October 6th, 2005



The livejournal user xsecrets  (I do not know this person) commented in my journal with a LJ link and the link gave my computer a virus (trojan horse).

I understand it is possible that this person did not mean to do this or someone else could have somehow made this happen without this user knowing-being very ignorant about computer stuff I just felt obliged to warn all you damnportlanders that this is a possibility, something I did not realize could happen until it did-the virus even made it through my virus protection so I am having a hassle fixing it.

I want to add to my list of people that suck:

bike theives, people who litter, and people who make and intentionally spread computer viruses!



Turban Varga
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My partner, our two kitties and I are looking for a new place to live. I'm scouring all the classifieds but things here fill up FAST... at least in the area we're looking. If you see any "For Rent" signs in your neighborhood for a one or two bedroom duplex/multiplex on the inner eastside (20th & below), please drop me a line. We're in the $500-$750/month rent range. We want to find a great place before putting in our 30 day notice at our current place.

Many thanks, etc.
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Did I miss the great debate?

Why is no one talking about Bush an his attempt at gettign HIS LAWYER appointed to the Supreme Court?

Why are you DPers not outraged?

I'm so confused as to how Bush would even think it was ok to 1. appoint his PERSONAL Lawyer (isn't that a HUGE conflict of interest?)
and 2. Appoint someone who's NOT EVEN A JUDGE
patsy stone thanxgiving


for some reason my response to the post below won't go through.... :-(
so here's my reaction:

well if a monkey was appointed to presidency then what's the outrage about someone who's not a judge to be appointed as a supreme court justice??

next thing you know we're gonna have a whole zoo on capitol hill :-) it's the hot trend these days to appoint monkeys, donkeys, zebras, orangutangs, apes, baboons, chimps etc as politicians :-)
"and now featuring, at the end of the national mall, the national zoo!!! in it we have representatives from all 50 states -- 55 just from California!"

National Novel Writing Month

National Novel Writing Month is an online challenge that takes place every November, in which each participant tries to write 50,000 words in 30 days - no perfectionism or editing allowed, just words words words. I've been doing this for two years... succeeded the first year and failed miserably the second, but both were hella fun! I'm back for another year.

Who else is in?

Check it out: http://www.nanowrimo.org
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Sat night Out

OK as referenced HERE
We've decided to Have a Fun Night Out
I know I have to end up at Ash Street for oddiophile's show (sucks being friends with people in bands)

Where should we start? Downtown works for me. Personaly I'd say 9PM at the bar side of Berbati's but that's what I always do and it's good to try something new!

Velour is nice for aps and stuff. a little spendy but sometimes that's fun. (but it's better for the after show since it's open till 4am)
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Ask-A-Nurse number?

I need the number for one of the local Ask-A-Nurse lines. dexonline.com has failed me and I got rid of my phone directories like a moron about three months ago. Somebody have it? My cold / chest infection from hades thanks you.
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Sushi PSA

Bush Gardens downtown has some seriously good Spanish mackerel on special right now. Go eat some!

Also, the flounder (also special) is tip top :D

I was there last night and was most impressed!

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Has anyone seen a place around with a large selection of men's vintage cowboy boots?
Or, does anyone have a neat pair lying around they want to sell me? I’m looking for a pair in men's size 9 or 9 1/2 I think (women's 11).

Thank you in advance for any advice.

Fall colors

The sugar maples near my work have been displaying some magnificant orange and red leaves. Cheetos colors! Can you tell I'm hungry?

Where's the best place in Portland to see the fall colors?

Plans? yeah, we got 'em

The Altarboys - comically untalented - FINAL SHOW before we play with UK Subs

The Marks - super catchy Rancid style P-U-N-K 2 guitars 2 singers and a drum machine

Jackmove - I swear to GOD they had a song stolen by The Dwarves, which is fucking COOL and they should sue the fuck outta those rock stars

The Fez 316 SW 11th Ave, Portland 21+
(or good fake ID)


Come see Ellen before she leaves for San Francisco
sunshine dance gentleflower

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ok folks, please help me out. i do no thave the ability to drive, i have some cash but not enough, and im not old enough. i cant rent a uhaul. anyone have a truck or van big enough to put some furniture in it, namely a queen size bed? i have other furniture too. it could be done in trips. i need to move this weekend. i could give you a little cash to help with gas and maybe order a pizza when we are done. ive gotta be out of my place, they are being assholes and i must be out this weekend. so i am looking towards you, kind portlanders. i know you guys can do more than rant and cause flame wars. show your hearts. i know you can do it!
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Me and Kermit

Takin' it to the Supremes

Well, I assume that all of you are following the progress of Oregon's case against the Federal Government on the Oregon Death With Dignity Act.
If not, maybe you should - it's not every day that Oregon gets a case all the way up the Supreme Court.
There is some excellent commentary here at SCOTUS blog with additional material about anything else involving SCOTUS (Supreme Court of the United States) such as the Miers nomination.

And based on the arguments by the US Goverment, should the Feds win (which seems unlikely but you never know), the case could serve it seems as a precedent for blocking medical marijuana programs, if you swing that way. The main argument against Oregon seems to be that assisted suicide by perscribed overdose is an "unlawful use" of legal medication and/or an unauthorized use of federally controlled substances. It's this argument that seems like it's priming the pump for the Feds to go after States that have passed medical marijuana programs.

The Supreme Court is not evil. But you should pay attention to what's going on there. It's far more interesting than Congress.

End of that little tirade.

Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang, Ha Ha

Where can one buy squibs? You know, squibs- as in bang-bang-oh-no-he's-dead-not-really-they're-just-squib squibs. And no it's not for Halloween or to give my grandpa a heart attack so I can gain his fortune..... hey there's an idea... I mean- what? I love my grandpappy.
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I will be the Penalty Mistress during the Rose City Rollers first bout on October 22nd. I'm looking for stocks to put the ladies who get sent to the box in for easier punishment. I think I'll only need to borrow them for that day. Anybody out there with stocks they would be willing to loan me? I'm looking for something like Collapse )
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I'm thinking of getting a Motorola Razr

My friend in Boston who has had both the Sidekick II and the Other Motorola one I want says this is the better option and that AIM is super rad on it.

i can get it for $219 if i do a 2 year plan with T-Mobile. Which is fine with me, since I already have t-mobile.

Anyone use this phone? Opnions? Thoughts?

Jazz clubs?

There are so many jazz clubs here in town that it's hard to decide where to go based off what I see on citysearch and googled info. Anyone have any recommendations? I have been to Jimmy Maks and Alexanders (in the Hilton) and they are grand, but want to try something different.
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Image hosted by Photobucket.com

"The Electrical Ink Blot Garden" is a new idea in interactive theater.

A spiraling, thumping, mind-altering bouquet of cosmic creation.
Imagine a TechnoDanceTheater.
Imagine an interactive play where there is no audience, only participants.
Imagine a performance that blasts into a party!

The Play is a journey through the chakra system; each scene is a different chakra…

::: The main character is your everyday Joe in our modern society who has extraordinary things happen to him:::

::: There is an emphasis on the poetic form, in the theatrical aspect of it:::

::: There is no stage, there are only environments:::

::: There are multiplots happening simultaneously:::

This is more than just a theater experience. It is two weekends of performance, art, music, play, dance, education, celebration and love!

An all night ecstatic dance party featuring Pitch Black (NZ), Antara (AUS), Bluetech (CAN), Michael Manahan (SEA), Rain, Manoj, and Luna and Solus (PDX)

“The Electrical Inkblot Garden”
Oct 13, 14, 15, 21, 22
at The Center Ring (5339 SE Foster)


Collapse )

Banquet room/restaurant suggestions

My company is looking to host a dinner for 30 people with a $15-20 per person allowance. We would *really* prefer something on the West side or downtown as a lot of people will be from out of town and we want to stay close to their hotel.
We have ruled out McMenamins and the Spaghetti Factory as we are tired of those places. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks.
rrrrow ffft!

Music woes

I write (badly) for an online music zine (http://www.evilsponge.org). Or at least I did, before I moved here. Back in Atlanta, I was going to local shows at least once a week. I thought I'd find people fairly quickly here to go see local music with, but I've been here 5 months now and I haven't yet. I started grad school at PSU, so I can't get too crazy with show-going, but I'd at least like to go 2ce a month. I figure that fits in my budget, both time-wise and monetary.

Sooooo... who here frequents local music? And more importantly, who wants a tag-along buddy? I hate going to shows by myself. :)

Oh yeah, and I like everything... punk, indie, rock, industrial, pop, or any derivative/combination of them. The only thing I'm not real big on is jazz.

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girl at desk

These guys are AWESOME!! Come check them out!!

"Automatic Hotel"

Automatic Hotel *Live* on the air on 98.3FM on the PSU campus and 1450AM citywide Portland, Oregon
Friday, October 21st

*5:00 pm Pacific time*

Simulcast live worldwide on kpsu.org!!
Tune in here!

Automatic Hotel live at

Porky's Pub - Portland, Oregon
Friday, October 21st
@ 10pm


Porky's Pub - Portland, Oregon
Saturday, October 22nd
@ 10pm

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