September 22nd, 2005


ortho doctor needed- know of a good one?

I fell down the parking lot stairs at work a while back in California and broke both my ankles, and now here, and need to see a doctor for follow up care. My work comp adjuster told me to just find someone out here and tell her who I want to see. I am having minor problems now, but I do want them well-documented in case anything comes up in the future, and I need a referral to another doctor, but they want me to start with an orthopedic specialist. Has anyone had a good experience? Looking for someone who will be fair and kind. I am in Outer SE, so SE or Gresham would be easy, but I'll travel.

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commuter pancakes

Hello wonderous cycling portlanders... I need help.

Today is my day to test out my bike commute (N Ainsworth near I-5 to PSU campus). So I'm looking at the bike map (again), and realize that the transfer onto the Broadway bridge is through the same intersection that I'm nervous about driving through in my car (lots of lanes, all wide open, I'm really afraid of hitting pedestrians and cyclists and small children)... I see on the map that Interstate also connects to the Broadway bridge, but I've never physically been there.

Tips on bike-commuting without getting killed? Route suggestions? Or... anyone wanna ride with me?

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Cross-country drive to Portland from the east coast

Have any of you DPers relocated to Portland from the mid-east coast, say from Maryland, Virginia or North Carolina? If you made the road trip, which route/s did you take, and would you recommend them? I'm flying out to Virginia for Thanksgiving and will be driving my car back to Portland, and I'm trying to find the path of least resistance (i.e., least inclement weather and delays). Any tips would be appreciated.
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I'm not sure why I haven't asked here yet but...

Are you Jewish?

What Temple do you go to?

I'm in the process of converting and wanting to meet up with other converts or people willing to let me ask silly questions. or just to find a group of people to hang out with once in a while the have the same religious belief's that i do.
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(no subject)

I've begun doing research into medical schools for the winter semester. I was thinking that I wanted do complete something fairly quickly, for something fairly entry level into the medical field, so that i could get my feet wet and decide if it's something that i really wish to do, versus going to school for YEARS, and realizing that i HATE it. (also, to get out of working retail would be a blessing!)

so my question is this: would it be better to do something at a vocational school such as Heald or Concorde, and THEN go to something like Clark, etc. after my foot is in the door, or is it best to just jump right into Clark? I've heard rumors that places like Heald or Concorde end up costing entirely more than going through the prerequisites at Clark, and there's a fear that it would not look as good on a resume as Clark would (not that Clark is thee best college, but it's MUCH closer to where i live than the others, and i do not currently posses a car.)

any suggestions?

Thursday again

So, i'm looking for the weekly Thursday todo, and it really seems to be drying up now that Summer is ending.

Didn't find anything under free activities except the Thrushes (yes blue... I KNOW!!!!) And some event at XV with an emcee Specs.

Also found out about various bands at the melody ballroom from 8 till midnight for $10. From 6pm-8pm they have new orleans food.

Anything else going on? I'm not used to all this free time!

Prefer date or friend related activities that are fun, but not everyday, and fairly inexpensive... if not free.

Also a reminder.. salsafest is this weekend.
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(no subject)

my affinity for language has come up a couple times this past week so now i'm wondering:

is anyone else unusually aroused by the dictionary or turned on by grammatical conversations?

wedding tuxes

is it normal for groomsman to pay for their own tuxedo rentals? that seems incredibly tacky and rude to me, especially if the person is knowingly unemployed or low income. aren't there etiquette rules about that? why would someone be expected to go into debt for someone else's celebration? why is it so important to match anyway? maybe i just hate weddings but honestly most of them are only fun to those getting married. all the rest of us would rather sleep in. elope and save the rest of us the expense! thanks.
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Blazer Preseason Tickets

For those who don't already know, you can go to Craigs event listings and there's a posting for free preseason tickets. Clippers and toronto are all that's left. I got toronto, and it was the 300 series seating now. A friend got the clippers two days ago and got 100 series seating...

Good luck!
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My mommy is in China!

So my mom left a couple of weeks ago for an adventurous year in Souzhou, China (sp?) and she has been writing the most interesting emails ever since. I've always been fascinated with the far East and it's great being able to experience everything through a 59-year-old's eyes. Anyway, I decided to put her emails into her own LJ so she can read them all when she gets back...shhh, it's a surprise. But I wanted to share the LJ with all of YOU because I think everyone can learn from it. Or just be amused! Anyway, her username is China_Mama. If you're interested, take a look sometime. Peace.
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Dear Car Owner

To: The woman driving the red (model deleted to protect the innocent) car. You were directly in front of me, as I came home from work today.
Message: I truly hope you can in some way get the $1300 that you need: but not by selling your car, which promptly broke down as you stopped at the light. And before you get it towed, I need you to do two things:
1) Wash off the "Runs Good" you painted on the back window. Replace it with "Runs Well."
And now that you've done your grammatical penance...
2) Wash "Runs Well" off immediately ... quick! before the paint dries.
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(no subject)

All homosexuals are now child molesters.

(The new official document also) noted that the Pope is a conservative who said last spring that there was a need to "purify" the church after deeply damaging sex scandals of the last several years.

Alright, so the sodomy and molestation is question. And, ok, they were performed by men who took a vow of celibacy. But "purifying" the church of all homosexuals, even going so far as having investigators (being) instructed to visit each of the 229 seminaries in the United States?

Am I missing something? Isn't this wrong? Isn't this called, oh what's the phrase...umm...jumping the gun? Looks like the Church has finally gotten tough on terrorists!...or in this case, homosexuals. there a difference?

(no subject)

so, I want to plan a little tryst for me and my boyfriend.

Collapse )

so, checklist:

Slightly fancy-shmansy hotel
slightly fancy- shmansy resturant near slightly fancy shmansy hotel.

thanks in advance!
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apartment help

Hey Portlanders,

In the spring I will be attending Lewis & Clark but I will still have my job in Vancouver (near the juncture of i-205 and SR 500). I need to find an apartment that is somewhere in the middle so that the commute to either won't impede me from going to either. I'll be going to school fulltime and work fulltime. I would rather commute farther to work than school as my job starts at 6 am and traffic isn't bad at that time. Where should I look for an apartment?

I'm looking for a one bedroom (maybe two if I can find a roomie) with washer and dryer in unit in the 500-600/month price range. Any ideas/neighborhoods to look in?
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I gots a job and have me some new pants...need them taken up a near 30th and Stark, but have car and will travel up to 3 miles...any recs?
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Lion King anyone?

So... My boyfriend called to order tickets for us to go to The Lion King with some friends of ours. He specifically told the ticket guy SATURDAY the 24th.

He got the email confirmation for the tickets, and it was FRIDAY the 23rd.

Of course Ticketmaster was most UNHELPFUL and would not change them at all (even though there ARE tickets available to Saturdays show..grr)

And now, we're stuck with some tickets we can't really use.

Anyone looking to buy some tickets to Lion King? With service charges and all that jazz, we paid $174 for them. The seats are in Orchestra C row J (Aka, right smack dab in the middle!) (See seating chart here!)

So, help a girl out. I really want to see it, but want to go see it with our friends.. and really don't want to fork out an additional $175 to do so!

Thanks tons :)

PS - Before you say "go post them on Craigslist" .. I have :)

Yay for Craigslist.

They've been sold :)
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art classes

does anyone know how to change your major on the psu website? i'm trying to sign up for art classes but there's a damn major restriction. any help is appreciated. of course i cross posted to pdx_edu.