October 5th, 2005


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this will probably be asked a million times by the end of the month..

I'm not really looking for haunted houses, etc (though on second thought, recommendations for good ones would be nice too). mostly party like situations due to the fact that I am trying to justify a costume (Corpse Bride! yesss). I am not one with knowledge of good all ages or 18+ Halloween parties. so parties, who puts on good ones for Halloween?

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Seattle passes the worst law in man's history.

SEATTLE, OCTOBER 4: The Seattle city council approved some of the strictest adult-entertainment regulations of any big city in the country, banning lap dances and the tipping of dancers in their G-strings. The council voted 5-4 on Monday to require that dancers stay 4 feet from patrons, and that the clubs maintain at least parking-garage brightness throughout the premises.
Private rooms will not be allowed and patrons will be offered a tip jar, instead of dealing directly with dancers.

“For the most part, the attraction's gone,” said Gillevy, a lawyer for Rick's adult nightclub in Seattle.

“It will make the clubs less fun.”

The legislation was requested by mayor Greg Nickels and will take effect six months after he signs it. The mayor's office said the restrictions were needed to prevent a rash of cabarets from opening after a federal judge struck down the city's 17-year moratorium on new strip clubs.

Those who opposed the rules suggested zoning would be a better way to regulate strip clubs. Seattle has no zoning regulations governing adult entertainment.

Opponents also argued that the rules were unbecoming of a city that prides itself on being liberal and tolerant.

“Without being prudes, we can be prudent,” said councilman Nick Licata.

“For far too long, men have tried to tell women what work they can do,” added councilwoman Jean Godden.

In the late 1980s, concerned residents persuaded the city to impose a 180-day moratorium, to keep the number where it was while officials studied the social effects of the clubs and whether zoning regulations were needed.

Thank the lord we live in Portland.

Pain and Suffering?

I was in a car accident in August and and I was injured. People have told me that they got a check from their insurance company for "pain and suffering" or compensation or whatever... anyway, I have a lot riding on whether I get a check or not and how much, so here's my question for you.

If you have ever been in a car accident, did your insurance company send you a check? How long after the accident? How much did you receive? (you don't have to answer this one if it's too personal). And who was your insurance company?

We got the money for my fiance's car pretty quick, and I've already racked up like $5,000 in medical bills. I filled out the application awhile ago, and I just want to know when I'll see some money. Something good needs to come out of this.
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The NBA... it's FANtastic!

My email this morning brought the usual cavalcade of porn spam and misleading come-ons for various investments, a few LJ comment notifications, and more porn spam (see grannies get drilled!!). And, now that the NBA season is almost underway, the Blazers have started bombarding me again. I think they have an employee devoted solely to ME.

Today's desperate Blazer plea was a little different, though. The marketing department has decided that, instead of promising something mundane like a winning season, a good team, or competently-played basketball, they will gain more Blazer converts by selling DANGER and UNPREDICTABILITY:

Yes, young teams are scary and unpredictable--but they're also exciting,
enthusiastic and willing to try just about anything because...well...
they don't know any better! On any given night you may see something
that you've never seen before--and may never see again.

Whoa! They are "willing to try just about anything" because "they don't know any better!" We're not even going to coach them! Youth will be served!

You can imagine the announcements at the Rose Garden: "As a special note to our guests seated in the first several rows... please be aware that the TrailBlazers assume no responsibility for your personal safety. One of our players could leave the playing surface at any time. They are willing to try just about anything."

Management should just go all the way on this one. Let's REALLY give the fans a show, and let them "see something they've never seen before." Knife fights! Fans selected at random and devoured by lions! Zach Randolph hustling in the fourth quarter, down by 15 points! Someone on the team with an ability to make a 20 foot jumper!

Man, I'm getting all excited about basketball again.
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I'm looking for a dentist. But not just any dentist, because you see, I'm picky. A picky person from Portland, what?

Anyway, I'm looking for someone who is real gentle and won't harp on me for not having gone in for several years. I know there is a lot to be done, and I don't need to feel guilty on top of the pain. It's a long story, but I have been quite wary of dentists since about the third grade, and I'm looking for someone that can hopefully help me get over it. And it would be a major plus if I could listen to music during procedures to get my mind off of it.

Price isn't a big issue if they are covered by my insurance (Blue Cross.) Any suggestions?

EDIT: I can go anywhere as long as it's near a bus route, but I prefer it to stay closer in...
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First Thursday!!!

If anyone is looking for something to do tomorrow night: at 8pm, my band The Eyelids is playing a free show at the Couch Gallery (pronounced kowch) 328 NW Broadway No. 117. www.myspace.com/theeyelids

a rollicking good time will be had by all

Trimet bus pass for sale!

****Edit****** SOLD!

I have a Trimet bus pass I would like to sell.

It is an Adult 2-zone. I could bring it to you.

Make me an offer! I know it is 5 days into the month, so what do you think is fair? Normally they cost $55.00.

I could get one through my work every month for a discounted price. If you would like to buy this bus pass, we could maybe work something out to sell you my bus pass every month.
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Answering Services?

Does anyone by chance know of any really great, reasonably priced professional answering services that are based in Portland? We're a medical supply company, and need a service that specializes in medical office calls. We currently use a company, that while incredibly well priced, they're not doing so well. And are going to end up costing us money in the long run if they keep messing up calls!

Any personal references(or first hand experience with said company) would be great!

Thanks so so much!
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pet sitting services?

we're going out of town for thanksgiving and christmas. any recommendations on places that will come and feed/clean/entertain the kitties for a couple of hours every other day? we used fetch pet care down in the bay area:


is there anything similar up here?
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Please come see my band, Dear DPers.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Hey everyone, here is a last minute post to let you know that DeHaviland is playing at The Ash Street Saloon this Saturday, October 8th. In honor of our Opening Act, The lovely and talented Jasmine Ash, I am temporarily renaming the venue as The Jasmine Ash Street Saloon. One night only, hope they don't mind. The Imprints are also playing! If you have not seen them, now is your chance before they blow up and don't talk to you anymore. No, not really. They are the kind of down-to-earth rockstars that Portland needs. Tim Huggins, the bass player for The Imprints is about to be a Papa. Demonstrating his dedication to the Rock though, he has said, "Baby, don't be born until Daddy is done rockin', OK little one?" If he runs off stage in the middle of the set, you will know why. DeHaviland will round out the night and provide the song that gets stuck in your head for the drive home.
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work allergies

I'm allergic to work....literally..

every time I come to this place and sit in my little cubicle (it's pretty awesome considering it's a cubicle..and thank goodness i don't spend more than 3 hrs a day here) I start sneezing like there's no tomorrow. I let out about 5 sneezes an hour...
and that means if 1 sneeze = 1/8 of an orgasm, then iget pretty damn close to having an orgasm every hour while here.
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1. where will i find good trivia nights? i want to feel stupid ;-)

2. are there any sort of knife throwing organizations, associations, or clubs around here? i want to learn!
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Oregon woman kicked off flight in Reno over offensive shirt

A Portland woman's flight home was stopped short in Reno, all because the message on the T-shirt she was wearing.

Lorrie Heasley claims it's a freedom of speech privilege, but airline officials say the message brings safety concerns.

Heasley, "There are bigger problems in the country, I can't believe people can be so petty."

Heasley boarded her flight Tuesday morning in Los Angeles, headed for Portland, Oregon with a stopover in Reno. But when Southwest Airlines employees asked her to cover her shirt, her stop over became a stop off her flight.

"I was told that basically that I had to cover my shirt, or I was told if I cover the shirt I can basically stay on the plane."

So she covered the shirt, but during a nap while passengers were boarding in Reno the cover came off. And Southwest employees insisted, change the shirt, or change flights. "I didn't feel that I should have to change my shirt, because we live in the United States, and it's freedom of speech and it was based on the move "The Fockers", and I didn't think it should have offended anyone."

But it did.

The shirt had pictures of members of the Bush Administration, and a phrase based on the movie "Meet the Fockers," but with one crucial vowel changed.

It was enough to cause complaints from other passengers and it's a problem the airline has had to deal with before.

Beth Harbin, Southwest Airlines, "We do get it occasionally. What someone is wearing, what someone is reading, what someone might be saying and it's very much a judgment call. But when other customers become concerned we do have to become involved in that and see what we can do to make everyone as comfortable as we can."

And while Southwest may have kept the peace on it's afternoon hop to Portland, a woman, not afraid to use her freedom of speech will now be using her freedom of choice.

"I most likely wont be flying Southwest Airlines again after this."

Southwest Airlines told Heasley she could take a different flight home if she changed her shirt. She refused and opted to rent a car and drive home.

(from KRNV.com)

Calling all Seamstresses or Tailors

Have you created linings or replaced linings in coats before?

I have a full length wool coat with a very old and damaged lining that needs to be trashed and replaced.

I have had it quoted at costing 80-100$ in a couple dry cleaner/ tailor shops. My thoughts are, I would much rather support independent crafts-people, I also want to be with you to pick out the lining fabric as I think I am tired of generic black on the inside.

I can allow the coat to be in your hands for three weeks, as this is when I see the weather changing enough that I will have to switch over from the velvet coat to the wool coat.

Are you interested in taking on a project? Let me know.

Also, if anyone has any suggestions for tailors please pass along the info. We can put it in the memory section.


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I need a belt. My pants are falling down. This is against the dress code at work.

So, recommend me a place to buy a belt, keeping in mind the following--
1. I am female/adult, average sized.
2. I would like something beyond the brown/black belt that I own and never wear because it's too boring. Something that's fabulous, but practical would be ideal. By fabulous I mean has great details, interesting color/texture/pattern/shiny/busy/unique.
3. It can't have swears or naked ladies (or naked men) on it, because I have to wear it to work.
4. It needs to be narrow enough to be put through your average beltloops, since I want it to hold up the pants.
5. It doesn't have to be dirt cheap.
6. Stores in East County/East Portland/Downtown/NW/N Portland good, online stores OK, stores in Vancouver OK, west side suburbs totally out really inconvenient.

Go ahead and tell me about west side suburb belt places, I just may not get there for a bit.
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Job Market

Is it really this ridiculous here? I have a good resume, experience, references, international business degree with computer skills and I am fighting to get $10 an hour...WTF? I mean, this is deadly. And craigslist seems to be a huge waste of time. Has anyone gotten a job there, or even a non-automated response? Damn, what is going on here? Can anyone suggest a way to get a professional job in this city? Please don't be a jerk- I'm too tired for that.

Otherwise, Portland is great!
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I need more crazy people on my LJ list. Preferably local crazy people. So yesh, if you swear profusely for the sake of swearing, like explodies, bad movies, and bitchfests make with the adds.

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I'm going to be be downtown tomorrow and would like recommendations on Chinese restaurants, preferably within walking distance of PSU.

Also, anyplace that carries good baklava.