September 27th, 2005


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Does anyone know of the paved pathway for bikes and peds that appears in Goose Hollow just above the hwy26 tunnel??

aNnnd, would you happen to know where it goes?

My curiousity is NOW and I cannot Google appropriately, as usual. Sometime later when I can see again I shall explore....but until then, WHO CAN TELL MEEEEEEEEE?
Eric fangy


I don't know if this has been brought up here before, but to anyone living in NW around the Burnside/Goose Hollow area...does anyone else want to KILL whoever decided to reconstruct The Civic? Every single morning at like 7AM I'm woken up by a giant "CA-CHUNK, CA-CHUNK, CA-CHUNK" sound that lasts pretty much the entire day. I live off of 21st and Burnside and it drives me mad...MAD I TELL YOU!!! I just hope they finish whatever it is that causes all that noise pretty soon. Because I HATE IT.

Anyway. That's all.
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Salsa on wednesdays?

The Bossa Nova is supposed to be closed (or not having salsa) this wednesday. Does anyone know of any other spots with salsa a happening? I'm not having any luck finding anything.


***edit*** By Salsa, i mean actual dancing. no classes. I have the classes, i just want to dance! :)
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I <3 PDX

I'm at the end of my vacation here, and I have to tell you all that I love Portland! I've been staying at the hostel on Hawthorne and have been enjoying the great beer and food everywhere. Plus, this city is the best place in the world to people-watch.
What I've checked out so far:

Bridgeport Ale House - had a grilled brie, pepper bacon and apple sandwich (yum) and a pale ale from the cask (more yum).

Bagdad - had pizza and hefeweizen when I saw a movie, next day say outside and had the sampler and a pint of Terminator.

Saturday Market - a bunch of interesting stuff and interesting people. Spoke to someone else from Phoenix who moved here...and loves it. Bought pain creme from the Herbal Hobbit booth for my pinched nerve in my shoulder (and it works). Had bubble tea.

Bijou Cafe - a bit pricy and a bit too yuppie, but it had an all organic and local menu and the food was damn good. The waitress was actually pretty hip and liked my Killing Joke tshirt.

Cannon Beach - the beach is awesome, the town is uptight.

Chopsticks - f**cking good Thai food! I had the Panang Curry with chicken and my wife had the Pad Thai.

Powell's - we were too tired to take the time to really explore, but it was quite nice. Picked up Tom Robbins' latest "Wild Ducks Flying Backwards" as well as a David Sedaris book.

Yeah, it's decided...we're gonna' move here. Maybe we'll get to have a pint with some of you.
Rainy Day

TWO things...

Yes, yes, I can count to two! :)

Question one: I sold a tv to a DamnPortlander about a month ago, and have driven out there again to find your house to deliver the remote to no avail! I have completely forgotten which house it was!! Can you please comment with your email so that we can get that to you!! :)

Question two: I have a Dierks Bentley (country music) ticket to the Crystal Ballroom October 29th. My friend from California was supposed to go with me, but she can't, so she sent me her ticket (I hadn't bought one yet). Is anyone else going that I could tag along with? Or would anyone like to buy a ticket and come with me? I'm not the hugest country fan, so I may end up selling it to someone - but I'd like to go and have a night out - they are few and far between for me! :)

Happy Tuesday!
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Hey all you absurdly helpful people who know the crazy important things....

My org is working on doing a forum on Election Reform (or "Electile Dysfunction" as we're calling it) and our regular venue is not available until the first of the year. We've decided that somewhere in Northwest is the best idea - we've got other activities there that we want to promote - but I'm very much an eastside girl as are most of my org. We're Belmont and Hawthorne not 21st and 23rd and such....

What I'm asking is you know of a place that is all ages until relatively late that serves moderately good food, beer, and has space anywhere inside for about 100 people and a stage on a Tuesday night? We'd prefer the owners to be relatively progressive, especially 'cause they tend to like us better when that's the case. If not a restaurant than many an art gallery who wouldn't mind us bringing in snacks and beer... If it's a restaurant, we'd prefer use of it to be free - they'll make a shit load of money off us for a Tuesday. If it's just a space, compensation can be negotiated.

We were doing it on the patio at ACME on SE 8th and Main, but the weather has gotten too cold for that. Before that, we were at Disjecta, an art gallery that doesn't seem to exist anymore. We'll be back at ACME in January - they're renegotiating their OLCC liscense so they can have underagers inside at least until 9 pm. We need October 12th and one day in November.

Any ideas will be met with thunderous applause.
So Gay

A million apologies

I hate to raise your hopes and then smash them all to itty bitty pieces, but I regrettedly must retract my original commitment to attend the Meet-Up this evening. Please excuse any heartache I may have caused you. I know, I know, you're all crushed and reconsidering attending the meet-up yourselves, but really, I'm sure you'll find someone else there to keep you entertained.

Biscuits and Gravy?

I'm craving biscuits and gravy cooked by someone else! Where is the best place in Portland to get a nice plate o' biscuitsngravy? Eastside or downtown preferred. Weekends only okay. I'm looking for fluffy biscuits-not the crumbly ones at Paradox.


Virus warning.

Yo, there's an AIM virus going around that's a Hacktool.Rootkit trojan virus. Two people have already had their AIMs hijacked to send it to me so I thought I'd send out a warning. It's a virus that can control your computer.

The AIM you're most likely to get from an infected person will start off with something like a "See this" or "LOL" or "Here", followed by a link to what looks to be a picture. It'll be like Pic0023 or something. However, instead of a .jpg ending you'll see a .com ending on that pic. DO NOT CLICK IT. It's the virus.

If you get it, Google Lockx.exe and Hacktool.Rootkit and you'll get instructions on how to get rid of it. It involves Ending Task on the file (mine was lockx.exe but it might be different for yours), setting your folder view settings on My Computer to be able to view ALL hidden files, even the important ones that run your computer, then going into System32 in your WINDOWS directory, finding the file and deleting it. Plus, also download HijackThis!, run it and have it fix anything that has the infected file's name in it. Lastly, run spyware scans. I recommend Ad-Aware and Spybot, as well as Microsoft's AntiSpyware Beta, but whatever you prefer.

Hope this helps. Pass it around as MUCH as possible, please.

life is a highway

Unicef and volunteering

Hey Portlanders,

I work for a well-known retail company and myself and a supervisor are hoping to implement a volunteer program at our story with one huge event each month. We are also going to pull in support from surrounding stores in an effort to make this a district-wide project. We work for a company that has a great NP arm but thus far our region hasn't taken any steps to show this in our homebase.

What I need is a few local (we are located in Vancouver but anything in Portland Metro would work) places where we could volunteer. We have about 50-70 employees and I'll guess that about 20 will volunteer and that we can pull another 10-20 from other stores. We need a place that can accomodate us and we could do something for either a few hours or up to eight. We need several suggestions since we hope to help a new organization each month (we hope this will allow people to find something they want to help out with on a long-term basis).

Second, we are thinking of trick-or-treating for unicef to start everything off but I've never participated in it and neither has my project teammate. Portlanders, have even of you done it? Could I get personal details/success rates/anything helpful at all about the process? The great thing about our company's NP arm is that whatever we raise they will match so we have a good chance to raise a significant amount.


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I'm organizing a fetish themed art show at my college, and some students are shooting in 35mm b&w for it. I hand print my b&w negatives, but they are asking for advice on Portland developers who won't give them shit about nudity and eroticism. Any ideas out there?
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I feel like ordering some delivery tonight. Mostly because I've been up since 530am and I'm Way too tired to go anywhere right now. 'Cept I can't decide what to get. So Portlanders, what's your favorite delivery place? (ps I live on SW Park & Morrison so it'd help if it delivered here too =p )


PS. It can't be seafood. I'm deathly allergic =(
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I introduce cosmicjohn, master of the flamewar.

In light of the "master", I post a new post...

What made you a liberal or conservative?

I'm a liberal (many DPer's shake their head..."oh Slim...we will be right there when you post....") as some of you may guess. But my parents are both very conservative. They listened to country music, which I love, (Repub Theme Songs, I know!) and hate the blacks and gays. (Ok, not all conservs do, but come on...many do. Shall we honor Rehnquist, anyone? Anyone??) They (and I) grew up in a small town. Farmers. Goat fuckers, if you will. Bring it on.

And I ended up very liberal. Could it be the college I went to? (Worcester State - Massachusettes, holla!). Could it be the friends I made? (gays, blacks, others...holla!). What is it??

What made you? We are a product of our upbringing...there is no doubt. What made you dem, repub, green, or other?

(No flames from me...maybe)

Part 2

Name a DPer who changed your way of thinking. Name one who made your "online life" more personal...or challenged you. Name someone who...changed you. Me? It'd be hard to name just one...I'll name a few :


That's all for me.

Thoughts? Flames?

would like some chi with your chai?

Damn! Portlanders! I'm a little stressball!

Quick! Yoga places! (Preferrably hatha, or other meditative forms...) Beginner friendly! (It's been awhile.)

Afternoons/evenings, westside preferred...

And cheap! Ooh! Yeah! Cheap! (I probably can't afford to go regularly until about mid-November... but cheaper=sooner, for me)


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Venues to rent?

hey all - i'd like to throw a birthday party/fundraiser in november and am looking for an inexpensive venue. 8p-midnight-ish, where we can have music, food and alcohol or access to a no-host bar. any suggestions??
Original Bitch

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If anyone knows the whereabouts of a Dan V. Nadeau, formerly of Aloha, kindly punch him in his rotten face. He stole about $100 worth of stuff from my boyfriend & I when he moved out, WITHOUT PAYING LAST MONTH'S RENT OR UTILITIES.
He's fucking scum. Don't let him live with you. He'll tweak in your house, do nothing productive whatsoever unless you count Lineage 2 as productive, and steal some of your most precious property.

If you see him, let him know that Liz & Jeremy will get their things back come hell or high water.
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When I lived in NY, friends and I frequently visited Canada. However, we never stepped into Nightmares.

I have a different friend who did end up going in, and he said it was the most terrifying haunted house he had ever been to. He chickened out. My sister also said that it was unbelievably scary.

In lieu of not being able to go to Nightmares anymore, I'm wondering if there is anything in or around Portland that is equally as traumatizing. Anything good around here? Halloween and all...

Thanks DP!

All Exciting At First...

Know a killer (pancake serving) breakfast place that can sit a shit load of people on a Saturday morning? I mean like 20 people or so at once. I'm looking at Tom's Pancake House in Hillsboro (they rock), but in case they don't I'd like a plan B.

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a beautiful day

yay, meet up!

I went to the meet up tonight, yes, after over four years of having an LJ (my first LJ was a different username) this was my first meet up!

I felt shy and did not get around to talk to many people although I wanted to.

Next time I suppose. Anyway, it was great to meet those I did and fun to see you lovelies there.
mmmmmmm good coffee

Good family/custody lawyer??? Help!

Good Family/Custody lawyer???
Can anyone recommend a good local (nw, sw, preferably) family lawyer (custody) who will work on contingency basis or really has a hankering to do some pro bono work??? I need to find a lawyer by WEDNESDAY. Yeah I know that doesn't give me much time. I'm so desperate I'm going to leave my cell number for you to leave messages with lawyers' numbers if'n you happen to be able to help me. I ask you only leave me a msg if you know a lawyers name and/or phone number since it's crunch time tomorrow and I'm ALSO starting a new job!!! Any help would be wildly appreciated!!! PLEASE no prank calls, as you would probably end up going to hell for it, considering the situation! Naomi 503-516-3342
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sunshine dance gentleflower

yay pirates

had a good tiem at the meet up. glad i went. was nervous to tlak to people i dont know but met some cool people. ill try and be at the next one.

and now im dying my hair red...
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