September 26th, 2005


Auto Repair

I've seen a few posts on here recently from people who need to find a good reliable car repair person. I just found the best one I've dealt with, Sparky's Auto Electric. They handle all electric and most HVAC concerns, and the best thing is they're mobile, they come to you. The guy even came out to Beaverton for me. The service is very quick and cheap too, he changed my ignition and cooling system relay for $90.00 total, and hour and a half of work including picking up the part from Honda. If you're car/truck is effing up and you don't want to tow it anywhere, give them a call 503-709-4366.

VW Repair

I took my 1973 VW van to be repaired at Joszi's Import Car repair and they've taken almost two weeks to do what they said would take a day. The short of it is that I'm looking for a new VW shop. I've asked a few friends, but I'm looking for opinions from you, damnportlanders. Ideas? Personal experiences?

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(no subject)

Might anyone suggest a decent (by decent, I mean a healthy balance of mental/physical skills taught) martial arts dojo/studio/club in or around the Milwaukie area that:

1. Has classes for pre-teens/teens, ie will not have my 12 year old daughter surrounded by 5 year olds
2. (a) Is not instructed by Cobra Kai's Sensei Kreese (or some other uber-militant bullying freakshow) or
(b) the polar opposite, which has me paying huge amounts of cash to hear my child ponder "What is the sound of one empty wallet flapping" while learning no defense skills whatsoever?

Thanks in advance...

Another car question

I have a finder's reward if anyone can recommend something that works for me!

I am looking for a rebuilt or new compatible engine for a 1989 Chevy Baretta. They only made that type of engine for three years, so it must be either 89, 88, or 90. My engine siezed up about a month ago, and I think it's time to get it fixed.

I have a mechanic that can do it, unless the engine you find comes with someone to remove and replace it. I know mechanics out there know people and can get good deals, so I am hoping I can find something. I have a quote as of right now, and I will be making a decision as of tomorrow. Depending on how much money you save me I can throw you a finders reward.


Seeking charity to accept old retainers and orthodonatic gear

Hey, DPers, help me out here. A few weeks ago, I set up drop-off stations all around the Parkrose area and the Avenue of Roses (the former SE 82nd) to gather up old retainers, headgear, and other orthodontal appliances that no one wants anymore. I was telling myself that if I could only gather up 100, I would donate the whole bunch to a charity who could distribute them to a village way out there in the Third World where they could really use orthodontic help. Thanks to the generosity of our citizens, I didn't just gather 100, I got 187. Most of the stuff is in pretty good shape. It was a beautiful weekend, and I spent most of my time polishing up the old retainers with an industrial-grade toothbrush and I soaked them all in listerine. I put them in sandwich bags, and this morning took the whole freaking box down to Mercy Corps. I wasn't expecting a big thank you or any fame from this, but I wasn't expecting what happened next, either. They wouldn't take 'em. They told me that if I left the gear there, they would just take the whole box to a landfill.

OK, DPers, let's put our collective minds together. Anyone know a good charity that will take these suckers and give them out to the people of the Third World?

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On 9/21, my apartment manager let the maintenance guy in and my daughter's new kitten out!! She (the kitten, not my daughter!) is black and brownish-grey bengal striped with white paws and a white belly and she has an orange stripe that runs from her nose to her forehead. She escaped from Beaver Creek Meadows Apartments on Start St. & Troutdale Rd. in Troutdale (behind Mt. Hood Community College) Please respond if you have seen her! Thanks!
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Organizational skills

Do you have any?
Do you get off on helping people get their homes in order and get rid of things they don't need and put it all in place?

I need someone to help me get my ass in gear and get it all put together. Everytime I get it started something comes up and I don't get it done. or when I get going I get distracted (ohhh shiny) and then like I said it doesn't get done. Like now for example I have sheets that have been washed a month ago that have been relocated from the basket in my bedroom to the basket in my living room to be folded and well yeah they aren't.

And now I have a kitty and I want things to be as hair free as possible and it's not going to happen if I leave it the way it is.

I'm not sure if I could pay but I know I have skills i could trade for. pynk_gyrl helped me a lot but i've allowed it to fall back to dissaray and yeah i kept getting distracted when she was helping as well.

So who's up for it?

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Real Estate License

i want to get my real estate license......

can anyone give me any advice or personal experience with that here in Oregon?
where does one find the classes (i've found some at PCC but are there other options)?

thank you.
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Aggressive industrial music from great djs PLUS MMTM on a monday!

Image hosted by

Underground Inc,/Black Flames records artist:
MORE MACHINE THAN MAN (playing around 10:30pm)
with Djs
Mohawk Adam

*this will also be a KMFDM "Hau Ruck" CD release party
We will be giving away copies of the album plus posters!
Courtesy of Metropolis Records!

Doors at 9:00pm - 21
$5.00 Cover

203 SE Grand Ave.
Portland, Oregon

More Machine Than Man is the cybergoth, electrofetish, and industrial
multimedia project for the new millennium. This prolific collaboration
works in the media of digital music, art film, print/web art, animation, and
event promotion. MMTM has successfully established multimedia performances, with live music and performance art, as part of the goth/fetish/industrial club scene in North America.

More Machine’s music is dynamic, guitar driven industrial dance defined
by undeniable hooks and pop sensibility. All of MMTM’s songs are dark
celebrations of B&D relationships, sci-fi imagery, the fetish scene, pervy
sensuality, and post-alternative rage. These songs are strongly reminiscent of electro-goth-industrial mainstays like KMFDM [mdfmk and Slick Idiot], early Ministry, Pitchshifter, Girls Under Glass, Meg Lee Chin, Lords of Acid, Rob Zombie, Bjork, NIN, Chemlab, and Garbage.

Animated Kitty :)

(no subject)

I just started my new job and I need to make a choice by Thursday:

Providence Health Insurance
Kaiser Permenante Health Insurance?

They would be about the same cost to me... a little variances here and there, but I want to know what the general consensus of what you DPers might have to say about either one.

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House troubles

I need some help/advice from all of you. I recently rented a house with my boyfriend through a rental company. We signed a 1 year contract, they agreed that certain things would be fixed before we moved in. Nothing was fixed when we moved in. We brought it up with the rental company and they told us to make a list of everything that was wrong and they would check in on us in two weeks, they also kept saying that things were going to get fixed. We get home one day to find a letter in the mail from them saying that as of Sept. 25th, they weren't going to be in charge of our property anymore and all problems should be taken up with the owner after that date. We hounded them for the remaining week to get things done, but to little avail (we got some half-assed nailing of some ply board). Now we're living in a house with nothing up to standards.... The owner called me last night and informed me that he's going to get the house painted (that's nice, but we still want the broken things fixed). He came over today and we informed him of the situation with the property management company, we showed him the list and walked him through the house to show him all the problems (these aren't piddly little things, folks). All we got were a bunch of excuses and lame explanations of "Oh, well I guess it's just that way." This is stuff that any normal person wouldn't want to be living with in their house and this man is passing it all off as "That's the way it is."!!!

My questions to all of you are:
Is there anything I can do?
We were charged a few hundred dollars in administrative fees for the property management company to do nothing but give us keys. Now none of the stuff they said was going to get done is actually going to get done. Can we get our money back? Can we legally get out of our lease without being fined or have it look badly on our rental histories? I'm almost thinking of taking this to small claims court. I feel like I need a lawyer, but I can't afford one.
Is there some kind of renters alliance or rental board or something I can go to to make my case? We've been really good about keeping record and taking pictures of the things that are wrong with the house. I tried to do some google searches, but didn't come up with anything. If anyone knows what to do here, it would be a really great help.
Thank you.
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Just a reminder: as mentioned before, meetup is tomorrow! 8pm, McMenamins Tavern & Pool, 1716 N.W. 23rd Ave. Minors, majors, newbies and oldbies welcome!

Also, for no particularly good reason, I have officially given this meetup a pirate theme! Dress like one, talk like one, wear your "Pirates > Ninjas" t-shirt, whatever!

I have cookies for people who participate in piratey badgoodness!

Specifically, I have two packages of double-stuff oreos and a package of fig newtons. So come rape and pillage have fun!

I will post one more reminder sometime tomorrow, because I know how flakey and forgetful we all are ;P
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(no subject)

So, uh, Darling DamnPortlanders...did any of you who went to NIN on Saturday happen to take pictures? I am trying to find a close-up of the newly shaved Reznor (at least he looked short-haired from Section 114) to prove that he did indeed cut his hair, and I've googled and googled 'til my googler is sore. Anyone? Buehler?

Asshole driver of the night

to the guy in the red bmw tonight around 9pm in downtown who decided to take a left turn from the RIGHT HAND LANE while i was taking a left on my bike...i hope you die a horrible death with your fucking careless driving you low life piece of shit. yeah, you knocked me over and i may be a bit bruised, but that doesn't make up for you driving like no one else is on the road. i'm pissed ass hell and i could be getting drunk at a party right now but NO. i'm in a bad fucking mood cause of some fucking douche bag's wreckless behavior. thanks for the dumbfounded look with the 'my bad' shrug, at least your gf came out and checked up on me. next time i see you i will crack my chain over your skull and throw my beast of a frame over your lifeless body. i will also get in your precious german vehicle and run you over a few times.

*i never say fuck this much.... this was my first experience as a cyclist for a few years now with being 2 inches away from being crushed by an idiot who may as well have been driving from the backseat while eating a big mac. i hope you die soon.

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extacy 2.0

techno, rave style dance party
saturday oct. 1, 2005
fez ballroom third floor

music mixed live by
francisco dj
progressive house, tribal underground, anthems & trance

feel massive concert sound & see amazing visuals.

high tech lighting, & atmospheric illumination by loope productions.

fez ballroom
316 sw 11th at burnside
portland, or
21+ w/id
Original Bitch


Who here goes to MHCC? Most of the people I knew there either dropped out or dissapeared into the nothing. I need new people to bitch about teachers & whine about the lack of whiskey on campus with.
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More Fun on the 8

I was riding home on the 8 this afternoon when these girls charged onto the bus at Lloyd Center, then they started yelling and fighting. I was boxed in, so I couldn't get in there to break it up.

Turns out that five of them had ganged up to rob one of them, who thought she'd be safe on the bus - but they started whaling on her in the back while people thought it was just a fight and not a mugging.

The police took their sweet time getting there, and only one came. (I described what I saw, and the one girl I got a good look at....)

I hope they pulled the tape from the security camera, since the one on the left side of the bus pretty much caught everything....