September 29th, 2005

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kind of a long shot...

okay, so i've been back in portland for over a year now and i've yet to really hear of any good hip hop shows. and no, i'm not talking about any of that really ghetto mtv 'rap' stuff... im thinking something more underground/socially aware/racially diverse.

does anyone know any good venues that might have hip-hop artists on occasion, or even places where they have open mic nights and/or poetry slams? anything?
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Road Trip? (Okay, not entirely Portland related, but yeah.)

So my boyfriend and I are going on a road trip tomorrow. 6 hours. In the car. Just the two of us. What are some fun things you can do on a road trip? Books? Games? Something to keep myself and him entertained and awake.. (I have a bad habit of just falling asleep if in the car more than oh, an hour) .. There’s nothing really “scenic” along our route.. you can only say “ooh pretty, look at the Columbia” so many times before you want to choke the person sitting next to you.. er um yeah.

So, whats your favorite road trip activity? Because I know if I sit there and play solitaire on my laptop the entire drive, he’ll kill me.. :)
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the Missing Link has my shirts!!!

Missing Link (3314 SE Belmont, next to Laughing Planet) opened a couple weeks back. Their shelves are still a little empty, but what they do have is pretty cool - vinyl toys, Robert Crumb books, stuffed animals based on diseases, posters, and t-shirts.

They are now selling my t-shirts!

They have both my 'rock-scissors-paper' t-shirt set and my 'skull and spoons' shirt.

It's an interesting little shop, worth checking out. Buy local.
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good morning, damnportlanders.

please enlighten me as to the best places in town (other than sinferno) for me to give my hard earned dollar bills to ladies who dance with fire. i want to know where the hot (preferably not too skinny) women are, but much more importantly, i want to find the ones with serious firedancing skills.
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Save a birthday ideas

Apparently I just have a birthday at the most inconvenient time of the year possible.

Year after year, I try to make ns and everyone bails for one reason or another. Last year it was because all my friends are in politics and it was the month before the election. This year, a friend of the family is dying and I have something to do for work that will take me down to Corvallis and back for 7 hours.

So, I'm supposed to go out afterwards and to be honest I don't feel like it but I know I'll regret it if I don't. The result is that I'm totally at a loss of what to do and it's not like any of my friends are going to step up and plan it for me. So, my question: what should a gal do for her 22nd birthday in this town? A couple things about me: I hate hip hop and the associated culture, I don't smoke (anything), and I don't like beer. I do like dancing, wine, kareoke and tequila. I don't like big loud crowds or the bad service that results. I do like "discovering" hidden clubs and bars. I hate covers.

I'm thinking about just hitting the Old Town bars. Whaddya think?

Sunglasses Hook-Up?

I'm looking for 2 pairs of Ecks 8002 Stets Black frames Grey Lenses
I bought a pair a year ago and I LOVE them, unfortuantly so does my room mate's girlfriend's fucking chew-on-anything-Nate-likes dog.

I found them online for $42.00 a pair but if anyone can beat the price I'll make it worth the while.
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Wanna get upset about something?

Exxon Mobile's CEO Lee R. Raymond will be retiring at the end of the year. Surely he has felt in his humble wallet the scourge of the gas prices these days. Yeah right!

During 2004 Exxon Mobile earned $25.3 billion. In the first half of 2005 they earned $15 million in PROFITS.

So what will the CEO walk away with(registration required, statistics below)?

3.1 million shares of stock = $181 million

2.7 million "restricted" shares = $159 million

4.85 million stock options = $100.2 million

Cashed out $44 million in stock options last year

2004 salary bonus = $7.5 million

Plus Exxon paid for all his plane trips and club dues.

Now you know where your $2.70 is going. Anyone want to organize a couple of demonstrations and hand out those trial size packets of KY Jelly at gas stations as people fill up? [=

(Stolen from elsewhere, but fuel for the fire, nonetheless.)
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Newbie in sticker shock over the cost of hard booze!

Collapse )

Questions for you Lovelies:
Where do you get your hard liquor? (good rums, vodkas, whiskeys)
Are there any large liquor stores that carry harder to find, imported and specialty stuff? (like a Beverages and More)
Is it cheaper in Vancouver?

Examples of what I’m talking about, looking thru the weekly ads back in CA.
$13.99 will get you 750ml of:
Stoly vodka, Jack Daniels, (Good)Sauza Tequila

$15.99 will get you:
1.75 liter Southern Comfort
750ml Baileys Irish Cream, Crown Royal or Bushmills Whiskey, Absolut Vodka

$19.99-21.99 will get you:
1.75 liter of Sauza Gold, Jim Beam, and Meyers Rum
750ml Chivas Regal Scotch
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From one biker to another.

Dear Cycleist(s),

Ignoring trafic signals seems to have become more common of late. Please obey trafic laws. I will not be held responsible for cutting you off if you run a stop sign or red light. If you do so, please remember to ride defensively and expect others, especially drivers, not to see you. Thank you.


One of your kind.

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Aladdin Theater

I went to the ticketmaster site to buy some tickets for a show at the Aladdin, and they offered VIP admission and general.  Anyone know the difference? 

(I decided I am going to drive to the box office because of the extra fees ticketmaster charges, but I still want to know.)


When I was a child of the 80's....

I used to really love the little cups of ice cream with the little wooden sticks when I was a child. Life was good then. There was also a movie that had a girl and she had a dead ghost friend and her name was Narek which was, of course, the backwards name of Karen the little dead girl.
Do you know what movie I am talking about?

Bridge Poll Redux

Christ, I misspelled "Fremont." Whatever, I'm not re-writing this poll again.

Poll #580082 I swear I haven't seen this asked on here recently.

What's your favorite local bridge? (Edited to actually list all the bridges this time.)

St. John's
Ross Island
Glenn Jackson
Other (Enter your fav bridge below.)

If you chose "Other," which one?

So why do you like that bridge you like so much? (And which one was it?)

Sigur Ros

I know this might be a long shot, but does anyone possibly have two tickets they're looking to get rid of to the Sigur Ros show that is tonight at the Roseland??? If so, comment, AIM: sarahtues or email me at: thanks!

(no subject)

I've got some leftover salmon. Anyone have a good recipe for salmon dip?

This is Portland related because I figure northwesterners, particularly DPers would know good salmon dip when they tasted it. W00t, my disclaimer is longer than the post!
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returning north!

hi all. my husband and I are returning northwards, after a (very) long year in the bay area. yay! I'm originally from the Seattle area, and my husband's from Wales, so we're look forward to returning to greenery, mountains, ocean, and nice people. ahhh.

the *reason* we're moving to Portland is because my husband got an offer for a company in Vancouver. I've heard that Vancouver's a bit industrial and the real action is down in Portland, so. my questions:

1) Vancouver vs. Portland. taxes, apartments, food, living. discuss.

2) if Portland, where? any recommended districts? apartment complexes? we are likely in the market for a 2bd/2ba for ourselves and our 2 kitties. coming from the bay area, where the cost of living is 30% higher, I'm unsure of rent. anything under $1000/mo would be grand. I'd love to have access to the light rail and/or bus system, and my husband would appreciate an unsucky commute. he'd like a light rail/bus + cycling commute even better.

thanks for any wisdom you're willing to impart. I can't wait for our northwest homecoming.
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Hey - YOU!

do you have grant-writing experience? Wanna help out FatGirl Speaks even though you live in another city? We need you!

Our local feminist bookstore unanimously approved our request to be our fiscal sponsor for the 2006 show, so now we need to start the grant-writing process. We need to find grants that are applicable, apply and see if we can get some funds coming in ASAP so we know how much $$ we have to spend.

Help help help!

email me -- stacy (*at*) fatpdx (*dot*) org


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I'm going to Seattle tomorrow on the train for 3 fun filled days. I don't know the nieghborhood where I'm staying as I've never been to this house before but I've heard mention of being in the Boeing flight path.

Do you Portlanders have any recomendations on things to see or do while I'm there. I have ready access to a vehicle and 3 days on my hands.

T.V. repair

My t.v has sound but no picture. Has anyone had any experience with this? Is it worth fixing or just get a new one? I called Sears today they wanted $65 to $110 just to look at it and give an estimate.

If anyone knows a good repair place please let me know. I live in Gresham
Worky Work!

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So am I crazy?

Flipping past CBS tonight, I caught a glimpse of "....MAX Attack...." flashing on the bottom of the screen, but can't find anything on the news affiliates. I quickly went back to the station, but nothing was there.

I'm guessing if it was serious, it would be breaking news...

The only thing I can find is a Fox 12 story about a woman killed Wednesday night in Gresham by a MAX.


nevermind...I'm guessing it was this story

Smallville Premiere

My boyfriend is going to kill me.
I set up our VCR to tape the season Premiere of Smallville and I messed it up again. God help me, I'm getting TIVO tomorrow.
I don't know what to do, he'll be home in 2 hours, I promised I'd tape it..I'm so screwed. One more time, I'm asking for help :( Did anyone happen to tape this??
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Here's how much of a nerd I am. I keep hearing about these mashups and yet can't find the good ones. Granted, I've found some (mostly involving Gwen Stefani) but want to hear the "classics". Those I've heard are okay but mostly they seem to be trying too hard to combine two really distinct pieces of music that just don't mesh. The only one I really am interested in hearing is that "Stroke of Genius" mashup that combines the Strokes and Christina Aguilera. That's supposedly the one that started the whole thing. After hearing that one are there any others worth my time? I've heard a fair number but very few have impressed me. Being the nerd I am, are there any sites where I can find the most decent/least sucky of these mashups?
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Stumptown Comic Fest

This Sat is the 2nd Stumptown Comics fest. It's a great opportunity to check out the latest in local graphic art. Great stuff. Great people.

1825 SW Broadway, room 355
Portland, OR 97201

Sat afternoon I'll be moderating a panel on censorship. I've planted a pro-censorship panelist in the mix in order to keep it interesting. It'd be really great if an anti-censorship advocate tells the pro-censorship person to shut up. I doubt it'll happen but I've seen stranger things.

I'll also be around all day selling comics, magazines, t-shirts and mugs. Come by and say hello, chat, etc.
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tax help

anyone know a good CPA? resonably priced too? we need someone to help us estimate taxes for our small business so we don't get bit in the ass next spring.

thanks in advance
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