September 24th, 2005


Guiness at Acropolis

Anyone who likes that foul stuff, don't EVER order it at the Acropolis. They don't know how to pour Guiness AT ALL. They just fill the mug up and hand it back full of brown foam. Last time I was there someone even got angry at the bartender who shrugged it off.

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If you had to choose between dessert at Papa Haydn or Pix Patisserie, which would it be ? (Yes, these are your only choices, play along damn it)

On another note, any one else in Pdx not like bubble tea?
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anyone else live the broadway/hollywood area?

so i just went outside to go to the store only to discover my entire neighborhood is cordoned off by the cops. besides the police in uniform, two guys in full camo gear with m-16s (i think they're swat team) called me over as i obliviously went to get in my car.

apparently they are looking for somebody with a gun, and looking pretty seriously. the two guys asked me a few questions (is that your car? do you live there? where are you going?) before deciding that i wasn't their man. then they 'suggested' that i go back inside for awhile.

i should probably turn on the local news. my monkey curiousity really wants to know what is going on.
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Bicycle Shops

I couldn't think of a better place to ask! I am looking for a bicycle shop in Portland that has not just bicycles, but equipment, accessories, etc. I'm specifically looking for bicycle mounted bags or baskets. Any info ASAP appreciated - i'm hoping to go out and get one today. Thanks in advance! :-D

Going Blind

I'm freaking out here...

Anyone lose part of your vision in an eye without any explanation? The doctors at Good Sam have no idea why this is happening to me...I'm losing any optimism I have...I need an inspirational story or a hug...a shred of hope that I might not go blind...I'm only 21 for christ's sake...

Worky Work!

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What's your favorite song?

A lot of people I know can't pick one.

But...pick one damn you!


edit - Keep them coming! I'm downloading all of PDXers music! I need some new shizznit to listen to
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Is there a fabric/ribbon-selling store, with a good selection (and a parking lot), on this side of the West Hills? I am really in it for the ribbon, and don't want to have to spend time finding a place to park.

Ideas appreciated!
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does anyone have a wifi thing like this with a cord (i need it to go in the window to be able to be connected, the card ones dont reach far enough towards the wifi access...

or a wireless router that we can borrow or have? we cant afford it right now and the wifi thing i was borrowing has to go back to its owner tonight.
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Dear DP

Please shut the fuck up already about how you don't give change to bums.

In fact, shut the fuck up about bums in general. Yes, there are lots of them in Portland, but no, we don't need to hear you whine about it every fucking week. If can't find something more worthwhile to be upset about than being hit up for change on the street, please, just shut the fuck up, and while you're at it, go fuck yourself, fucker.

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Well fuckety fuck fuck fuck.

fuck that.

In other news, the sky is blue.

Edit: calm down people, go smoke some of that weed that you are so known for having in the lovely northwest...or perhaps visit one of the many fun places our city has to offer!

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My friends are staying at the Mallory Hotel (with humble thanks to those who recommended hotels the other day). We're heading up there in a while to have some drinks at the Driftwood Room.

But these friends are also disappointed that there was no cake at the wedding they attended today. So they ask me, and I pass on the question to all you knowledgeable people: where shall we go to eat that's not too far from there, is open late enough to go sometime after 10, and most importantly, has excellent deserts? And can handle a crowd- maybe 8 or 10 of us?

Thank you. Thank you very much.
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Oregon Health Plan??

HELLO YOU LOVELY damnportlanders !

Does anyone know if Oregon Health Plan is still closed for new applicants?  I know it was closed for a time, I was gone for a while and am wondering about the status of things these days.

Any info would help and yeah, I'll call some offices on Monday too.

peace out