $10 each or $7 with student ID. For more information or to pre-book tickets, call 503-367-2100 or visit http://www.TheTragedies.com.

Tri-Color Kamon

Lunch at 桜花 (Sakura Bana)

(x-posted to damnportlanders, letsgoeat_pdx and winter_in_asia)

Went to lunch at Sakura Bana today. It's a great little restaurant over on the west side (Raleigh Hills, to be exact). The sushi was awesome and the food was very authentic.

Prices, for lunch, at least, seem fairly reasonable. As someone who lived in Japan for two years, I'm all about recommending it.

Additionally, does anyone know if there's a good Portland restaurant community?
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Is anybody looking for a place to live?

We are looking for a third roomate for our 3 bedroom duplex on NW 26th and Raleigh (close to 23rd) with hardwood floors, big basement, washer and drier, and offstreet parking. The front yard faces Chapman Elementary School. Rent: $388 + 1/3 utilities

Roomates are 23 & 25 male, Non-Smokers, Occasional Drinkers, straight.