October 2nd, 2005

Portland city Grill.

So, I just got engaged!

My Fiance asked me at the portland city grill (we had a seat with a view of all the city lights, it was beautiful) on my birthday (thursday) and.. well...

 now I've got a wedding to plan.

I stress out WAY easily, so I want to make this as painless as possible.

I also have NO IDEA what I'm doing.

anyone have any tips? any books I should look up? any ideas for portland area weddings? any tips? anything?

*smile* I'm so excited, I dont even know where to start!

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Portland Memorial Mausoleum

Okay here is a field trip to rock your senses. Go to Sellwood off of 14th... you have probaly driven by the place and not even realized this building covers over 2 and 1/2 blocks and is 8 stories tall. (Much of it hiding underground) It is the largest mausoleum this side of the Mason-Dixon line. Yup. Just one more claim to fame for Portland.

Anyway, it is such a surreal experience. The lights don't work in many hallways which just plain adds to the ambience. The best part for me is the sensation of stepping back in time. You see so much marble work from the early 1900's, a real tiffany window (it's the one where you look up at a colorful dome), a strange fountain with an angel (hint: if you dare the key to turn it on is hiding close by!) I like all the seating. Odd furniture from different era's nestled in the nooks and crannys, long benchs and strange alcoves. You will get lost in here I guarantee it. I think my favorite room was the long hallway where you peek over the rails to see the floors below... or maybe the room that felt like a vintage labratory with glass cases and brass urns locked inside.

It wasn't creepy to me so much as a step out of reality. It shows me how far removed we are from death or how far removed death is from us. Simply put, for the thousands of deaths honored there, there was no one there mourning. It made me think of my own death... where I am gone... I will be forgotten.

Traffic WTF

That Charbonneau exit is like some sort of vortex for traffic this week. Sorry for any of you who got caught in any of those disasters these past two days.

Aside from Friday's major foul-up, there were more accidents Saturday, including a second crash just across the median from where the first Saturday crash occurred. What a scene that must have been for the LifeFlight coptor that was taking off with people from the first accident at the same time that second crash happened.

What is the world coming to?!
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(no subject)

I have a large box filled with vintage playboys and a few other random old magazines. I was just wondering if any of you might be interested in buying them off me. Otherwise im going to try and sell them before i move. i just havnt really had a ton of time, and moving them with me would be way easier.

They are in good condition, a little "attic-y" smelling. But still really neat.
patsy stone thanxgiving

freaknight 9

My boyfriend and I are going to Freak Night in Seattle on the 29th. Last year didn't have the chance to go because I was living on the other coast, and year before that, well I was a bit *young* for it..heh..
[I'm excited that Oakenfold and Crystal Method are gonna be there :-)]

Anyone been to a Freaknight in previous years? Your thoughts/opinions/advice???

Anatomy and Physiology Textbooks

Hey, DPers

If anybody is going to PCC and needs Anatomy and Physiology textbooks, specifically 8th Edition Lab Manual by Elaine N. Marieb, and the 10th edition Principles of Anatomy and Physiology by Tortora Grabowski, give my girlfriend a call. She is commuting to Cascade about 45 minutes and needs gas money.
I guarantee(sp?) you will get a good deal.
Nicole 360-901-6182.

dengue fever --the band--bad description

sorry if i posted a bad description for my friends band--dengue fever. apparently "cambodian rock" is a lame and unappealing term. okay--so they are an alternative, experimental rock band w/a female cambodian singer (who sings in her native tongue)-- they fuckin' rock (pardon the language)--and deserve to be seen...

at dantes tonight around 9:30pm...

hopefully this description is better...

and really i don't much care if you go--i just thought i'd mention something cool and interesting that was going on... i CAN'T go cuz i have sick kiddies at home...but the husbnd will be representing.
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Portland Traffic

Last night I posted about Portland-area traffic and some of the nasty snarls on I-5. People have expressed interest in wishing there was more information available about area traffic. Fortunately, exactly that sort of thing exists!

For Portland-area freeway speeds: http://www.tripcheck.com/popups/speedmap.asp (updated every minute or so)

The site to get statewide info on traffic conditions, construction information, and traffic cameras: http://www.tripcheck.com/pages/ (parent site to the Portland Speed Map)

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You guys are the best help ever...thanks for the ideas of things to do yesterday!

I have something else.
I need to get a detox kit because I have a job interview soon with a drug test.
Are there any head shops in the area?
Or do other places sell detox kits?

Thank you so much!

cheap wigs?

so for halloween, my friends and i are going as orange county girls

Image hosted by TinyPic.com
and i need a couple of cheap blonde wigs. quality doesn't matter, as i have a shitton of hair goo to work with, i just need to know where i can find really inexpensive ones.

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Hey, I'm looking for a good place near Reed College to watch the mlb playoffs. Suggestions for bars are welcome but I would really appreciate somewhere that allows not-yet-twenty-one year olds since my girlfriend may want to come too.

crazy offer

so, today my friend and I are dying our hair. We are using three different colors!

We are also using the kind of hairdye you can't save. In a couple of hours it will be tossed out.

Come and get it! We have blonde, light red, and dark red. Maybe someone would like to use these dyes for their hair. Don't let it go to waste.

I live right on Burnside near Mount Tabor. Call me and I will give you directions.

This offer will expire at 7pm.

*edit* No one came! oh well, hair dye went in the trash. Maybe next time. If anyone is interested, let me know, and we can plan it better.

(no subject)

Alright, question time.

Where is a good place to buy imported cigarettes (Cigaretellos being what I'm looking for particularly) that is downtown? I know Tobacco Town is really awesome, but according to google those are only located in SE and on Barbur, and as someone who doesn't have a car I'd like to be able to walk to this place. I appreciate the suggestions.

[Searched the memories, none appeared to have what I'm searching for, and I searched the community itself and really only saw a mention of one place (Riverside Tobacco, on Burnside and 3rd, I believe).]
I should have been born a cat

Any suggestions for photo shoot locations?

I am looking for places secluded places to take on-location photographs. The photos will contain artistic nudity, therefore the location needs to be secluded. Old buildings, clean and modern spaces, industrial areas, and/or concrete, outdoor or underground areas are preferred, but I'd love any and all suggestions. Ideas? Places to check out? I'd really appreciate them.

I'm in SE Portland and have access to a car. Location must have available outlets and some level of privacy. Thanks!


Anyone have any experience with the hair salon Spank on NE Alberta? I'm hoping that they're decent, because they're a block or two away from me, and laziness often wins.