October 3rd, 2005


Harvey's Tickets... AGAIN!

Ok. I have tickets for Harvey's again. They are for 7pm this coming Wednesday the 5th of October. If anybody wants to go, please, just let me know by Tuesday night. Just comment here. I currently just have myself and possibly my roomate going, so I have plenty of tickets remaining.

If you want to know about the venue or the comedian, go to www.harveyscomedyclub.com . They have all the information there, including location. Please let me know if you want to go. The more the merrier. And typicaly the better the seats and service too.

Hope to hear from you all soon. Well, not all... I don't have enough tickets for that.

I am all alone at last......

Today my roomie started a new job and my son is at school. Now what? I am recently unemployed and always have energy to NOT sit at home on my ass. Looking for work is not the same as when I was younger...hitting the pavement. Now I can look for work in an hour and have resumes out there. I guess I am asking what shall a girl do during days of boredom.
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The Hawthorne Bridge

Maybe it’s just me, but it seems like half of the time when I’m crossing the Hawthorne Bridge, it’s raised. Most of the time it’s because they’re taking the OMSI submarine up and down the river. I just don’t get it! I mean, the sub is almost completely underwater with just its periscope poking out above the surface by a few feet. It hardly seems like the kind of clearance issue that would make them have to raise the bridge. What are they gonna do? Start raising the bridge every time a mama duck and her ducklings swim by? I am all for safety, especially with all of the Russian sub disasters over the last few years, but it seems to me that Mr. or Ms. Hawthorne Bridge Lever Operator is going a little overboard with all that senseless bridge raising that’s going on.

Lights, camera, action!

If you wanted to make a film (more like a home movie kind of thing) about Portland, what would you be sure to include?

Also, I'd like to purchase a new video camera but I have no idea which kind to choose, seeing as how there's the analog, digital that records to DVD, and digital tapeless varieties, among others. I'm looking to spend around $500. Any advice/recommendations?

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EDIT Seeking owner's manual for a Boss DR 660 drum machine



Hello all,

I lost the user's manual to my old DR 660 and I was wondering there is any place you know of where I can download it or if you own one, could I borrow it?

I do know of a person who has a manual for a DR770. Does anyone know if the songwriting / pattern writing differs from the 660 to 770? If not, I can just use his.

Anyone? Anyone?

Thanks a lot.
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Trip to Portland

I've been toying with the idea of sharing the story of my recent trip to Portland, but didn't think anyone would want to read through it. However, blues_dream has convinced me otherwise! He had a great story and inspired me to share my own. I hope you like it.

Updated: Day 2 added

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new neighborhood...

...and i have no idea where to get a decent drink (read: dark(ish) beer)

i am at 80th and woodstock, and am taking all suggestions. lookin' for a place in stumblin' distance from the new place, but i have not the time or patience to visit *every* one looking for a decent collection of microbrews and a level pool table. thanks, DPers!
Worky Work!

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Part...I lost count!

Trying to get the previous charges dismissed they argue, ...that the conspiracy charge was based on a law that was not effective until 2003, the year after the alleged money transfers. hahaha...oh, man. It wasn't illegal then! So it's ok!

Along with a sexy new picture!

Silly Tom Delay!
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Kid cooking!

Well, cooking WITH kids, not cooking kids.

My 9 year old son has taken a big interest in cooking lately. I'd love to find a good cooking class, maybe a dad/son kind of thing, to nurture his food interest and start him on years of impressing dates and keeping the old man in gourmet meals.

Does anyone know of anything like this? I mean, we're teaching him to cook, little by little, but a cool kid class might really help him take off.
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I am wondering, what do you like to do after sex?

Fall peacefully asleep (not touching your sexual partner)

Snuggle & talk

Snuggle & fall asleep


Go home

Take a shower

Other (explain)
Worky Work!

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"Lindsay, need I remind you, I was the pioneer of being an analyst and therapist; the worlds first analrapist"

"Yea, Tobias, it didn't look so good on the business cards."

Oh my god, so f'n hilarious.

If you're not watching Arrested Development, you need to be.

Seriously, the show needs viewers. =)
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(no subject)

Looking for a cheap hotel/nice motel for the end of this week into the weekend.
We're going on an adventure to visit you people! I've seen the posts about stuff to do - now I'm just looking for a place to stay. We need a non-smoking king room for under $100. I'm mostly looking for "this is a cool place you might not know about" or "stay away from this place lest you get eaten by rats!"

Thank you kindly.
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dear West Wing fans

Anyone tape the first two episodes of West Wing this season? If you do, i'll buy you two cups of coffee to loan me the tapes—one when i get the tapes from you, and one when i give them back. ^_^

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Just seeking some general information on a build around Portland. If you drive from Portland north towards Sauvie Island, you pass this old, run down building. It looks like an old train station or something and has a clock tower. Does anybody know anything else about this building?

Pet boarding & Thanksgiving meals

I'm going to be going away for about a week this December to visit family on the east coast. Nobody that I know is going to be available at that time to take care of my cat, so I've been considering my options. I originally thought about bringing him with me, but I'm going to be traveling via airplane and I'm not sure if he or I could deal with the stress involved! Does anybody have any experience traveling with cats as carry-on "luggage"? At any rate, a lot of people have recommended that I simply board him for the week that I'm gone. Does anybody have a favorite boarding kennel that they would like to recommend to me?

Also...I know this is a bit far in advance...but are there any restaurants around town that offer a traditional Thanksgiving meal on Thanksgiving Day? By "traditional," I just mean that there's turkey, vegetables, stuffing, and cranberries involved somehow.

Thank you all so much in advance for your help! :)
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filling the oil tank

well, autumn has set in all of a sudden, and my previously sweltering house is now freezing. we have a furnace in the basement with an oil tank (i'm vaguely estimating 300 gallons?). our old roommates said it was pretty spendy to fill up, so i'm wondering if this is the best route.
can anyone recommend where to go for the fuel? who has the best deal with the most decent customer service?

and would it just be easier/more efficient to buy a few space heaters instead? we do have a fireplace in the living room and no end of burnable supplies (mwa ha); it's mainly the upper floor i'd like to keep heated.

any and all suggestions are very welcome.

Soup Nazi

All of a sudden, fall came with a downpour. It's damp and chilly outside, just perfect for a nice bowl of soup. What are your favorite soup recipes? I'll start with mine:

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