October 9th, 2005

I am the warrior

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On a related subject to an earlier post... (Only reposted because I can safely say I'm not looking for 'Women-Only' Martial arts classes ;))

Been trying to find a good martial arts center for a while. Been leaning towards Krav Maga, but I don't actually have any experience with the center here. Anyone have any experience in this area?

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Looking for a hair salon in SW or Tigard that isn't overwhelmingly snooty or yuppie-ish, but does a good job dying colors and blending them in tastefully (like green). I'm also a fairly un-girly first-timer at any kind of salon and need some genuine, helpful assistance negotiating what I want. So, patient employees, sensible atmosphere, decent pricing, and a 'do suitable for a working girl. Possibly also open today?

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i had my truck broken into while i was inside beaverton honda/yamaha yesterday at about 3:30pm. i had to park on the north side of cascade because of motorcross jumping they had going and their lot was full. i was only out of sight from my rig 30 minutes and when i came back out to my truck i noticed the driver side door wasn't closed. found both doors unlocked (i remember locking them) and opened the door to see my glovebox open and everything a mess in the cab. the bastards took my full case of cds that was under my seat so they got about 60 cds, plus i had a bag of army camos they decided i didn't need. they left my nice nike snowboard jacket but decided to use my own framing hammer, that they found in the back seat, to pry at the dash around my cd player. they either got spooked or they decided to bolt because they only got one corner of the dash piece up around the cd player. they didn't even take the faceplate that was still attached. they didn't see my digital camera crammed between the seat frame and the trans hump so i was able to take pictures of the scene. they got my drivers side door unlocked by prying a screwdriver behind the drivers side door handle, the rubber seal around the door handle has been pushed in on the top left corner. there must have been 2 people because both doors were found unlocked.

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if you happen to be traveling down cascade ave in tigard (across from staples, wicks and comp usa) on saturday between 3:30-4:00pm and saw ANYTHING happen around a blue chevy truck please call me, Alex, at 503-944-9268 or call the tigard police department.
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Winter blues

Winter is almost upon us, and I know that many of you like I, probably suffer from S.A.D. as I'm not a native North Westener.

Now granted, I LOVE the weather here, I love the rain, but irregardless I'm going to suffer some blue days, as well as I hear a lot of people and internet acquaintances from here to Canada suffer.

I've taken steps to alleviate the depression which seem to work well, but I want to hear what you do to combat the Seasonal Blues.

[ I really don't want suggestions of the light box, it's something I think is hoaky even though other people swear by it, but if you use it and it works well for you, then please say so. ]


****Edit****** SOLD!

I still have this October Bus pass to get rid of! Everyone who said they may have wanted it flaked on me.

It is an Adult 1 and 2 zone Trimet pass.

I can bring it to you today whereever you may be. I would like $40, but I am accepting ANY offers now, as the best one I got so far is NOTHING. Make an offer. It could be yours. If I can't sell if for anything, I am giving it to my neighbor.

One more time

I am so sorry for asking this question, it has been gone over many times. I really should learn to write these things down.
Please don't kill me out of annoyance.
Where can one find a functional (b&w or color, doesn't matter) photo booth?
I apologize again because I have seen this question posed so many times.
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New Rule in Effect

Updated Userinfo:

It is absolutely not allowed to use the subject matter in a personal journal to bash an opinion in a DamnPortlander's post, no matter whether they are the poster or a commenter. There will be immediate banishment until further notice; based upon your apology to person attacked, and sincere promise to withstand such immediate urges in the future. If it is observed that behavior to involve a user's personal journal content as mockery, then a second lasting banishment will be in effect.

Thank you.

And we are here to pump you up!

The rain and darkness are setting in, and it's time to move my workouts indoors. I'm in SE Portland near Laurelhurst Park. Last winter I joined the Hollywood 24 Hour Fitness. I might go back based on convenient location, but it was pricey and always so crowded when I went, and I don't like being rushed or waiting for equipment. This year I'd like to find a gym that's nearby, open early, and low-cost. I'd prefer a pool, but I could do without.

The options I've found so far are:
  • Hollywood 24-Hour Fitness
  • Mall 205 24-Hour Fitness
  • Cascade Athletic Club at 92nd and Stark
  • Bally Total Fitness near Mall 205

    Anyone else in the area have insight on membership prices, all around goodness, etc.? What other clubs are nearby?
  • tia dalma

    aww...makes me homesick.

    I'm currently at school in Ohio [Oberlin College!] and was watching the Food Network and on the show "The Secret Life of...", which features histories and facts about various foods, they talked about Portland, Voodoo Donut and their donut eating contest.

    I love it when P-town is on TV. It's kind of sad that I have yet to have a Voodoo Donut donut.

    Another thing to do when I go home...
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    So, this always works for other people back home in b0st0n, so hopefully damnportlanders is just as helpful:

    I'm in town for work, and just got done with all I have to do today. Now I'm hoping to go out and explore Portland, but didn't pick up a city guide. Can anyone suggest a good place to start? I'm open to any sort of suggestions - a good neighborhood to find a brew-pub... or to wander around and see something I can't see anywhere but Portland... or whatever.

    I'm staying out by the Airport... have a rental car, and a pretty decent sense of direction. Also, I'm only here till tomorrow morning... so anything I do will have to be in the next several hours.


    (cross-posted a bit - if you knew that already, sorry for the duplicate post)