September 19th, 2005


bike stealers must DIE

so my wonderful, wonderful, still-new (to me) bike was stolen this evening. it was locked up in front of our apartment building. is there ANYTHING i can do? my dad told me to call the cops, but i really don't see them doing shit about it besides maybe laughing at me.

anyway, even though it's a longshot... if anyone sees a hunter green ladies' bike with tan seat and hand-grips, with the words "free spirit" painted on the frame... please steal it back for me or alert me of it's wearabouts!
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AVAST, mateys! It now be Talk Like A Pirate Day, and ye are scheduled to walk the plank and plunge into the depths of Davey Jones' Locker! YARRR HARR HARRR, I plan to cruise around on my ship drinking grog and rum off of the booties of fine wenches, and if you're lucky, you might just get to become a swabbie and join me on my pillaging quest for treasure!

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(no subject)

I've become tired of the way Wells Fargo scams me out of what little money I make...what other banking options are there in Portland that you all would recommend? (Lowest fees/overdraft charges? Best customer service? Easy to navigate online banking? Convenient locations? Tell me!)

Thank you!
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Musical Theater Ensemble!

Hello Damn Portlanders!

I am a talented musical theatre performer here in Portland, and I am forming a 4-6 person musical theatre/cabaret ensemble. I held auditions in June already, but I haven't found everyone that I need. I am especially in need of a very strong tenor, and an alto. If you, or anyone you know has a lot of musical theatre experience, and are searching for place to perform, please email me. Feel free to spread the word. I will be holding another round of auditions in October. Email me at
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BBQ and Brew

Does anyone know of some BBQ and Brew Fest in the area? I was thinking it was in NW PDX, maybe Pearl District? Hell, I may have missed it already :( I know there is something at the Doug Fir but it was not the one I am looking for. I think I saw it listed in the Mercury or WWeek.

EDIT: missed it! but doesn't look like I missed much!!
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Motorcycle mechanic

Hello DP'ers,

I'm looking for recommendations for a motorcycle mechanic. Right now I need someone to do a pre-buy inspection. East side is preferable.

Any and all suggestions are appreciated, thanks!
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(no subject)

Three separate, yet not seperate, questions:

Best place to buy fabric?

Best place to buy cheap fabric?

Near-ish downtown? (Doesn't really matter, but the less commuting I have to do today, the better.)
someday b/w

Serial Monogamists?

How do people meet them? Aka how can I meet a guy who likes to be in relationships? I tend to only meet guys who are emotionally unavailable.

also for men that fit into this category why, and how do you meet women?

vinyl siding

hello everybody--

we recently bought a house w/vinyl siding (which we don't like but it was a great house otherwise). does anybody here have any experience w/getting rid of it? any recommendations on someone to do that? how expensive (gasp!)is it--etc etc.

any help would be appreciated. this is some serious foreign territory for us!
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(no subject)

OH MY GOD! I am SO BORED! I am at work, and have done NOTHING since 8am! I AM DYING! Someone HELP!!! I don't know if I can make it til 4:30!!! HEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!
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So last week I adopted a new kitten and this weekend I found out - she has a few flea's. Ick. Nothing major but I still need to take care of this ASAP. I was told that there are some vet clinic's that will dispense one dose of frontline or advantage for somewhere around $10-15 instead of buying the 3 months supply. I'm a bit cash poor and considering my cat is going to be an inside kitty buying the three month dose is just really inconvenient.

Does anyone recommend any friendly vets that might do this without seeing the kitten first? I was going to take her in for her first check-up and shots in two weeks when I get paid next, so idealistically I'd like to just be able to go in and purchase a dose of this medicine.

Any idea's?

Where the heck is I-205?

I am not asking for directions to the 205 freeway, even though it's been a while since I've driven on it. All I know is that this morning I needed to get somewhere on the 205, and it was gone. : ( All I could find was farmland. What's going on? Did ODOT decide to move 205 to another location? Aren't we supposed to at least be able to vote on stuff like that? I think this is all just too bad because I thought 205 was fine where it was.

Worky Work!

(no subject)

Inspired by this recent DP post, I have decided to discuss the origins of my username...Why?

Because I'm tired of being referred to as "Slime."


Slim = Slim Shady

Em = Eminem

88 = Because at the time I registered my AIM, Slimem8 was taken, so I made it 88. I decided to name my journal the same. And why, you may ask, would I choose Eminem?

Collapse )

Ok? =) Where did your username come from? I think the coolest I've seen yet, is ghotighued. He's so witty!

EDIT - I know all about boy_asunder's username origin. So you can shut up!
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So username origins aside: the September LJ drink-a-thon meetup is a week from tomorrow (that's September 27th for you calendar-minded folks)!

Okay, okay, so maybe I should have waited until tomorrow to post so I could say "it's in a week!" but I probably would have forgotten, so fuck you =P

So, as per usual, the meetup starts officially at 8:00pm at the McMenamins Tavern and Pool, 1716 N.W. 23rd Ave. Please be aware that there are two McMenamins on NW 23rd: we are at the Tavern and Pool, not the Ram's Head. Also, per angleburn1's comment, I'd like to also mention: Meetup newbies are welcome!

Yes, minors are permitted to come until 10pm and we won't say anything if you stay later (but the McM's staff might). If you have other questions, they may be answered here.

I will bring nametags and sharpies. You will bring your fantastic selves. And we will all talk like pirates since no one held a Talk like a Pirate day party (sad! maybe next year I will). :D
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Congrats to our own synthcat who remixed his own version of a NIN song and won a contest on radio. Listeners voted for their favorite remix and his was voted the BEST!

He gets to present his mix to Trent himself at the NIN concert on the 24th!

How terrific and wonderful for such a talented, good guy! YAY!

Anyone work at home?

I was wondering if any of you wonderful people either work at home or know of any legit work at home places? I am getting desperate. I have looked all over the internet, craigslist, oregonian, etc so please no links to those as I have ran them into the ground. Do any of you need any office/customer service help at your place of work? It would be prefferable for me to have a graveyard shift but anything will do as long as it pays atleast $10 an hour. Please let me know. Thanks.

Hey you drunks & lowlifes! wake up!

We all bitch continually about being un(der)employed, so here comes a career fair for tech jobs.

The Portland Tech Career Fair is coming up this wednesday. Gotta register beforehand, so get cracking.

Job Seeker Minimum Requirements : Job Seekers that wish to attend must have at least a bachelors degree and experience in any of the following:

Software	Engineering	IT 	
Marketing	Training	QA	
Sales	Manufacturing	Management	
Support	Technical Writer	Finance

You should probably tell yer friends, too.