October 10th, 2005

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i work at transition projects, a community service center for the homeless. with the cold season upon us (and it's only going to get worse) we are in desperate need of your leftovers and throwaways: sweaters, coats, hats, mittens, wet-weather shoes, ponchos, and especially blankets. if you have ANYTHING that is still usable, please bring it to:
475 NW Glisan St, on the corner of 5th and Glisan, just off the Steel Bridge.

we also hand out hygiene kits on a constant basis and will welcome things like bars of soap, sample packets of shampoo, conditioner, lotion, travel sized toothpaste and deoderant, dental floss, toothbrushes, and packages of tampons and pads, even aspirin, bandaids, and anti-septic wipes.

who wants a tax write-off?

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hi, my place of employment (rocksolid community teen center) is having a benefit show on the 20th at Rock and Roll Pizza. We are raising money to fund our new mentoring program. you should go. It's 5 dollars.

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I have a rant about the portland and vancouver police.

Last night my mom's ex broke into her car and stole the stereo + slashed up the interior of the car to "prove a point". He admitted it to us because somehow he knew what the police were going to say when we called them this morning. He even said that he sold the stereo to a guy in Portland. So we call the police this morning, they act like it's no big deal.. and because there have been prior problems (domestic violence etc) word for word what the cop said was "Sometimes people just say they know who broke into their cars to start problems." 1. because they "can't prove it's his voice" on the voicemail because he called from a payphone. and 2. "there's a no contact order in effect. I highly doubt that anyone would be dumb enough to break it." And when we told them we knew where the stereo was? "That's not our juristdiction." Basically a big eff you.

So we call Multnomah County. We tell them that this guy has stolen property. He says "and how are you going to prove that?"

I mean good lord. So basically they're saying 1. It's okay to steal stuff if you have a history of beating the shit out of your girlfriend. and 2. Nobody gives a flying flip about things like that.

wtf is wrong with our police system? Someone explain this phenomenon to me. I always thought the police were here to protect us, not to wait until something happens and then not even fucking bother to clean up the mess.
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Bulldog STOLEN near SE Powell and 17th. Please help!

Please repost if you can. My friends miss their awesome dog! And if anyone has a way to post the picture here please do! (I don’t have a way to link pictures)

Please go here to see a picture and if you have any info:

or here: WWW.RAININBLOOD.COM to leave a message
or just post something here and I will try and keep up on it.

“Bug was stolen out of our yard this weekend and we need all the help we can get to help find him.
If you live in the Portland area please repost this as many times as you can, we are trying to spread the word and get him home as soon as possible.
He is in danger of becoming very sick/ or dead because he has many special needs that need daily care and maintenance.
Thanks to everyone who helps!!
Eli and Sesha”
At least my boobs are big!


My car was in a fender bender today, and it wasn't my fault. I'm supposed to get an estimate on the repairs, though, do you all know any good body shops? It's a '95 Honda Civic if that helps.

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Small ladies bike on PSU campus near Stephen Epler Hall. (SW 12th and Montgomery)

It appeared Thursday or Friday night and after it sat outside for 3 days without moving I have given it a safe home in a locked environment. If it is yours please contact me. All info is in my LJ profile.

x-posted wherever I could think of.

What to do about the Nose Cone?

Fellow DPers, please tell me what you would do if you were me. This weekend, the neighbor next door with all the SETI gear on his roof took delivery of a nose cone, and by that I mean a real friggin Russian space capsule nose cone. (It's got a red hammer and sickle logo on the side.) It's taller than my house. My fear is that he's going to order the main shaft, fins, and an engine mount and stage a launch out of his back yard. I'm not sure if I should sell tickets for admission or move out of there before all hell breaks loose. Does anyone know if the local NASA chapter has a special hotline to report on people building rockets, and I mean in the SE neighborhood? A Google search came up empty.

Coheed and Cambria tickets - 10/10/05

So I am a dumbass, and waited til the last minute to get my tickets. They are my absolute favorite band, and we were planning on going for our one year anniversary. If you have any or know anyone who has two extras, I would be willing to pay something over face value (not too much...I am poor...that's why I had to wait till today to purchase).

Help a girl out. Please?

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so i just moved over a few blocks from multnomah village. i go to pcc sylvania. im not real familiar with the multnomah villaige area. anyone have any places around there theyd like to recomend? and is there anywhere where my boyfriend could take his laptop and work and get some coffee that has wifi? and a place to plug his laptop in?

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My litter sister is looking for an asian import type place like Uwajimaya that would have kimono's that she could wear for halloween. Does anyone know where she could find one for kind of cheap, considering she's 10 and it's a halloween costume.

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Just out of curiosity, does anyone know what it takes to become a Mortician/Undertaker in the state of Oregon? Know anyone that has chosen this as their profession? Anyone out there interested in undertaking?

bars etc

My best friend and her boyfriend are visiting me from DC. I've only been here about 3 months now, and don't really drink. I need suggestions for good bars(or anything else you people may think of) to take them to. They more or less fit into the vegan tattooed beer and bourbon drinking bike messenger category. I know there are plenty of those types in Portland. Where do they hang out? Ideally they'll think Portland is "K Rad" and move here eventually, so I need to woo them with good jukeboxes and cheap beer. Any suggestions are appreciated.