September 23rd, 2005

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Am I the only person having issues with hotmail tonight? I mean, I know all the cool people use g-mail, infact, I have a g-mail account, but I dont use it anymore, since I thought of the whole g-g-g-g-g-unit connection (which is really nowhere but in my head) and yeah, I've always used this same hotmail account, and tonight I cant get anywhere near it.

is it just me?
am I the only hotmail user anymore?
and do they hate me?


help. I need to know that I'm not alone. Not that I'll get any of your responses, since they're sent to that email account.

I'll just have to check my post to see if anyone says anything.

mommy make the bad man stop.
  • zahrah

moving? need a place?

hope it's okay to post this here, we have an entire basement for rent (bedroom, place for computer desk, living room, etc), as well as an additional room upstairs up for rent.

my gf owns the house and the other roommates are moving on by the end of the month. they paid $400-$500 renting just the rooms.

rent is negotiable and there's a small sec deposit. anyone needing a place we live off I-5 one exit outside of North Portland over the Vancouver bridge.
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OK so I haven't listened to NRK stream over the net since 2001 and apparently they don't do it anymore :(

I tried to listen to KINK but that too isn't working. What is a good station i can get on my computer that isnt too loud (non worksafe)?
Oct 2010

NW Natural

Our gas company raised rates 18.4% last year.  It was announced this morning that they are increasing rates 15.2%. 

Over 33% increase in rates since September 2004. 

This is getting god damned ridiculous.
Miranda July

yurt madness!!!!!!!!!!

does anyone know of any great campgrounds withing 1.5-2 hours from here that have yurts? if so, please let me know. my husband and i are celebrating our 1st wedding anniversary in a couple of weeks, and really want to stay in a yurt for the night! thanks!

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Blue Veil Swoop

Belly Dancing at Baraka!

This Saturday I'm belly dancing at a neat new Moroccan restaurant called Baraka. It's located at SE 32nd and Division, the food is good and also cheap, and there's no cover.

I think the owners plan on having a belly dancer perform every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, so if you can't make it this Saturday there are plenty of chances for you to catch somebody dancing there.

So yeah, if you're looking for something to do, you're more than welcome to come on down to my gig.

Baraka is a pretty small restaurant, so reservations might be a good idea.

Anyway, here are the details:

Belly dancing at 9 pm.


3202 S.E. Division St.

Portland, Or.

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Anyone here been to the mcmenamins kennedy school? how did you feel about it?

I got a room there, seeing as how I only had 12 hours to plan for this, and darn near everywhere is jam packed this weekend, I was lucky to get a room anywhere that wasnt 300 dollars a night, or a shilo.

any testamonials? did I make a mistake?
  • sor

? for NW folks

Know of a coffee house or breakfast place off of Vaughn (23 or up) where we can meet before heading for a Sauvie Island hike? We don't want to deal with parking and crap too deep into the NW area. Thanks
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Thankful Thursdays, Portland-Style! (belated by a day)

1. The upcoming 12th Annual Polish Festival this weekend, right on the Interstate MAX line.

2. The wonderful, cool fall weather.

3. More people wearing attractive black clothes during this time of the year (must be the Goth in me!)....

4. The return of the hearty, wholesome soup season (must remember to stop by Farmers' Market to pick up fresh corns for making corn chowder)....

5. Couple of interesting shows going on this evening: Madness at the Crystal Ballroom, and Empty Room/Written In Ashes/Human Genome Project at Tonic Lounge!
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Part-time jobs?

Does anyone know of any places that have any part-time openings? I"m a college student at PSU and need a second job. My only requirement is that it pay at least $8.00/hr and is close-in, as I am selling my car.


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Queens of the Stone Age

Anyone know what the deal is with the Queens show on Sunday at Powell's? I've heard they're doing an acoustic set, but where in the hell are they going to play? They can't fit 200 or so in that coffee house, can they?
someday b/w

Sidekick II, Motorola A630

I want to buy one of these phones.

I've tried them both and I like them both but I don't want to pay a lot of money.

I'm a little bit afraid of ebay although they have the best deals on them.

and craigslist people seem to think a bit more of the phones than they really are worth...


have one you want to sell?

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Kinda short notice, but would anyone like to buy a SINGLE ticket to Nine Inch Nails tomorrow? The seat is in Section 114 Row 0, and we're all pretty nice people.

It's only $55 - that's actually LESS than face value 'cause I'm not going to dick around with twenty cents.

C'mon, it'll be fun!

  • rent32

Space To Use...

Hey All!

I am forming a musical theatre/cabaret ensemble, and I am holding auditions in a couple weeks. I am desperate need of finding a space to hold auditions. It would be on a saturday from like 10-3 or so. Ideally, this space would have a piano, but not absolutely necessary. PLEASE HELP if you can! It can be a church, a warehouse... anything! THANKS!
Worky Work!

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So I have a friend who eats Habaneros. As in the worlds hottest pepper. And he eats them whole.

He gave me a sliver of said pepper. I cried. My mouth burned for 45 minutes. And it was only a sliver.

I now have a pepper that was brought home from someone's work. But they don't know what the pepper is. All they were told is that it's hotter than a Habanero.

I was under the impression that Habaneros are the hottest. And as far as I can google without getting bored, I'm right.

Is this person crazy? Any idea what the pepper is?

Curious what DP thinks about this?

Burning Man 2005

The above is a photo taken from a stealth military fly-over on BM 2005. This was leaked to an associated press journalist from a BM sympathetic reservist at Fallon Air Force Base. The recent federal fall-out from a bust at a high profile Rave in Utah has caused increased military interest in Burning Man activities. Plans are in the works to have a reserve draft from local areas in order to arrest Burning Man attendees under the Rave Act.
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Hamster in need of home!

This evening one of the eployees I work with found a Hamster in our laundry room. He is quite people friendly and obviouly was once someones pet. I'd hate to send him off to be put down so if anyone wants him comment or email me and I'll give you the name and address of my hotel so you can pick him up. We've already bought him some bidding a food dish and a watter bottle.

I have named him Phillipe.

Please Help Phillipe... he needs you!