September 28th, 2005

ack tri-met ...

every morning i get on the same bus with the same people ( its 5:30 in the morning no one sane is up that early) ... is it a full moon ? the crazys were out this morning !!! first when the bus reached powell and 26th there was a man peeing in a newspaper thing.. holding his junk with one hand and reading the paper with the other... weird yes? and shortly after a older lady go on the bus, there was a moth that had been buzzing around she reached up grabbed the moth and ATE IT ... ack breakfast of champaign's .... this all happens in the matter of 20 minutes it was surreal ... trimet never ceases to amaze me
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come to this tonight.
so good it'll make you cry.
maybe. if you're the sensitive type.

Summer At Shatter Creek
Wednesday, Sept. 28, 2005 at 8 p.m.


Quite possibly the most esoteric post ever, but which one of you had the icon with a cartoon picture of a guy with an eyepatch and pink hair? You were interested in a job at my work and you have screenprinting experience, and, well, I need to schedule an interview for you.

Um, for everyone else who doesn't have that icon and doesn't give a shit about this post..... how bout that in-season local sports team, eh?
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Well, I moved to Oregon (From California) about a year ago and I have to say I miss those arcades =\

So I was wondering, do you guys know any arcade places in beaverton/hillsboro/portland area? mainly beaverton/hillsboro since Portland is a couple 30 minutes away ( by car). i'm in the aloha area in case you're wondering.

I'd greatly appreciate your help.
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Film/Television studios?

I have this silly film/tv degree + some real-life experience with 5 years of IT experience. (What else is a girl to do in Wisconsin with a film degree?) Now I would like to maybe use my education...but where? I'm not the LA kind of film kid, and like working local stuff.

I know about NW Film Center, but what other related places are out there? I saw a small studio when I got lost around SE 10th St and Burnside/Hawthorne area, but can't recall the name. Anyone know names of local studios or related places whose websites I can obsessively check until that rare job is posted?

Please help me escape IT.

Thanks in advance!

(no subject)

This is a question for the ladies.
I need some waxing done and would like to know if anyone has any recommendations for a good salon.
Not so expensive that I can't eat for a week, but not so cheap that its in some old guys basement. These are my girly parts we're talking about. I am willing to spend for a job well done.
I live in Goose Hollow so somewhere close would be fun. But I have a car and am willing to drive.
Thanks a bunch!

Looking for a venue...

So I know absolutely nothing about music acts or how to book them at a venue but does anyone have any suggestions of potential venues for new to the area acts to try? I'm sure there's some hierarchy to the whole thing, ie you play in venue type A for a while then you can play in venue type B, etc. But I'm relatively clueless and any suggestions are much appreciated! I'm trying to help a friend out who doesn't live in the area, but is trying to get a band a gig in Portland.

• Looking for a Few Good Artists… •

Hi. I run Sequential Art Gallery & Studio, a small gallery in the Everett Station Lofts, and I’m in the process of putting together the exhibition calendar for next year. If you’re an artist, or know someone who is, I’m now taking submissions for exhibits.

“Art Tells a Story” is the basic concept under which the gallery operates, and so I’m looking for artists with a story to tell. All mediums are welcome, within reason; as I live in the gallery, I would prefer the Art not to be detrimental to my health or sanity.

So there’s my pitch. Any takers? You can comment here, or send me an email at sequentialart (at) gmail-dot-com. Or call me (Kaebel) at 503-916-9293. Or just stop by during my regular hours: most First Thursdays, 6pm-10pm, and Saturdays, 11am-5pm.

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i need to find some irish accent tapes to help me out for a role in a play. does anyone by chance have an irish accent tape or know where i can get one (possibly without purchasing)? I already went to the library and found a few tapes with irish on them but no tapes so far that are what im looking for.

itd be really nice if someone had one of those tapes where you repeat what it says on the tape.. but for learning accents.

THANKYOU to ANYONE who can help me out.

Do any of you lovely geek-enabled DPs know.... I might combine the awesome (?) power of RSS with a way to automatically download the files listed in the pages they reference? These files are not "embedded" or "enclosed", so the RSS readers I've tried don't seem to recognize it.

For example:

This RSS feed:

Links to a variety of sites, including a daily list of free mp3s at this site:

I'd like to spare myself a LOT of [ *right-click* > Save As > SAVE ] action from all these different feeds and pages (the more I look, the more great feeds there are!), but I'm not sure how. I just want to download the .mp3 music into a specific folder.

Comments? Ideas? Is the RSS/feed approach even the most efficient method for what I want?
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Worky Work!

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Hey Hey Hey...Goodbye!

oh, I love it!

I especially love the quote, "This is one of the weakest, most baseless indictments in American history. It's a sham."

In American History! Everyone pity the man!

He's so flustered! Ha!

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I'm watching one of the last five Mariner games of the season, sadly enough. I've been a huge baseball fan ever since my grandfather took me to Giants games at Candlestick Park back in the mid-60s. I got to see a bunch of amazing players, including Willie Mays, Hank Aaron, Sandy Koufax, Lou Brock, and a bunch of other people you've never heard of! No steroids back then, just cheap beer, cigars and women!

Or, something like that.

I keep hearing about how baseball is losing its popularity and is no longer the national pastime... all of you wacky youngsters want extreme rollerblading or POKER of all things. Cripes!

Seriously, though, as the DP demographic skews young, I'm wondering... any baseball fans out there?

And, do you follow any sports?

Baseball, in the final analysis, is probably a game for sentimental old people. And, as a sentimental old person, that suits me just fine.

take 2

hello, i'm looking for hobby or coin stores with a decent selection of stamps.

i posted yesterday and jdsalmon suggested Atlas on Broadway (thank you).

does anyone have any other suggestions?

much appreciated.

(i deleted the original request but am re-posting; sorry for the duplication.)
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pseudo poll time!

Since OSU sucks major donkey balls, I've been looking north for a chance to further educate my mind.

So of three, PSU, Reed, Lewis and Clark, which would you recommend? Any other? I'm a zoology person, but can be flexible

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Hi Portlanders.. I'm not a resident but I've spent some time in your good city.. Lately I've had a hankering to return.. So in the absence of an affordable airfare from Brisbane Australia... I figured I could join this community as a means of consolation..

In the interim I shall enjoy your posts.

Prince George

Help renew the Violence Against Women Act!

(Courtesy of Senator Joe Biden)

Click here to send a letter to Congress urging them to renew the Violence Against Womean Act.

"Dear Friends,

I believe that ending violence against women is truly a shared goal -- one that is held by Democrats and Republicans, one that is upheld by men and women, and one that is desired by both government and by the private sector.

I am writing today because the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) is set to expire at the end of this week and we need your help to make sure this landmark piece of legislation is renewed.
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