September 20th, 2005


Keep portland strange

A man talking to himself and sorta singing along left sharpies on some outdoor tables and dropped a few in front of store doors. Also left was a brand new unopened CD which we left there for someone else to find and take home.

Very colorful sharpies too! I had no idea they came in all those colors!

Went to this dessert place on 23rd… holy fucking yum! Skip the crème brule and go for the raspberry vanilla custard… DAMN good! The Muscat wine was sweet and yummy.

So… now Laura and I decided we needed to have a desert party! What deserts are easy to make, but also simply delectable? So far we have flan, pumpkin pie, and meringue…. Any others? Looking for something on the exotic side.


i just got asked out. like, on a DATE. this has not happened to me in... um... a really long time. possibly since high school. (the last time i was single was in college and people there were either hooking up drunk or acting like they were married.) she's cute and seems cool so i said yes, and i'm supposed to get back to her with my schedule today, but we haven't decided what to do yet and i want to suggest something fun. you know, something more interesting than coffee but still conducive to talking and gauging of dateability. help me!

Another Anti-American Apparel Story

Roar, I'm bored and it's my break at work. So I thought I'd inform you that care about another ongoing problem with American Apparel. I work at a screen printing company, and one of our clients is supplying his own shirts - shirts from American Apparel. We, as a company, do not provide American Apparel; we've had more than enough problems with them shorting our goods and sending us the wrong color of garments. Well this customer's experience wasn't any more pleasent. American Apparel was to ship us 300 shirts today, but instead we got a box of 72 tee shirts. The packing slip shows they shipped all 300 shirts in that one box, which is very fucking hilarious. So we called our client to let him know what American Apparel has done. He calls American Apparel who says their records indicate they shipped all 300 shirts, so that's what they're billing him for. The box we received is the ONLY box they shipped, it says on the label box 1 of 1, weighs 21 pounds. This is what THEIR records indicate as well, but they don't care (They sincerely believe they sent all 300 shirts in a 21 pound box!). We have taken photos of the box and sent them back to our client for him to send to American Apparel.

In short, they're being assholes. You can wear those overpriced shirts any day of the week, but just know those egotistical sex-selling douchebags are not very cool when it comes to contract customers.
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Does anyone know of any shops (preferably in SE) that carry second-hand magazines? I know there's Cameron's downtown, but if I can find a place closer to where I live, I'd prefer it. The magazine place on Powell is long gone, unfortunately.
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I think I remember someone asking this question months ago, but alas, I cannot find it. has anyone seen a place downtown that sells lomo cameras? something like this --> ?
I remember that Hive sells them, I think, but I was wondering if there was someplace else with more choices.

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I love this day. It's so gorgeous outside I want to frollick. I was heading to my car after getting lunch and passed under a tree. Just then, a wiley wind blew a swirl of gold and yellow around me. And to this, I share with you all one of my favorite poems.

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Probably a stupid question buuuuuuuuuut..

I'm going to see mono tomorrow night at the Doug Fir Lounge (anyone else going?). It'll be the first concert I've been to since I saw the Moody Blues with my mom when I was nine - so it's been about fourteen years. So my questions are - 1. how long do shows usually last? This one starts at 9. and 2. what's the area around Doug Fir Lounge like? Safe, skeevy, scary? The reason I'm asking is that the boyfriend and I have to take Trimet back home to Hillsboro and will have to walk to get to a bus stop. I hope we don't have to leave too early but we can't afford a cab all the way out to Hillsboro...
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I need Portland's best places

Hey everyone. My friend is thinking of moving to Portland from Texas and I need to show her as many good things as possible so that I can convince her to move to this wonderful city. She will probably be here for about 3 days in the beginning of October. Please give me your best selling points on Portland to convince someone to move here. Lol in my opinion there is just NO contest at all between Texas and Oregon but that could just be because I am from here.
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Open Call for Women Artisans

Attention women artisans, and designers with flair!

Ruby Martini, a Cocktail of Artisans, is holding a holiday wares and wears event showcasing purses, jewelry, accessories, home décor, mosaics, ceramics and glass designs. We are seeking local creators of fine wearable and hip home goods to participate in our premier event.
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There is this amazing spanish style apartment complex on Divison. I stopped there to look and see if I could find any info. I knocked on one of the doors and the next door lady opened her door and I asked her who managed the apartments and she was totally rude. She very shortly said that the managers didn't live on sight and that they hang a sign when an apartment is open. Do any of you know of this place and who might manage it? I would really like to get a place there and being able to call and know before the public does would be wonderful. The address if 5110 Se Division. The buildings are like a terra cotta color with like teal trim. It is all stucco and has little spanish style balconies. Any info would be helpful. THANKS :)BTW, I did try to look it up on google and qwestdex and didn't find any listing.
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I have a question for all you health-conscious folks: After spending 25 minutes reading the little tiny labels in Walgreens, I was still unable to find a multi-vitamin without Iron. Does anyone have any brands that they particularly like (especially if they are good for sensitive stomachs) and where I can find them in Portland?

Thank you!!
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Alberta Street Fair this past Saturday

Did anyone go to this? So many places reported that it was cancelled, then a few businesses got together to make it happen, but very few people were talking about it and I completely forgot to go see if they made it happen. I'm just curious if any DPers went, and if they actually pulled it off.
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CFAST: Corpse Bride

Dress up, dress down, but dress in black and freak out the normals for the opening weekend of Corpse Bride.

We're seeing the 3.00 showing because of the NIN show... see the movie, buy dinner, get dressed, go see Trent whine, if you like.