October 4th, 2005



I am going to a wedding on Wed and I would like to get an updo, my eye brows waxed, and a set of acrylics. Does anyone know of a reputable place that does all of these things, and won't demand my first born as payment?? Also, about the girls in the department stores in the mall that sell makeup... I heard they also can do your makeup for you? Do you have to make an appointment for that? How mch does it cost? I'm pretty clueless about things like this or I'd try and do most of this (minus the nails) myself. Thanks for any advice.
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Things to do in Newport

Hey Portlanders,

I have been Googling for good restaurants, spas, and tourist stuff in Newport - and realized I would rather have personal recommendations.

Can anyone recommend good restaurants, spas, and tourist stuff to do in Newport in October?

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I Had A Friend Who Used The Internet... You Know Where He Is?... DEAD

Boredom post:

Thanks to DamnPortlanders I:
- Found a place to live at one point. (thank you lovemotionstory)
- Got tickets to Franz Ferdinand (thank you boy_asunder)
- Got a bike (thank you la_minette)
- Met new friends!

...also thanks to Craigslist which found me my current job and apartment.

What's DP done for you in the past?
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cheap eyeglasses?

as a person with no health insurance (but a recent eye exam & prescription), where should i go to get some cheap glasses? i don't need nice vintage frames or anything now; my current pair just broke and my backups are an older prescription. i just need something to get me through job interviews for the next few weeks. are there any vision clinics or shops that have reduced rates for low/no income? discounts for cash, maybe? help, please, thanks.
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got plans?

joleine and I are planning a Fun Night Out event this Saturday October 8th. It is a 21+ event.

(we were going to kick off Karaoke but decided to leave it for the 21st)

What should we do? Drink duh
Where should we go? Ideas?

Who's in?
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Kitty Update!

I wanted to thank the people who gave me feed back on cat food.

I went with the Wellness and Basil's coat is awesome! He doesn't have dandruff much anymore ( a teeny bit but not like before) and his coat is not oily looking anymore.

He's also all up on me all of the time and it's sweet.

So thanks for all the support!

(thank you photo from Basil soon)

- The newest Crazy Cat Lady on the block

Haircut prices these days-egads!

hey DPs-

I just got my haircut and it looks awesome but I was really surprised it was $30! That was a shampoo, cut, a little style. Not at a fancy salon but just a cut above a barber shop.

So, what do you usually pay for a haircut? What is the most you've ever spent on just the cut-no dye job, no perm? Least you've spent and gotten a really nice style?

Or am I just way behind the times?
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(no subject)

Have any of your DPers had a baby through Kaiser Permanente? Any advice or thoughts on your care?

Have any of you had water births and/or a midwife that you are nuts about? Do tell!

Thank you!
Carmen San Diego

The music of the Middle East comes to Portland!

Middle Eastern Music Legends—Souhail Kaspar and John Bilezikjian Workshops and Performance

One Master Arabic Percussionist,
One Virtuoso Oudist and Vocalist,
One Evening of Middle Eastern Musical Bliss!!!

In Concert Saturday, October 15th, 2005—8:00 PM

With Very Special Guest Dancers:
Tina Sargent—Seattle
Elana Villa—Eugene

And Lots of Open Dancing for You!

Madison's East Wing Ballroom
1109 SE Madison, Portland, Oregon—Corner of SE 11th and Madison
Spirits and food available - All Ages

Tickets $25 advance, $30 at the door

Ask about Senior, Student and Group Discounts

Tickets and Information Contact David Reihs
503.234.7035 / dhavir@earthlink.net

Souhail: http://www.neareastmusic.com
John: http://www.dantzrecords.com
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Baseball predictions

Sent this morning via e-mail to my pal in Boston..

Yanks over Angels in 5 - Yankee mystique minus LA lumber = another fucking Yankees series win.
Chisox over Bosox in 4 - Red Sox get the Venus DeMilo nod in these playoffs

Astros over Braves in 4 - Oswalt, Pettitte & Clemens are going to drag the 'Stros far.
Cards over Padres in 5 - Duh.


Chisox over Yanks in 6 - Mystique only gets you so far with that rube goldberg staff. Plus, Sox excel in defense, small ball, and have the deepest battery.

Astros over Cards in 7 - Oswalt, Pettitte and Clemens, oh my!


Chisox over Astros in 7 - Chi-town bats will crap out fewer times than Houston's.

although deep down i have a bad feeling the yankees are going to win it all. But that's because God hates us.

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Cool Portland Facts

Hey. Long-time Portlander and Damn Portlander Lurker for quite sometime. I've been living in Philly for three years and cannot wait to move back home to Portland in May. Anyway, I decided to compile a list of cool portland(or Oregon) facts, for lack of a better word. I was wondering if you guys could add on to this. I tried to stick to the positive ones but feel free to add any. I remember at one time we had most per capita heroin deaths. Feel free to add stuff like that to. Thanks a million. Cam

More breweries than any other city in the world (and the best beer)
Most strip clubs per capita in the U.S.
Medical marijuana
Assisted suicides
America's best public transit system
Nation's largest urban forest
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hair troubles

hey all. this isn't a Portland post really, but i need some advice from the girls. i colored my hair at home last night and it's too dark. any suggestions on how to lighten it a bit? thankya
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& Daggers!
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I don't mean to go all Backfence on you, but...

Dear DP'er X,

I sincerely thank you for turning in my credit card that I lost on the park block today on the street across from Powell's Technical Books. I was FREAKING OUT for about an hour when I couldn't find my card, freaked out even moreso when US Bank wouldn't let me view my card activity online, but was made a true believer of Good Karma Abounds! when I called the card center and was told someone turned my card into a local store about an hour after I, uh...left my card in the parking meter slot.

Regardless of my absentmindedness, THANK YOU. Portland, I love you.

Lady B Goes to Eugene

Fate this weekend has directed I and a friend to Eugene. We've never been there. We know it's small-ish, but want to make the most of our time there. So (snarkiness aside):
1) Where should we go in the town?
2) What shouldn't we miss while there?


Aw man. Please don't tell me that the zoo (last week), the maize (last year) and the Underground Tour are the only things to do in Portland for Halloween.

And "real" haunted houses are too scary. They always remind me that there's a goul who lives under my bed, waiting to grab my ankles in their cold, grave-like grasp, right as I shut off the light. I have no idea why my under-the-bed-zombie likes to wait so long for his attack, but regardless, I hate doing the bunny hop in anticipation of said cold grasp, as I turn off the light.

Anyway. Right. Halloween. It's too early, but regardless: suggestions?

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Every time I go to a Jack In The Box the workers seem like they're, if not having fun at least in much less pain tha most fast food wage slaves.

Anyone ever work for Jack? Is he really that cool?

A joke for you fine DPers...

President Bush was in a meeting with his advisors, when one of them brought to his attention that four Brazilian soldiers died in Iraq this week.

He just laid his head on the desk for a while in stunned silence. When he sat back up his eyes were filled with tears and he asked, ...

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(no subject)

First of all, it scares me how so many of the people I've met take MySpace so seriously! Is MySpace just the Portland thing to do?

If not, psshaw, does anyone who lives near Alberta wanna get coffee some time? ...or ice cream. As it's most definitly ice cream weather.
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Free ART

Okay all of you damn portlanders. If you have read my journal before, you know I occasionally put art on the street. I just finished a series for a show in Seattle, but I have a lot of stuff just taking up space. Collages on window frames... etc. If you would like a piece of my art for free, email me and we can arrange a place for you to pick it up. toogroovy11@yahoo.com