October 1st, 2005

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I've been home from visiting Portland for about 3 days, and this must be similar to the decompression people experience after Burning Man. I was just in a beautiful place where people are friendly, the traffic is mostly courteous, the beer is sweet nectar, the food is amazing, and there are actually interesting places to go and cool things to do. Now I'm back in AZ where the people are mostly selfish assholes, the traffic is aggressive and rude, there are like 2 decent microbreweries, very few cool restaurants, and no nightlife unless you like yuppie meat markets. And everything is f**kin BEIGE!
So, I'm in post-Portland blues.

I noticed some distinct differences there that I loved:Collapse )
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While visiting, most of the people we talked to who moved to Portland from another state didn't have much of a problem finding a job, yet I keep hearing how terrible the job market is. My family is freaking out thinking I'm going to lose everything when I move there. So, those of you who moved there within the last couple of years, was it really all that hard to find a job? I've heard that the job placement agencies are pretty good, as is craigslist, and it seems the positive stories have so far outweighed the bad. Wot's, uh, the deal? I'm all cornfused!

P.S. Go to Powell's right now and buy Tom Robbins' latest book "Wild Ducks Flying Backward". It's his articles, short stories, poems, rants etc.

hey you

does anyone have the website that my (and some of your) icon is from? I can't remember :(


you guys rulez. feel free to post comments of other neat icon making sites and maybe a paid member can memories this, if any one feels its important enough XD

My new icon RULEZ
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Does anyone know the name of the site (possibly korean?) where lots of lj-ers get their icons done in catoonist-portrait form?

(I know people have posted about this before...sorry...don't have time to sort through the masses...)
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I've been remiss in posting Saturday Essays for a while. I wrote one. It's about how I feel after some guys tried to break into my house the other night.

It's pretty personal, not real DamnPortlandy, but I like posting my essays here and beg your forebearance. :)

Enjoy, if you wanna.

I'm sitting here in my office, about two feet from the window that strangers breached the other night. Someone's hand, the hand of someone I do not know, reached in through that window and grabbed my wallet. Someone else I do not know stood by, waiting to enter my house with stranger #1.

There is a term psychologists bandy about when talking about the impact of traumas large and small -- hypervigilance. I'm dealing with a modicum of hypervigilance these days, a little more alert than I really need to be. I haven't slept well. Not at all. And, I realized today that I can just forgive myself for the weirdness, allow myself to stay up stupidly late without guilt, let the biological need to be The Protector override the need for sleep. I can still hear their feet pounding the backyard as they sprinted away after I freaked them out by opening my window. That's reason enough to sleep poorly for a little while. I get that.
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Here's how much of an internet novice I am. I have no friggin' idea how P2P programs like bit torrent and the like work. Could someone fill me in as to what I have to do in order to download these things so I too can get decent material on the 'net be it videos or music? Someone mentioned limewire when I asked about mashups a few days ago but what is that? What do any of these programs exactly do? Here's my naive take on them. Are they programs that allow me to get stuff from the internet (legal or not) but I have to exchange these things for something I have in return? What if I don't have something of value since I really don't know how to download the goods I have anyways? Also, do these various programs past and present work on Macs? Does limewire work on a Macintosh? Out of these programs (pro Mac of course), which is the best to download with the least amount of damage be it computer corruption (virues, spyware, etc.) or legal action from the outside? Some damnportlander has to know or can direct me to one who does, right?
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Why Craigslist is either the best or worst website of our generation


Are you the Dungeon Mistress of our elfiin dreams? - mw4w - 26

Reply to: anon-101320844@craigslist.org
Date: 2005-10-02, 12:34AM EDT

We are a group of curious adventurers in our mid-twenties to early thirties. We're looking for an intelligent womyn (D&D free not required!!!) to engineer our campaign of Dungeons and Dragons--we're looking for an erotically charged game of politlcal intrigue and heroic conquest. We have all of the core source books (in older editions) but anything you'd like to bring to the table is welcome (wink, wink.)

We prefer that you be presentable looking. Collapse )

EDIT: oh fine, and obligatory Portland-related comment: The Stumptown Comics Fest today was cool.

We need tips, Portland tips

That's right Damn Portlanders....it's another one of those "we're coming to visit and need ideas" kind of questions. Anything of interest would help. Mainly the cheap places to eat. Anything super exciting going on?
We are flying in on Monday and will be in town for a week. So that's it. Do your best. And thank you.