September 18th, 2005

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This is Portland-related in that I uh, live here. After the whirlwind of getting ready for Burning Man and losing my job and then going to Burning Man, I forgot something that really isn't so special to me. Thanks to you, DP, my boyfriend and I have been together almost a year. We "met" right here on this here community, when I was looking for something to keep me awake on my x-country trip. Just to be gross, here's the first time we ever talked. Awww. How boring! Soon after I returned to the Left Coast, we started dating. Thanks to you guys, now I feel like I drag around a ball and chain of un-ending misery wherever I go! How fun! Hahah I kid. Thanks guys.

Now I have to go smash things to restore the balance of something or another. Anything interesting going on today? I'm done with this sewing thing for now. Get me out of this apartment!
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Odd question...

I'm a huge fan of the cult TV show "Mystery Science Theater 3000"... and recently, the cult movies "Carnival of Souls" and "Reefer Madness" were released (in color) with commentary by Mike Nelson (host/head writer of MST3K). I could buy a copy of each of these, but I'd rather rent them first to see if it's worth my money...

Does anyone know a video store in Portland that might have these? I've already checked Trilogy, Video-O-Rama, and Movie Madness (next step is the gigantic Hollywood Video on N. Burnside).

Thanks much.
Kristen Bell

Selling My Car

I'm selling my car for a different one, thought I'd give it a shot here.

Black '95 VW Jetta - Manual shift. OK condition, runs well. New transmission (less than a 18 months old.) Needs a side window replaced, the front left tire hub needs fixed, and the center console where the stereo was is empty due to theft. Paint also needs redone.

Despite the above problems, the car runs good, gets VERY good milage and has been a good car to me. The car just had the tags replaced, they don't expire until 2007 (May.)

I paid $2,500 for it a 2 years ago. Bluebook is $2,000, I'm asking $1,500.

Once find my camera, I'll take some pictures. Email me at if you're interested or want to know more.


so, my favorite place to get avocado rolls and cucumber rolls (Mio Sushi) is closed on sundays...

where, oh where, can i find such delectable treats this evening?

i'm probably going to be hungry in the next hour or so, so... go, damnportlanders, go!
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Animated Kitty :)

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Okay, so I might need a cargo van to move some stuff around our fair city next weekend. Any companies that I should definitely use or definitely avoid? I checked out Budget rentals, but I was wondering if my choices really are that limited or not.
stop it

Forest Park Trails

So today I was walking up Nob Hill, up past Cornell and Westover, and I got to the end of Cumberland St and found the start of Cumberland Trail, which I assume goes into Forest Park. I didn't go down it cos I didn't have a map, or for that matter, the right shoes, but I figured I'd look it up on the Portland Parks page and print one out.


I looked at the Friends of Forest Park page, I looked at the City of Portland page, and I googled it, but I can't find Cumberland Trail. Is the sign really old and they call it something else? The only one I seem to find is Wildwood Trail. I REALLY want to go explore it, but for my own sake, I'd rather have some sort of map. Is it on the full map that Friends of Forest Park puts out? I didn't see it on the ones that they had on the web site, but maybe I'm missing something? Are there any other good maps of trails around here?

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Incredibly obscure but mysterious question

If any of you have ever lived or spent much time in Battle Ground, you will know there is a big empty building right on Main Street, close to Parkway and the library.

As far back as I could remember (the early 80s), that building has been abandoned, and even back then it was old, and had been there a long time.

What is this big empty building doing? What is the secret of how it is sitting there, empty for so long?