September 21st, 2005

misc. questions and observations

1. I am looking for a special place. I need a coffee shop in or around Northwest where I can go work on my laptop. I don't need the internet, just a plug in if the battery runs out. The problem is, I just started using the laptop and have NEVER taken it somewhere in public. It's very uncool of me but I'm terrified of looking like a fool lugging it in some where and finding out I can't use it there or doing something idiotic that gives me away. So, where is a good place to start my laptop-in-public education and is there anything I should avoid doing, etc.?

2. What do you all do after work? Lately I am seeing all these happy people out walking or out having cocktails after work. I never do anything fun after work and I'm starting to wonder if I'm the only one.
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Hey, if you, or one of your friends got your CD player very violently jacked last night at the Elmonica MAX last night, the cops might have it. I got the main agressor arrested & I was asked to describe the player, so I do believe they took it off him. Give the Beaverton police a tinkle on the tellingbone.

To anyone else that was at the stop last night & didn't do anything, ya'll suck hard.
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Childhood foolishness, huzzah!

I posted this in my journal and realized that it might be a good damnportlanders conversation starter!

I was about 8 or 9, and was over at the next door neighbor's house with my mom and my sisters. My mom was dating the next door neighbor at the time. I was helping him put laundry away and he handed me some socks to put away in his drawer. I opened the drawer and spied what I thought was the bottom part of a gas mask. I picked up the gas mask and yelled "incoming chemical warfare!" or something and clamped it over my face, taking deep breaths as if inhaling oxygen to the full capacity of my lungs.

When he and my mom got done laughing hard enough to wet themselves, they explained to me what a protective cup is used for.


So, tell me something stupid you did as a kid.
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Portland Cyclists Beware

I know it's smart to lock up your bike no matter where you are, but I'd like to interrupt for one brief moment to tell you about an area you should be very careful about. It's close-in NE 28th at Glisan, but most likely more spread out than that. The main reason I'm naming that specific block is I know of many bike thefts that have gone on in that specific area, including my girlfriend's bike. These guys just down the street took one of my bikes one night (after an altercation with the's a long-ass story), and then once we confronted them they actually GAVE IT BACK. Not everyone can be so lucky. The police are aware of where they are and what they are up to, but I'm not sure they're actually doing anything about it. So, my message to you is lock your shit up good. If you don't it could be gone. Even if you go in the store for a minute without locking it up your bike could be gone. Don't let a friend tell you "Oh, it'll be fine, don't worry" and then go inside. LOCK IT UP. Prevent this tragedy.

glamour gallery

So if you didn't know yet... Glamour Gallery is GONE. Yes, it's true. Apparently the owner moved a month or two ago.

So is there anywhere left in portland that is even half as cool? (If you had never been there, he had tons of vintage glasses frames, vintage jewelry, shoes, etc.)
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The Arcade Fire Concert

Did anyone here go to the Arcade Fire show on Tuesday at the Crystal Ballroom? If you didn't you missed an amazing show. I didn't think the band could live up to the hype but that they did. Also, if you didn't stay for the very end of the show, you missed an amazing finale. The band marched out of the venue and out onto Burnside playing all the way, camera crew in tow. I'd never seen anything like it before. Did anyone get some good pictures of the show, both inside and out, and if so, would you mind posting them for all to see?
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Selling a car for dummies

I need to sell my car, but I have no clue how to do it. Anyone have any advice for me?

For what it's worth, it's a dark blue 2004 PT Cruiser in great shape with only 11,600 miles on it. (See below.)

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see a free movie.

tomorrow (thursday) if you're bored...

ANY regal cinema will give "free" admission, plus a poppiecorn, to any showing (that's not an immediate new release)...

if you bring in 3 cans of food (donated to the oregon food bank).

it's called "the cans film festival." heh.


i just heard a terrible version of Love Will Tear us Apart by Joy Division sung by some was like really, really bad lounge music. who the hell did this?? diediediediedie! okay back to work now...
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someday b/w

Cat owners?

What do you feed your cat?

Where do you get it?

my kitty is 10, i got him last night. he's eating Friskies wet food and some special indoor only cat food.

he's got a pretty oily coat and some dandruff which i'd like to get rid of.


Some friends are coming to visit this weekend, and they want to know a good hotel to stay in. I've never needed a hotel here, but you damnportlanders know everything. So please, give us some advice.

Their criteria:

It doesn't need to be super-cheap, so no roach motels, but it shouldn't be the Hilton either.

Safe to park the car and leave stuff in it.

Not too far from my place- I live by Union Station. They can drive back and forth, but it shouldn't be too far out.

Thank you, dp people. You have my humblest gratitude (and I'll be linking my friends here, so I'm sure you'll have their thanks too.)
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I swear to fucking god...

You have iPods...I know someone does. Tell me :

How - do - you - transfer - music - from - a - CD - to - iTunes?

The instruction booklet is NO help! "Insert a CD. iTunes opens it automatically."


iTunes does NOT open mine automatically. It goes to Real Player. And even AFTER changing default preferences, and TELLING the god damn CD to play in iTunes, it does NOT "open in iTunes."

For the love of all...please walk me through it. I'm about to throw this fucking computer out the window. AND I have to sit here and watch Lost from across the room! (A travesty)


Edit - I had to uninstall this version of iTunes and restart the computer. So fucking ridiculous. iTunes is horrible - horrible! I've never had such a problem with any kind of electronics. When I first started out, following the instructions and all that, I was only able to transfer certain songs...the programs SAID it transfered, but they were not on the iPod. I had to add all songs to the hard drive, and then transfer to iPod. Very stupid and frustrating. Anyways...things are fixed now. Bahjeezus! And btw, Real 10 is teh sex. I like Real. I've never had a problem with it.

Red light cameras and traffic signals

I need some help with where to find accurate information on Oregon traffic signals. A couple of weeks ago I was driving on NE Sandy around 8:30 at night. The light at the intersection at 39th and NE Sandy turned yellow and I didn't think I had enough time and distance to safely stop my vehicle considering there were other motorists behind me and it's not safe to have your car come to a stop IN the intersection. I usually get nervous when this happens and my first instinct is to hit the brakes but when I see that I'm not going to make it I hit the gas. I got a ticket from the city because there's a red light camera at the intersection. I don't think that what I did was wrong because I didn't feel that I couldn't safely come to a stop before the intersection and would like to petition my ticket. The physics part of it I can get down and have found information to dust off my old high school physics memory but so far I haven't been able to find any source which tells how long a signal will show yellow before turning red in the state of Oregon. Does anyone know where I could get ahold of such information without calling the police department to ask (I don't really want to call up and say, "Hi, I'm a dumbass who didn't want to get rearended when I realized I couldn't safely stop before an intersection's red light, so I hit the gas and got snapped by the red light camera" to preclude my question to them)? Also, has anyone had this happen to them or known of someone who did? What was your experience or theirs like and was the outcome favorable or did you have to chalk up the $237? If indeed I did have time to stop and it was just my bad judgment then I'll cough up that money that I don't have, but until then I'm gonna build my case to fight the ticket. Thank you so much to everyone in advance.
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