September 30th, 2005

please don't be annoyed! i am at yr mercy

Hey all. i'm from b-lo NY
i'm visiting portland fri oct 28-monday night 31st with my friend Meg from san francisco. my purpose is to just check it out & try to see as much of the city as i can, as i'm thinking about taking a nursing job there in the spring. Meg applied to Portland state for grad school, and is looking to pretty much do the same. So, no real plan, just that we're going to hang around; & check things out.
I'm wondering if anyone can give me some insight on lodging. I looked into the 2 hostels. they seem great, but we want to be able to talk all night, etc. since we live so far apart & have so much to catch up on, plus the whole privacy issue. so instead of paying $32. collectively, we found the Days Inn City Center (1414 SW sixth ave) is only $59 per night. has anyone been there? the ad says it's 0.2 miles from the city 's center and that it's right on the light rail. I know sometimes hotels exaggerate on how close they are to things; I just want to stay somewhere where i can take the /trimet/MAX wherever i need to go, without having to take a cab, or get lost, etc.
also, any advice on where a first time visitor should go first, or not leave without seeing? i feel dumb asking, but i figure this might make things a lot easier for me with the limited time i'll have. anything will help. thanks so much!

Question from a noob

Are we allowed to sell things here? Or put ads up for the selling of things not wanted anymore? It's not anything like animals, I'm keeping those.

And if I am, what's the policy of selling weapons? I have a pair of sais I don't use anymore.
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at the risk of sounding like a complete idiot.....

what the hell is bubble tea?

I mean, all of a sudden it's everywhere, and I have no clue what it is. did I miss something?
Worky Work!

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This may be a "Derrrrrrrr!" question, but I'm still curious.

PGE has been sending flyers talking about renewable energy sources. Anyone here partake in any of these programs? I'm most curious about the green source.

Since it states Your electricity price equals your actual usage billed at Basic Service rates plus an additional $0.008/kWh for higher-cost earth-friendly power ($8 per month for a customer using 1,000 kWh per month), I'm fairly optimistic. We average around 300kWh each month.

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NoPo Blackout!


Anyone else live up in Humboldt, around Killingsworth and Vancouver? This morning I woke up late because the power was out, and from what I could tell looking at the other houses on my block, it wasn't just me. On my commute, the K'worth/Vancouver intersection was blocked off with po-lice and utility vehicles.

Can anyone up there give me a heads-up as to whether or not power's been restored? I'd just like to know if I should plan on cleaning out my fridge tonight. :)


I already googled "north portland blackout," thanks! ;)
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More about that rain

Ron Pederson, KGW Meteorologist, states:

The "Official" start of the rainy season is tomorrow, October 1st, But it looks like we're getting an early jump on the wet. ...
For those of you new to the NW, the next time you will see the sun will be March. ;-)
Ron Pedersen

Glad to see he has such a sense of humor about it :P
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SE 22nd and Powell

Last night (Thursday the 29th at 7:30 PM) just west of Powell Park there were lots of flashing lights. I was passing a few blocks away so I didn't get a close look, but there seemed to be several fire engines and multiple other vehicles. (At least one had flashing blue, so was either emergency fire or police.) I don't see anything about it in the headlines though. Anyone have the story?

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Suggestions for impressive places

Hello, lovely helpful people. Here's my situation:

I just hit my second month of living here, so I don't know much about the area quite yet. I've been doing my fair share of exploring, but not enough to find the really awesome, quirky parts of Portland. Next week, I'll be visited by a friend I haven't seen in three years, and I really want to impress him with my new city and all the nifty stuff it has to offer. So, if you were trying to totally dazzle somebody, where would you go? What's your favorite place to take someone you really like?

Restaurants would be helpful (we're both vegetarians, so no steak houses please), maybe places for good drinks and dancing? Anything, really. Help a girl out.

Name that stuff!

OK, you know when the mouse to your computer feels like it's not rolling accross the pad as smooth as it used to and you turn it over and find that crud that collects on the surface of little raised bars? What's the crud called (aside from crud).

fun things to do....

some friends of ours band, dengue fever, have a show tonight:
1905 NE. M L King jr. Blvd.
(it says they go on at 10:30--which we know is actually after 11 or so!)

and sunday night:
1 SW 3rd Avenue
(this one is at 9pm supposedly!)

they are awesome--i guess "cambodian rock" is technically what they are.

you can check out their website if you're interested:

it should be a great show! come on out if ya' aint got nothin else to do! :)
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Weekend Plans?

It's a very quiet Friday Afternoon here and I'm thinking everyone is working hard (yeah right) or off on some sort of exciting weekend adventure.

But for those of us stuck in front of our computers still, tell me about what you have planned for the weekend!

I'm having yet another DP weekend and meeting up with LJ/DP friends as well as Laundry, sleep, kitty love and the show on Sunday!
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Ok so euqsam and mariotta have me HOOKED on DDR and I want to know which system to get. I like PS2 a lot but I've been wanting xbox so i can play Soul Caliber 2 with Spawn.

The games I want are on both. But what do you think is better?

Thank you!


(no subject)

To better get in the fall mood with the first badass rain of the season, my friend and I have decided to get a cup of coffee before we go to a show tonight at the Meow Meow (aka Loveland. whatever.) Yeah I know I just sounded ultra-hipster, but can anyone offer some suggestions on Burnside (or a few blocks away from Burnside) between the top of the hill to the Meow Meow to get a good cup o' joe? Please don't say Starbucks.

*waits for someone to say Starbucks*
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How cool am i!

My Perfect Playlist will be played at 5 on 94.7 knrk today :)


Lush - Ladykiller
The Clash - Should I Stay Or Should I Go
The Killers - Somebody Told Me
Hot Hot Heat - Bandages
Foo Fighters - The One

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OK, so Portland is supposedly the finest place in America for a beer. Where can I find Old Peculiar? Those familiar with Theakston will recognize that it's not really from around here... it's from the UK... but I'm desperate, and would like to replace Guinness with that (or even a similar) ale for an ice cream recipe. And, of course, I would love to throw back a pint or five. Is there a place in Portland where this is possible? Thanks lovelies.


I just wanted to let you all know that my 1 bedroom apartment will be coming open next week. I am looking to move out on tuesday (October 4)or asap and we need to rent it asap. Please let me know if you are interested or know someone who might be. It is located in SE Portland between Division and Hawthorne. The rent is $600 a month and includes water, sewer, garbage, power, dsl, and access to a washer and dryer. All you have to pay is phone and cable. Local tv is included. Oh yes, there are also built ins in the bedroom closet and in the bathroom.

After many questions I realized that I forgot a lot of stuff. The owners said that they want someone who is single, quiet, and responsible. They don't allow pets except fish. The apartment is a basement apartment in a craftsman house and there is parking right in front of the house. You have your own private entry from the outside, which is around the back of the house. The apartment is quite large. I have lived in 2 bedrooms that had the living/dining/ kitchen the same size. There is also a small office area between the living room and bedroom. The house is located on SE 43rd. If you have any other questions please call Patrice at 503-236-1871. If you don't mind seeing the place with my stuff in it you are more than welcome to e-mail me and we can set up a time. I also forgot to mention that this apartment is not large couch friendly and someone who owns a futon or would be willing to get something along those lines would be best for this place. We has to get rid of our couch but ended up finding a great "futon" set at City Liquidators for only around $500. They look like the new high end couches and they don't lay down into beds. They just call them futons because they can be taken apart and moved.
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(no subject)

Anyone going or want to go to the Eugene Celebration tomorrow? I have a car or am down with yours and would like to carpool if someone wants to go as some friends can't make it now. It is a V6 camry, so total gas should be about $35-$40. I also have some friends playing at LUNA jazz club and I can get you in if you want to go to that....



October Birthdays

So my sisters birthday is Oct. 3rd and mine is the 7th. We want to do something on the evening of the 8th (A Saturday). She will be turning 23 and I will be 25. I know some of you mentioned that you have birthdays around this time. Want to do something together? Like a mass DP October birthday shindig? Suggestions? Come on now! It will be fun :D

Rocky rocks my socks

Is there anyone here that goes to Rocky regularly that will be going tomorrow night? I need a few more people to sit with, since every time I sit by myself I end up getting hit on by people who think it's okay to talk to me since I'm alone.

And I just wanna see who still goes since the new term started up. I was in last term's cabaret... a lowly Trannie.

So... anyone going?